Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Simplicity of childhood

These will be much of the same pictures w/ different poses.  I just wanted to capture her for some reason that day.  I wish I could be a good photographer like some of the blogs out there but hey, this is real life.  I'm lucky I can work the camera by pushing a button.  Hence, why I have a PhD camera.... 'push here dummy.'  I just thought she was cute.  She has her own sense of style.  Wears boots with everything.  Doesn't matter what matches.  Somehow, she always makes it work.  Just wanted to share my baby girl. 

Okay, I'm going to do it.  I'm going to blow a bubble mom.  Watch me. 

 Let me see, how's this work again?  I can do it.  I know I can. 

 I'm really happy mom.  I did it!

Such concentration she shows.  

Such satisfaction my bubble blowing baby girl has done.  She enjoyed these so much, Nik gave her his bubble necklace.  Yep, gave it to her.  Summer really does find such joy in such simple things.  It's great to see.  Wish I had her perspective.  I think we can learn a lot from Summer.  To me, she is just the cutest thing ever.  She smiles all the time.  Love it.  

More tomorrow.  Going to attempt pm yoga.  First time in ages.  Like the morning one.  Hate this one. But, hoping adding it, will help me de-stress at night.  either that or chocolate.  But, being that I'm trying to shed pounds, chocolate probably isn't the wisest choice.  LOL.  Enjoy your evening everyone. 

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