Sunday, January 1, 2012


We obviously have quite a few siblings in this house and some of them have very close bonds.  Bojan and Max are very close.  Max is also close to Summer.  Yana and Reni have a close bond.  Alyona and Reni also have a close bond.  Nik and Logan are close.  That relationship actually surprised me the most I think.  Alex and Logan are close.  Irina and Summer are close.  All of them interact w/ each other just that some siblings are closer than others.  Irina and Yana used to be inseparable but over the years have gotten a little further apart.  This we actually anticipated simply due to cognitive abilities and things of that nature.  Thought I'd share a few sibling bonds.

Reni and Yana goofing around at Nana's house.  

Who can forget our four-legged sibs from the same litter.  Kota and Alaska.

Nik and Reni.  These are my two 9 yo siblings.  Alike in many ways.  

My youngest and my oldest.  These two are very close.  Very happy together as you can clearly see.  

 Max is really great about letting annoying brothers mess w/ him.

Reni is standing on Max's legs while he does push ups.  The kids thought this was hilarious.  He let Reni, Logan, Nik and Summer take turns on him.  

Siblings in this house are pretty good to one another...most the time.  Let's not lose sight of the fact that they are siblings and they will indeed fight too.  Battle scars to prove it.  LOL.  But, for the most part, not too bad w/ one another.  Sibling bonds are something.  And you know what, only 2 in this house are bio sibs.  And those two are not the ones w/ the closest bond!  So, for those wondering if new sibs will ever bond w/ those already in the house, hope I put your mind at ease a bit. 

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