Friday, January 27, 2012

Puzzles, projects, & pooches

Just here and there pictures I thought I'd share. 

This fall, I got a bunch of items at a yard sale.  One of them was a pile of games.  These have different countries that you learn about.  First, you put a puzzle together that tells you what country you are going to as a "secret agent" man to figure out a mystery.  You learn all about that country and solve the crime.  Excellent!  Alex is doing this.  He just finished Great Britain.  Now, he chose Kenya.  He's working on this now.  It really is cool and uses all kinds of comprehension and that's what he needs.  And, only cost  me a quarter a piece.  I have about 25 or more.  He's excited to learn about the new countries.  

 Getting closer, aren't they?  They get so excited to see what it ends up being.

Summer, working on her puzzles.

 Not to be out done, Nik then got a puzzle to try. 

Logan made this at his gizmos and gadgets class today at home school academy.  Alex made one too but got frustrated b/c the strings got tangled. They all have a great time in these classes and learn cool things.  The other class that Logan & Alex are taking is stop motion film making.  

Alaska, just relaxing.  

This baseball beanbag chair has now become Kota's favorite resting spot.  No one else but Kota uses it. 

I think Digby just finished eating stuff up off the floor.  My kids seem to think it's Logan's and shell peanuts and then brush them on the floor.  Nice, huh?  

Try to do some more posts.  It's the middle of winter in January and we have the windows open & my kids are in shorts.  Weird.  They're all playing outside now.  Kids have soccer try outs next weekend.  Looking forward to it.  Kids had a great time today in home school academy.  We are waiting for Warren to get home.  Having some grilled chicken and sweet potatoes for dinner.  Yum.  Lots of planning we're getting done this weekend.  Got to go.  Think I'm going to work outside a bit while it's still gorgeous out.  Love the fresh air.

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