Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Pictures we couldn't show

This is one of the hardest parts of adoption (besides the wait) is not being able to share pictures of your future kids w/ the world.  Most countries, you can not till after court.  With all our "stuff," we did not show pictures even after court just to be on the safe side.  Well, I figured it was high time I showed some of the pics from our first meetings.  I'll start w/ Summer.  As some of you may recall, she had a very, very difficult time meeting us and even coming to us.  As you now know, that is definitely not a problem anymore I'm happy to report.  So, here to share.

Isn't she just a doll?!  This is why it is so dog gone hard not to share pictures.  You want to scream from the rooftops this is my kid and I love her!  But, you can't.  Summer is holding a photo album we gave her.  

This was a sandbox she would play in.  It was hard to sit down as the ants made this their home too.  Lots of ants.  Notice none of us sitting down.  Look at that body language.  Boy, what a change in her!

 Trying to just engage her in activity or conversation.  For those new to adoption, please don't be scared if your child acts like Summer.  They do come around.  Remember, you are a stranger to them in their mind.  We kept our distance b/c it was for the best for her.  Very hard for us, but best for her.

Yes, sitting down was tough.  Plus, it was the middle of summer and hot.  

Daddy, building sandcastles w/ his baby girl.

I can't say I miss these days.  She was just so, so timid.  It was almost hard to watch her in this state.  We knew why as we had experience.  However, didn't make it any easier.  You travel half way around the world and all you want is a hug or just a simple touch of the hand.  I know years from now, Summer will laugh at this just as Irina does w/ all her photos from our meeting.  

 My poor baby.  And on my first trip, no way for me to make it any better.

Not going to smile for mom, is she?

 Working with Daddy on some coloring.  She alternates between left and right hand.  She doesn't know which she prefers yet.  And I'm talking present day, not back then.  This was the closest we could get to her with our first visit.

Oh, if looks could kill.  Her hair was long and it was cut before we picked her up on trip two.  Girls at home were looking forward to doing her hair.  Oops.  

Last picture I was ever able to get of my baby girl before leaving her for months.  

Now, as I sit here and she's laughing and not going to sleep, it all feels right.  It all came together in due time.  She's meant to be here.  Summer is right where she belongs.  I know I was scared in the beginning just as she was.  But now, my baby girl doesn't want to let me go.  Runs to her Daddy when he gets home from work all while yelling "daddy, daddy!"  She's our little spitfire and has no shell whatsoever to come out of.  Summer is an absolute joy to have around...when she's not driving us crazy of course.  LOL.  She is so loved here and so wanted.  Yes, as you can see, that first trip was difficult and not a dream meeting.  But boy, now, we are truly living the dream!  The sibs first trip pics coming soon.  They had no issues whatsoever that first trip bonding.  Wait till you see. 

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  1. It's hard to believe this is the same little girl. Her smile is so contagious now! What a joy and a blessing! I love the idea of leaving a photo album with her. Did she still have it when you went back to bring her home?