Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pictures from Bulgaria-- (poprocks and park)

So much happening around here but thought I'd finish up the picture posts first before talking a bit more.  It will be wondrous to be at the farm tomorrow and enjoy a great time with friends.  Bonfire, food, and friends.  What more could we want?  So, tomorrow, a post with what all we've been having to think about lately to how everyone is to what we'll be doing tomorrow.  For now, time to finish up showing off why we fell in love w/ our kids on the first trip.  Summer's orphanage did not really allow photos so we don't have hardly any of her.  Reni & Logan's orphanage, well we got to take a ton of pictures and so relaxed we REALLY got to know the kids under no pressure.  I loved that fact.  Anyhow, enough talk. 

Every since Max's first experience w/ Pop Rocks, we always give our new kids these popping candy.  Reni, wondering just what this is.

 Logan, getting ready to be daring.  We were at a park in the city.  It was beautiful there and very well maintained. 

 Reni not quite so sure about the noise in her mouth.

 Hmm, this stuff isn't so bad.  Good enough to lick it off my hands.

 Childhood delight, just discovered.

Logan, listening to the sound of the candy.  BTW, we had a pile of kid onlookers.  Wish I had more candy.

I seriously fell in love with this sweet little girl.  She is a friend of Logan and Reni.  For those curious, we asked if she could be adopted.  The answer is no.  For those new to adoption, if family visits the child in the orphanage, they can not be adopted.  That is her case.  Reni has already asked since we've been home if Maggie is coming here too.  I explained her parents come to visit her and she said yes, yes.  Then Reni proceeded to give me her unfavorable approval of that situation.  Yes, my daughter is opinionated.  This child has a heart of gold.  Just a very sweet soul. 

What can be going through Warren's head right now??  No, not more!  LOL.  When had originally gone to the park w/ our kids.  These other children came and we all hung out together.  All were friends of my kids.  

These were such sweet, sweet girls.  I really had a heart for these two.  Just could have scooped them up w/ Reni and Logan.  They were such great girls and so much fun to interact with.  I do miss them as I know my kids do as well. didn't I tell you we had wonderful weather the entire trip?

 Goofing around.  Aren't Bulgarian kids just beautiful?

Always remember when you adopt children from an older kids' home, you are also tearing apart a "family."  These children were VERY close and you could tell.  I loved that and enjoyed seeing it.  Watching them together.  Though you are giving a wonderful family to your kids, please remember the ones left behind.  Send them care packages. Oh, more on that too in another post. 

 Had we been allowed....

Just awesome, awesome personalities.  I can not express gratitude enough for the orphanage staff for allowing us all to play and have fun together at the park.  It was a great experience for all of us.  When you see your children to be interact with their friends, it gives you a little more insight to who they are.  We had an opportunity that most do not.  We were not stuck in a tiny little playroom trying to bond.  This was real life, this was great to see the love, the teasing, the closeness, and much more in all of them.  It made me realize these children came from a wonderful place and really were taught well.  All had awesome manners.  All were polite.  All were kind.  All were fun-loving.  All would do well in a family.  Just had to share who their friends were.  Like I said, they just happen to come to the park.  They didn't know we would be there b/c we just finished that monstrous mountain hike.  LOL. 

More to come.  Love seeing all this.  Brings back great memories. 

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