Saturday, January 21, 2012

Pictures from Bulgaria-- (monument)

We went to a monument on top of the city.  Thankfully, we drove there first this go around.  Walked a ways to get there but not a bad walk at all.  This was our last day together.  Bitter sweet when you know it will soon be over.  Just felt like we should have taken them home right then and there.  Oh, how I wish.  I wish the government officials who do adoptions understood how hard it is to wait so, so long between trips.  Older kids have the added burden of wondering if you are indeed coming back.  Trust me, they express it.  Yana expressed it clearly in Russia when we went to get her..."what took you so long!"  Those were her words.  Hard on a parent.  Hard on the kids.  I know paperwork is vital to insure the safety of the kids but boy, a short time between trips would be a welcomed change in all the countries.  But, it is what it is for now. So, we go, knowing we'll soon have to part ways for months more.  For now, enjoyment though with our kids. 

 Did I not tell you clear blue skies?  The weather was simply delightful the entire trip.  Not a drop of rain.  Loved it.  Warren w/ Logan and Reni. 

Mom with Reni and Logan.  The massiveness of the monument was unreal.  

 Reni.  Wonder what she was thinking here. 

Soon, they would be orphans no more.  They were already part of our family in our hearts.  We got to see a wonderful side of our two kids.  

No, they aren't that tall.  We were a step below them.  

This is called more lighting.  LOL.  Warren looks like he's missing some of his skull.  Such a beautiful view and great company to boot.

 Reni, overlooking her city of birth...Shumen.  I want her to look back one day and be proud of who she is and where she came from.  Knowing your child's birth culture, I feel is important. 

 Logan and Reni.

 Logan, overlooking the city.  Reni, telling us we can go down the stairs.  Indeed, the stairs do lead all the way down and not far from the orphanage.  Umm, no kids, we did the hike yesterday.  Today, we're taking the car. 

Just having a good time being tourists with our kids.

After the monument, time for lunch at an outdoor cafe.  This was in the same park we had gone to previously.

 It was hard not to want to cry.  These were going to be our last moments together for quite a few months.  Hard not to be emotional when you know what's coming...a goodbye.  First though, we all ate lunch and chatted a bit more. 

Our son to be.  I still can not compliment the orphanage and their staff enough for allowing us to bond in this type of environment.   Makes a big difference I feel.  Even got to introduce our kids to ice in drinks.  They really like ice.  LOL.  Such a pleasant trip and time together.  I was dying to share these pictures after the first trip.  I knew I couldn't but still wanted to.  I love them dearly.  I have a few more pics I think.  For now, bed time.  Tomorrow, time for relaxation and fun.  Been a very hard and long week.  Warren was sick and many other things transpired w/ the kids in high school.  Let's just say IEP next week and leave it at that.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  Now you know why we fell in love with Bulgaria, the people and most importantly...the kids!

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