Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pictures from Bulgaria -- 1st trip

As some are aware, we legally couldn't post pictures of our kids until the adoption was final.  But, we took a bunch on our first trip and I must share I feel.  It was first meeting Logan and Reni.  See, Summer's orphanage was extremely hesitant on pictures.  Meaning, we couldn't take any.  But Logan & Reni's orphanage does many foreign adoptions (though mostly Italy I'm told) and they didn't mind picture taking at all.  Even put an album together of our time there for Logan and Reni to keep between trips!  It was awesome.  So, anyhow, thought I'd share a few of what it was like w/ the kids.  I know first trip pics from here I share but only ones w/ no kids in it.  And let's face it, that's no fun!  LOL.  So, here we go.

 Reni asking Warren over and over again to throw her up in the air. 

Yes, my two little "Bulgarian souvenirs."  LOL. 

 I know it's blurry but I just thought it was cute of Reni.  She had SO much trouble climbing up the stairs.  Poor kid couldn't see whatsoever.  Now, she could run up those steps!

Reni and Daddy in front of the caves.  This was before the hike we knew was to come.  Geez.

 Mom, Reni and Daddy. 

Yes, my native Bulgarian kids can indeed become stupid American tourists in a heartbeat.  LOL.  Funny face lollipops...a classic.  Hey, they were lucky.  At least they had something wet.  We'd have bought water had we known we were actually climbing an entire mountain!

Logan and Reni walking ahead.  

Ahh, if only we knew what was to come on trip two with this young man.  Wait, glad we didn't know.  Here's to quick turn arounds once home.

 Reni always wanted to be holding either my hand or Warren's.  Just a sweetheart for sure.

 Logan, chilling out on the remainder of an old fort.  Who builds a fort at a top of a mountain anyhow?  LOL.  Beautiful day to go for a hike though. 

 Logan, overlooking the city of Shumen. 

You have no idea what an accomplishment this was.  For those that don't know, petrified doesn't even begin to describe my feelings on heights.  That would be an understatement.  So to climb to the top of the mountain overlooking the entire city was huge.  Especially, w/ a daughter that couldn't see the steps in front of her.  We all sat here knowing we'd have to trek back down. 

After the long hike, we went to an outdoor cafe.  It was beautiful w/ a cool breeze.  This was taken shortly after I asked what happened to Reni.  Just thought it captured her beauty.  Messy hair and all.  She's just so sweet and has such an innocence about her.

Many more pics to catch up on.  Also, other happenings.  But, tomorrow is homeschool academy classes and well, let's just say Warren has a trip to the DMV tomorrow morning.  License renewal.  I think my two oldest girls have decided they will permanently be at war.  Been a long day.  Oh, did I tell you we now have a guinea pig.  Kota has resided himself to be the permanent guinea pig guard dog.  With barking.  Well, need to go. 

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  1. It makes me happy to read about Reni. She is the one you haven't written much about...possibly because she doesn't cause too many problems. : ) She really is so very beautiful. I'm thinking the birth parents were probably attractive, because both of the new sibs are gorgeous! I've noticed that ALL of your children are nice looking. Give Reni a special hug from me. Hey! Hug all of them!