Sunday, January 8, 2012

Our weekend

Don't get too excited.  It was an FAS kind of weekend for sure.  Those of you with FASD kiddos know exactly what I mean by that.  Yes, I'll take pity.  LOL.  Friday was nothing interesting.  Saturday, we agreed to get up and get moving.  Only trouble was is that everyone wanted to stay up all hours and no one slept Friday evening.  I swear, this keeps up, I may be serving Melatonin w/ that chicken.  So, ditched any plans we did have.  I won't go into detail.  Let's just say 2 kids had a complete and utter meltdown & one forgot to take meds. Think lions and tigers w/out the cages.  Yes, that's what it felt like all weekend long.  Hence, no posts for a bit.  Now, I know every once in awhile we'll have these and get through them.  Just seemed like this weekend it hit extra hard.  To top it off, it was a full moon.

Saturday, Warren and I had to do a few errands.  Once we felt it 'safe' to leave, we did.  We did take Nik and Summer with us.  Plus, we weren't going to be gone that long.  Get stamps, Nik a haircut.  Those two things were about 4 miles from our house.  No lines either so super quick.  Then, went to Staples to cash in some rewards points.  A friend at soccer gave us this suggestion and we love it.  You turn in empty ink cartridges and get $20 credit to spend w/in  a certain amount of time.  You can buy the ink cartridges off ebay in a lot and cheap.  She saves the coupons and ends up w/ $60 at a time.  Usually, they'll also run adds for a certain amount off.  Yesterday, I had a $5 off coupon and a $20 cash reward coupon.  So, we stocked up on some toilet paper, got a tape dispenser, and a new calculator(ours was broken).  It was great b/c it's all free.  Though, we spent a tad more.  $3 more.  After that, TJMaxx for household items.  Trying to sell the house and let's just say a few of our things are torn, ripped, cut or whatever.  Trying to make it look like ten kids don't live here.  Hard to do.

After the quick errands, off to Wendy's for some free shakes.  Everyone I hope is using their coupons.  I HOPE you all purchased those back in September/ October!  It was their adoption promotion.  Booklet of 10 free shakes for a buck.  I bought $5 worth.  Kids love it over the next few months.  Perfect size too.  Came home and cleaned up w/ what was left of our day.

Woke up this morning.  Nik was playing with a lighter on the couch.  Nice.  I don't even know how he found this one.  We use them for our grill.  Kept well out of reach.  URGHH!!!  No cause and effect thinking really gets to you sometimes.  Warren made a great breakfast and we decided maybe the outdoors would help with all the out of sync stuff going on here.  But, couldn't do a real hike as Summer is just not up to that type of stuff yet.  So, got her bike & put it in the car.  Drove to Warren's work and walked the trails there.  Great day for it.  I'll have a picture post on it later.  It was enjoyable and only one incident.  This one w/ Logan.  Hey, if it's not one kid, it's another.

After the time on the trails in the woods, we treated the kids to free frostys again.  I know, two days in a row.  Really, not typical here but it was a hilly trail here and there and that's our excuse.  We're sticking to it.  BTW, these are those junior frosty deals.  Tiny cups.  Just the right size.  Before this though, gave them the snack in the car.  Bag of apples I brought.  We eat at least a bag of apples a day.  We'd love an orchard.

Came home and started to clean up the yard.  Started to rain hard so back inside.  However, right before this, we learned one of the kids did something.  Something that could have really, really ended badly.  Okay, we have a pool.  It takes chlorine.  We have those huge buckets of chlorine.  Out of the way.  Warren went to add some to the pool.  We could hear him coughing from the other side of the house.  He screamed get away.  The bucket was literally HOT.  There was some type of chemical reaction going on.  The chlorine he said was yellow.  He said one of the kids had to have added something to that.  Can't figure out yet what exactly happened.  Everyone denies of course so you don't bother asking for some things.  There are no "dangerous" chemicals here but we do have cleaning products under the sink and some outdoor stuff stored in the garage.  Not sure what happened.  All I know is Bojan and I could smell that chlorine on the other side of the wooded area!  It was nuts.  Despite our constant state of hypervigilence, you can never watch everyone every single second of the day.  I have heard, FASD kids are the equivalent of having 3 kids.  On days like this, I must agree.

Just seemed like an out of whack weekend.  I know it's all par for the course and we all have these from time to time.  Just with some of my kids, they have no cause and effect thinking, lack of impulse control, and poor judgment.  All FASD qualities amongst other things.  Makes me tired just thinking about my weekend.  I know it could have been much worse.  No one was hurt.  Okay, don't count the fingers that got slammed in the door today.  Or the dogs that escaped.  Or all the stuff that got broken.  We have a saying around here..."with every new day, there's fresh hope."  Tomorrow is a new day.  Thank goodness.  Very grateful bad days aren't everyday.  Just had to share we too have 'those days.'  Much more pleasant posts to come.  But as I've said before, I have to keep our life with FASD honest.  Others need to know it is not all cakes & roses.  

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  1. Be looking for burns on fingers and/or any lung issues, like wheezing, lots of coughing. That could be your culprit. And, Praise God that lighter was not near the chlorine. He was definitely watching over you all this weekend! How is Miss A doing with her crocheting? Picture, please? : )