Friday, January 13, 2012

Our stroll in the woods (part 2)

time to finish this post before it gets away from me.  So, on w/ pictures!

Hey, if I can get the majority smiling, I take the shot.  Ironically, same shot, Logan was smiling & one other one.  Go figure.  

Wasn't too hot a day for Alex so that was great.  Notice Logan in the background.  He's not happy b/c we just finished yelling at him.  He was doing something to Nik w/ the stick.  Typical brothers.  But, ended up hurting him and that's just not acceptable.  Good news is, doesn't take him as long to recover from being upset any more.  

3 musketeers.  3 trouble makers.  3 of whatever you'd like to call them.

1st attempt at a group shot.  Wouldn't have been too bad had Summer been looking at the camera.

 Think the group shot turned out okay.

I just think Bojan looks so grown up here.  I seriously can not believe he's already 13.  Of course, I should given the attitude lately.  

Had apples in the car for an after walk snack.  Then of course had to go to Wendy's for some free frostys.  Just was a really pleasant day to go out. 

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