Thursday, January 12, 2012

Our stroll in the woods (part 1)

Last weekend we wanted to get out of the house.  Weather is still so mild here.  Very mild.  Hard to believe it's winter.  We knew we couldn't go on a hike as Summer is not quite ready for that yet.  Plus, after our last wrong turn hike that ended up way longer than it should have, we decided to go to Warren's work.  They have trails there.  So, off we went.

 And, we're off.  Since Summer is so, so slow, we decided a bike would help.  Plus, with her balance being so off, this helps b/c of the training wheels.  When she first came home a few weeks ago, she could not pedal. 

 Alex and Nik stopping to admire the stream.

 Ahh, about half way through and no one has killed each other yet or pelted a rock at one another.  Now that's saying something.

Only looks like it's just Alyona.  

Hey, if the majority are smiling, we take a group shot. 

This is what took so long... the boys stopping to look at stuff or pick something up.  

 Alex, waiting for the other boys to catch up.

Reni and Alyona decided they should meditate while waiting for the boys.

 Yana and Summer.  Summer gained a lot of confidence that day and Yana got a lot of exercise w/ her as she couldn't steer. 

Yeh, don't think all of them were into this picture.  Oh well.  

More pics to come.  Need to get ready for tomorrow.  Kids have homeschool academy.  High schoolers don't have school.  Lots to do. 

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  1. Could you do a post about how to pronounce your kids' names? Some are obvious- like Max and Summer- but I'm curious about some of the others.