Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Nik's drawings & makings

It's been awhile since one of these posts so thought it was high time.  Yes, I know I have many, many other things to write about and a ton of folks to email.  But, I also need a little fun and just seeing Nik in action and his drawings makes me smile. I know some of them seem a little "dark," shall we say.  But, it is cool to look at.

Hey, he's finally got a shirt on.  LOL.  Nik took the girls' weaving kit and made his own.  He was so proud.  It really is cool.  He uses it now to put his plate on at dinner.  

This is one of those that I am not proud of.   Nik made a fishing pole out of kinex w/ string as line.  Fine.  However, he put a metal chain on the end of it as "bait."  Told him NOT in the house.  Sure enough, he casts the line and gets it stuck on the ceiling fan.  We were so, so lucky it was not on.  So lucky. 

This was one of Nik's drawings.  I am actually loving this one as the firefighters are smiling.  Not only that, he drew himself and Dad!  Smiling.  Now, he always spells dad, Bob.  However, he always spells Nik Nik.  Not sure why he put Mik this time unless it truly is just a mistake.  Looks like he tried to spell jail.  But then again, you never know.  Firefighters are putting out the fire.  

Ahh, more like a Nik drawing for sure.  Guy going down a zip line into a vat of water.  The person falling and the line going through that rope is actually someone cutting the line down.  I won't tell you what some of that 'water' is.  I'll let you use your imaginations.  Got to give Nik credit, he has quite the imagination. 

More to come.  Got a bunch done today despite the neuro appointment.  Now have all kinds of other appointments as well.  Alyona is going back to doc for her annual eye check.  She has ONH(optic nerve hypoplasia) and strabismus so goes to a specialist.  Reni goes too.  Yana, Bojan and Nik are scheduled for a regular optometrist.  Alyona & Bojan go back to their ortho for a check up.  Bojan will need surgery.  I really have no doubt about that one.  Would be shocked if they didn't.  Alyona shouldn't need surgery on her arm but sure it depends upon her growth.  Vet is coming out to the house next week.  Other medical appointments have been made for the kids but can't think of them all at the moment.  February seems to be our month for appointments.  Want to get all done in case anyone does need surgery.  It can be scheduled before Camp Cheerio or summer vacation.  Casts in summer are no fun whatsoever. 

Off to make stuffed peppers for dinner.  Long day but we got some things done.  Hoping for the same tomorrow.  More pics this evening.  Even been answering emails...finally.  One of my resolutions was to get organized.  Ironically, I was accepted into a focus group today....about organization.  LOL. 

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