Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Night at the farm (part 2)

Well, as you can tell, we've been a bit busy around here.  But, need to finish a few posts up.  So, this is the second part of our trip to the  farm.  Click the link if you locals would like to see it.  As you know, it poured down rain when we went this time to the farm.  So, we did everything inside. 

 Irina and Alyona w/ one of the baby rabbits.

This baby rabbit blends right into baby girls' jacket.  Summer was very gentle with them. Though, she really didn't want to give up the rabbits.

 Bojan w/ one of the guinea pigs.  Guess they can't get enough of our guinea pig at home.  

Alex with Great Dane Wanda.  Dogs are very good for Alex. 

This young man and Alyona are just a few months apart in age.  

Ahh, a drum set.  Alex and Logan both declared they are playing the drums when they get to 6th grade.  Umm, no.  I don't think so.  Maybe in the new house.  LOL.

Irina with one very big guinea pig. 

Pig in the barn w/ the piglets.  

A rock climbing wall in the house.  My kids love this thing.  Bojan, Nik, Max and Yana just hanging out up there.

 Logan with one of the rabbits.  I think they had something like 26 rabbits.  not sure how many but they kept coming. 

A very tired Summer not wanting to let go of her bunny.  Crazy, huh?  We all had a wonderful time as usual.  Can't wait to go back on the 4th w/ the bonfire.  That's the rain date.  We always meet such great folks there.  

Much going on here at Chaos Manor.  New semester started for the teens today and 2 schedules that had to be changed.  Irina ended up sitting in the office for hours.  So, tomorrow, I'm picking her up instead of her sitting there all afternoon long.  Voc. Rehab didn't pick her up.  I'm guessing it's not quite all sorted out yet but no reason she should sit there for hours w/ her own thoughts.  Trust me, not a good idea.  Irina will come home w/ me tomorrow and go w/ me to the plastic surgeon appt. for Reni.  Today was Summer's OT and PT evals.  Did great.  Definitely qualifies.  We knew that.  Not a surprise.  Tons of other things happening but really have been busy.  Helping work on planning a family reunion tomorrow morning.  Yeh, we're behind.  So many things that must be done lately.  Really need like two days off to play catch up.  I am getting caught up on emails though.  Quite proud I actually accomplished something.  LOL.  More to come on happenings around here. 

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