Monday, January 23, 2012

Night at the farm (part 1)

We have a dear friend of ours that owns a small farm.  We met b/c we both hosted children years ago that we ended up adopting.  So yes, my kids know her kids from even when they were little!  Anyhow, my kids absolutely LOVE going to the farm.  Tons of animals and they have free range to interact w/ all of them.  What a wonderful experience for them.  So, thought I'd do some pictures.  It was supposed to be a big bonfire and party.  That has been rescheduled. You'll see why. 

 The bonfire parties, we all bring something to share.  I feel w/ our family we best bring more just given the amount our kids will eat.  So, we made cupcakes, a cake, hot dogs, 2 bottles of soda and a veggie tray.  Irina helped me make the cakes and cupcakes.

What would a trip somewhere w/out a little drama be like for our family?  We may never know.  Right before we were supposed to leave, Alyona slammed Summer's finger in the door.  Hard to get your older daughter to understand her new sister is more like a 2yo when she herself is more like a 4yo mentally.  We're getting there though.   Of course Summer had to injure her middle finger.  So, the rest of the night she was showing everyone her finger.  Lovely.

 Nik, trying to decide if he was going to have a taste.

Almost ashamed to take a picture of it.  I can actually decorate cakes.  When I have more than 5 minutes to ice one.  LOL.  So, went the easy route this time...icing and sprinkles.

 Already asleep and we haven't even gotten there yet.

At this point, my kids realized this farm trip would be indoors.  They were starting to feel bummed about it yet excited to see their friends.

 Got there and plenty of animals inside to see!  Here, Alyona is checking out a squirrel that was dropped off for them to nurse back to health.

Bojan, petting Wanda.  The sweetest Great Dane. 

Much more to see and to come.  However, I need to rest my leg some more b/c I am taking the kids to a museum tomorrow morning.   Animal show and all going on.  All free.  Bonus.  Taking one of Max's friends w/ us as well.  Full van for sure.  Get to go w/ a friend of mine so happy about that.  After that, we'll come home and get some more housework done.  School starts tomorrow again for the older kids.  Max and Irina will have new schedules versus the current ones.  Took care of a few things.  More happening around here.  Just trying to find the time to catch up w/ it all.  Would love to share how far the new ones have come.  And, how the old ones have adjusted to life w/ new sibs.  I think that is important for folks to know.  Have a great day and be back tomorrow.  Hope to have some good museum pics.  Though I'll most likely let the teens explore on their own.  Many, many more pics to come. 


  1. How did you decorate those cupcakes? I want to learn but all I can do is spread icing with a butter knife. : (

  2. I'm with Amber! What type of frosting was that? Made me want to lick my screen! : )
    I feel bad about your knee. I hope it gets better quickly. Poor Summer! You know that Alyona must have felt really bad for that happening. I couldn't figure out if she was looking at sleeping Summer's finger (in the van) or at the cake on Irina's lap! It is a big difference when you suddenly have a little person living in the house. SO many things that everyone needs to be educated on. (That photo of Summer is beautiful!!) SO Pretty! I just want to squeeze her. Feel better! Hugs ~ Jo