Thursday, January 26, 2012

New pet

We need pets like we need a hole in the head but we find it hard to say no.  Our neighbors were getting rid of their guinea pig.  And, it is one of the pets my kids have wanted.  They take care of the 3 dogs and fish so figured guinea pig would be okay.  And thus far, it has been.  Dogs have calmed down...sort of.  Digby doesn't care about it.  Alaska wants to play w/ it and lick it.  Kota, well, Kota thinks it is lunch.  So, he stays out of Yana's room where it is currently being kept.  Yana decided to name it Andrew.  For whatever reason, I don't know.  They wanted something w/ an 'A' b/c Alaska starts w/ an 'A.'  So, let me introduce you to Andrew.

 Andrew is pretty tame.  Doesn't bit too much.  Kids handle it well. 

Bigger view of the new pet in the house.

As you can see by our growing animal collection here, we need a bit more space.  I know w/ more land, we will have chicken coops.  Eggs are a necessity around here.  I have a feeling more animals would find their way to the house depending upon land restrictions.  time will tell.  For now, animals here have reached their limits.  Can't take in any more till after we move.  So, for now, trying to get house show ready.  Need to go take care of Alyona.  Currently, she's writing lines at the table.  Yep, 10:37pm at night but here she is.  URGHH!!!  Bed time for her has always been a nightmare.  I swear she's nocturnal.  Working on it.  She's driving me nuts!  How could someone so sweet, turn into "Evilona" so quickly.  That is the nickname we give her when she gets this way.  Just one of those things.  On the upside, at least she isn't like this all the time.  I have not tried melatonin w/ her.  Use to use it w/ Max.  So, thinking maybe, just maybe, I should try it w/ her.  Asking our neuro next time we're there.  I know part of this is normal preteen stuff.  Still, makes for a late night for parents. 

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