Friday, January 13, 2012

Need suggestions please...ASAP

Anyone have suggestions, I need them ASAP. Digby is our Australian Shepard. He has been hacking for a few hours now. Not rough until about half an hour ago. He is coughing up what "might" be blood. I know, NOT a good sign. However, it could be something he ate. No telling. I've left a message w/ our vet but it is around 8pm on a Friday night. You walk into the emergency vet clinic they'll charge you $1000 right there. We've done it 2X before...once w/ Bear, once w/ Aspen. They did nothing for Bear but literally watch him. For now, he seems to have stopped. We gave him some bread. Any other ideas, please, please send them our way. We are very nervous b/c as some of you know, Digby was a rescue. No idea of his age & he came to us w/ what they thought was heart worms but he's been fine w/ that. Kids are VERY nervous about all this, especially after losing Bear last year. May be a long night for us all.  Just if any of you have any ideas besides going to the emergency vet clinic, please let me know.  We're trying to avoid that at all costs and go tomorrow instead.  However, if it does get worse, we won't hesitate to go.  We love our Digby dearly and are all just scared at the moment.  Obviously, no more posts till we are sure Digby is alright.  and the kids for that matter. 

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  1. I know its late but it might help to massage his throat up and down lightly. Also if it is upset stomach try some plain canned pumpkin. It will settle his stomach. Good luck and hope he is ok.