Friday, January 27, 2012

My girls (well, 3 of them)

If you recall, Alyona simply longed for sisters.  I mean really, really begged for a little sister.  Just one.  She wanted someone to share with, someone to play with, someone to love.  See, Alyona was very lonely.  She was in a special ed class and there aren't too many friends in there.  At home, Irina and Yana were years above her in age and didn't really want to play like she did.  Well, that all changed once the girls got home.  A spark went off in Alyona.  New life.  Now, don't get me wrong, it's not all roses.  They have their tiffs.  That's true.  But, for the most part, they do really well together.  Adding the girls has been a huge benefit for Alyona. 

 Okay, ignore the rest of the mess & concentrate on the girls.  Don't they just belong together?  Now you understand why we fought so hard to bring them home.  They truly are sisters.

Reni's eyes look great as does she.  So much relief in her face.  Love it.

 Alyona, teasing her sister of course.

Alyona looks like such a young lady here.  If anyone has questions on their adjustments, just take a look at the pictures.  Doing just fine.  

 Just showered and ready for the world.  Summer, coming down the stairs by herself!  Wobbly, but does it.  It's the little things that mean so much.

My happy little girl.  So sweet in her new froggy pajamas.  I know they're big but she loved them.  Got them at Target for just $2.48.  Size 4T.

Summer w/ Reni behind her trying to sneak a peak.  

Our 3 youngest girls have adjusted well to each other.  Lots of sisterly love.  Was the right decision for sure to bring multiple children home.  It's tough to do, but in the end, works out for the best.  Just had to share a few pics.  Next post is an update on the 3 newest.  Four posts in short while, need a break to start some dinner.  Have a wonderful weekend. 

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