Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mini happenings

I know it's mid-week but a bunch going on so thought I'd share a few brief things.  Nik as of right now is no longer receiving speech therapy that he so desperately needs.  Our therapy place is saying that BCBS won't pay for it.  We get home speech therapy for various reasons.  Main one being would you like to drag 6 kids to speech 3X a week?  Half of them being FASers.  Umm, no.  It would be disruptive to other kids as well.  Plus, therapist does NOT live far at all from us and has a cluster of us in the same area.  Anyhow, we don't know what's going on w/ insurance as we have private insurance through my husband's work that is handled by BCBS but totally different ball game.  We have more benefits.  We have unlimited speech IF it is deemed medically necessary and all docs sign off.  Not hard to do w/ Nik's case.  Anyhow, now they are saying we don't have this and only have 25 visits a year.  So, called HR today & left a message w/ benefits.  I'll be waiting for a call back.  Hoping for good news.  Would hate for speech to disappear when it does indeed make a difference. 

In the process of possibly participating in a research project for older FASD kids.  Basic process started today and testing would be in the future.  If you are in the triangle area and would like to participate, please contact me and I'll give you the contact info.  Has to be documented FASD & be between ages of 12 and 18.  Think it will be an interesting project.   Would be great to have this disorder get some visibility.  Schools definitely do NOT know what it is.  URGHH!!! 

Took the kids to the park today w/ a friend of mine.  Was great having some adult conversation.  It was chilly today so we were the only ones there.  Kids had the entire park.  Mine took off their jackets so only but so cold for them.  Wish I had pictures but can't find my camera.  I know it's somewhere but not sure where. 

Came home and had lunch.  School work followed for the next 3 hours.  Really working w/ Logan and Nik on sight words.  And phonics of course.  Alyona is trying to learn money.  It's just so hard for her and hard for me to watch at times.  More on school later.

Have an IEP meeting for Max coming up.  Have a vocational rehab meeting for Irina.  Can't wait for her to get into the job community.  I really think it will help her.  I have to set up an IEP meeting for Alyona to go to middle school next year. Where Bojan goes.  Except, she can't go there or she'll be put in a life skills class.  She's higher functioning than that.  Deserves more.  It will be a fight to get her put to another school.  I know this as fact as my neighbor/ former classmate of hers, had to fight for her son to get him in this another school.  County does not want to comply despite it being in the best interest of the child.  It's crazy but one of the many reasons we need to leave this county.  Great for others who fall into the 'normal' category.  But if you sway either direction, special needs or gifted, there is nothing here for them.  Or, at least that has been our experience the last 12 years. 

Working on house things in order to put it officially on the market.  Praying it will be mid-January.  Need it to be soon. 

Many other little things are happening as well.  Warren and Bojan share the same birthday....tomorrow.  With the adoptions recently, Warren and I have been unable to do anything for our anniversary, Christmas and now birthdays.  I wanted to do something special as it is a big one...50!  Yes, he'll kill me for that one.  But shoot, when you have a 19yo daughter, someone is bound to figure out the age thing at some point.  LOL.  He did take off.  Not sure what we'll do since 6 kids will be home.  Can't really take them anywhere.  Plus, Bojan turns 13 tomorrow.  So, to 'big' events tomorrow.  Got to find that camera.  Bojan said he just wants to go out to dinner.  He hasn't told us where yet.  I'm really shocked he didn't want a party or anything.  I was prepared for a party type thing.  We'll see. 

Friday the kids start their homeschool classes at a private academy.  Very excited about it.  It's very close by and they are going to be doing some exciting things.  Nik will take Munchie  Math and also a bug class. Reni will take a Munchie Math & also a dance class...I think.  Alyona will take crocheting and a gardening class.  She was signed up for Victorian times but something happened to the class.  I think she'll love her classes though.  Alex and Logan are signed up for Gizmos & Gadgets(they build things) and stop motion film making.  Great supplement for homeschool classes.  They will also start back up in January w/ classes at church.  Not sure when they start back up.  They've taken science club, cooking, ASL and jump rope clubs.  Just on Wednesday nights but they learn a bunch.  We are taking a break from winter sports for adjustments as a family.  Soccer starts back up in March.  Warren and I will be going to a few local museums in Jan. and Feb.  Also, since weather is mild, visit the farm and go on one last hike till spring.  Not get lost this time and most likely a much shorter hike or there may be mutiny. 

Keeping busy.  Got to go on my walk this evening.  1.5 miles.  I know, not much but we all have to start somewhere.  Still excited.  Training for a 5K will be an experience for sure.  My goal is if I can do this, next fall, I'll workup to a 10K.  Time will tell.  Right now, it's just getting up and moving forward.  That starts w/ a walk.  Next week, I will be starting to run part of these walks.  Got to go.  Getting dark.  There are no excuses. I go either way...dark or not dark.    More to come.  I still have a bunch of half written posts.  Need to walk first though, make dinner and get through bath/ bed time.  And, picking a piece of the house to organize each night.  My walk in closet is now a walk in closet again.  Progress.  Just need to keep up the momentum. 

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