Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Milk mustaches

Thought I'd share a few pictures of some of the kids enjoying that Wendy's frosty the other day. 

How someone can get this messy w/ a small milkshake, I'll never know.

 Irina with her milk mustache.

 Reni, sporting her look.  I think those magazine ads need to use milkshakes instead of a milk paste.  Works quite well! 

We gave Summer the jug of milk, almost empty.  Told her to take a drink.  She's thinking about it.  

And, she was daring enough to try.  Though, it did end up all over her.  Trust me, was hardly any in there.  

My kids are big milk drinkers.  I try not to let them but they easily try to consume 2 gallons a day.  At about $42 a week, it adds up so I try to limit.  Don't like to but they will get carried away for sure.  And they wonder why I get angry if I see an entire cup in the sink to pour down the drain.  Geez.  

More to come.  Been a day.  Logan and Nik decided they should make peep holes in their door.  URGHH!!!  They hammered holes through their bedroom door w/ screw drivers.  Heard the pounding downstairs as I was working w/ the girls on school work.  Not happy.  Then, Irina ran the dishwasher.  No biggie.  Except we smelled burning plastic.  Spatula fell and burned up.  Luckily, no permanent damage.  These types of things are typical in this house on a daily basis.  You deal with things as they come up.  I guess that's why I feel drained today.  Well, that and it was a rainy day.  

We got a lot of school work done today which was nice.  Kids didn't think it was nice.  LOL.  Also, took care of an insurance issue so Nik can get speech therapy again.  Go through this every year it seems.  Tons more appointments made for everyone.  Trying to fit lots in the next two months.  Found an accountant too today which is one thing off my to do list.  It is currently 30 items long.  Crazy, I know.  working on things bit by bit.  We are entering new phases with our older kids and things.  Driving, vocational rehab, things of that nature.  Making tough decisions.  Do you declare your children incompetent?  BTW, HATE that word.  But it is becoming reality these are the things we must do in the future.  Neurologist first suggested it.  Anyhow, more on all this stuff later as I know other families are going through the same type of thing.  Maybe something we do right/ wrong may help others understand what happens when your developmentally delayed children get older and into young adults.  It's a whole other world.  Trust me.  Navigating new waters.  Got to go.  I am determined to go for a long walk this evening. 

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