Monday, January 30, 2012

Manic Monday

Busy, busy week.  Entering a new month which brings  a lot to do here.  Like, putting the house up for sale.  That has now become priority #1.  We call it Mission 2012...sell and build.

Let's see what's happening this week.  Kids have the first full week of school.  They haven't had that since before Christmas break.  Crazy I think.  And this is not the homeschoolers folks.  It's public school.  Well, I think they may have had a full week right after Christmas.  But, then they had exams.  Now, the high schoolers are in a new semester.  More on all that in a separate post.

This week Reni has her appointment w/ the plastic surgeon to see if we can do anything for her.  Irina also has an appointment w/ the ENT to see if she needs surgery again or not.  Yana, Bojan and Nik have eye exams this week.  Soccer tryouts are this weekend along /w the rescheduled bonfire at the farm. 

I have started a new schedule for the homeschoolers that I hope will work better.  Everything is scheduled.  Today, started out wonderful.  Then, I got sick.  For those asking, the knee is better btw,  Little sore but no biggie.  However, today I'm just plan sick.  chills earlier but no fever so hope I can stave off whatever may be coming my way.  We did great this morning w/ reading and then a science lesson I did and snack.  After that though, all of a sudden, not feeling so great.  Same time, counselor calls me from school to ask if Max can switch classes.  Fine.  They are on top of things for sure at the high school and I like that.  Homeschoolers and I are working on winter right now and then switching to amphibians.  No rhyme or reason for it just the way it fell into place.  For history, we're in the civil war period so going to have them all learn the Gettysburg Address.  Maybe I'll record it here.  Also, want them to make Abe Lincoln hats so send ideas if you have them.  We'll start the address this afternoon if I feel up to it.  Can't wait though.  Each one will have a piece of it to do.  If they can do this, we'll do other things later.  Testing the waters so to speak. 

I'm trying to figure out how to do the mandatory state testing for the new kids if they are non-English speakers.  Any clues out there please, please let me know.  Homeschooling folks I asked Friday and some of the online groups didn't know either.  If you know, please tell me.  I'd greatly appreciate it. 

Trying to get a lot of little things done this coming week.  Like, taxes.  That's actually a biggie.  Haven't met w/ the accountant yet.  Usually we do our own taxes every year.  First year in 11 years that we're going to someone.  Don't want to chance messing ours up so getting a professional. 

Kids are doing pretty well.  Older kids are starting a new semester so anxiously awaiting to see how it goes.  Bojan is still practicing his trumpet.  I can recognize the songs now!  Nice to see the progress in all of them. 

More picture posts to come as I have quite a few to get done.  Being under the weather though and trying to teach is rough.  Made me realize I need spare "on your own" type of things for when I'm sick or phone calls must be made or whatever.  The every once in awhile type crafts.  Need to get going w/ phonics for Nik.  Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  This is not winter weather here for sure. 


  1. Stephanie...just curious....have you tried using Pinterest for homeschool ideas? If not, you should check it out...lots of great hands on ideas for learning...Let me know if you haven't and you want to check it out. I can send you an invite. Lisa Harris

  2. Do you know someone who is able to evaluate kids informally without a test? We have a man here in Charlotte who will meet with your child for an hour or so, ask them questions and then write up a report. Parents I talked to about this guy said he provided more useful information than the usual std. tests. I was planning on doing it for Max this year as he is now seven but unable to take a written test. If you want me to find out more about this guy, let me know!