Monday, January 23, 2012

Manic Monday

It was a bit of a long weekend.  This may be a short post.  I'm in quite a bit of pain right now.  Alaska and Kota decided to plow right into my knee this morning. I was standing in the living room and knocked down.  Screaming in agony, kids helped picked me up to the couch.  I still can't bear weight that much but know it's not broken or anything of that nature.  Iced it and propped it up.  Will wrap it up in a bit when more of the swelling goes down.  One good thing about being in sports med and fitness in college is you know how to take care of an injury...even if it's your own.  Kids went right to work trying to keep the dogs off me when it first happened.  See, dogs didn't know what was wrong and were trying to help or thought I was playing.  Usually I can curtail the amount of pain I'm in when I'm hurt.  Umm, not this time.  It is still really, really painful.  It happens.  The only issue here is one of my kids has severe PTSD.  He gets just plain distraught when someone in the family is hurt.  He's fine now.  And, I was good enough to hop up here on one leg.  Can't sit still knowing stuff needs to be done.  Hey, if it's not broken, need to get things done. Kids cleaned the house and have friends over now. 

This week, kids have off today and tomorrow.  We have speech therapy all week.  We have OT and PT evals for Summer.  We have a plastic surgeon appointment for Reni.  Have an IEP meeting for Max.  Called Voc. Rehab to give them the go ahead for Irina.  Rest of the week, making appointments and doing home school.  We are going to a museum tomorrow.  Okay, so that's the plan.  I think I should be able.  I'll wrap my knee up to be on the safe side.  Plus, going w/ another family so if something happens, I have a back up.  LOL.  Rest of the week, organizing tax docs and such and making appt. w/ accountant.  Tons of people to call.  House is slowly getting cleaned up.  Slowly.  It's cleaned every week but we're working on that deep cleaning stuff in order to sell.  YOu know, the stuff you tend to forget on a weekly basis. 

Had an awesome time this past weekend w/ friends.  I'll have a post and pictures about it later.  Right now, in too much pain to sit for long w/out propping up the leg.  Just wanted to say still here.  Nothing too, too exciting.  More on our weekend for sure.  Making plans for summer time.  Deaf camp happens every May.  There was a fantastic groupon deal for a place not too far from us that I',m still contemplating about going to.  There is the Bulgarian Reunion we must plan for in June.  Way behind on my planning that trip.  Also, my cousin and I are in charge of planning this year's family reunion which will most likely be in July or August some time.  And, too many waiting kids to advocate for.  My goal this year is to get super duper organized.  I'm getting there.  I want to give adequate time to many things that are dear to my heart.  Orphans waiting for families being one of them.  But first, must take care of my family.  Not just the schooling but February should be filled w/ many medical answers about certain kids.  Whether or not Bojan & Alyona will get surgery.  Whether or not Reni will get surgery.  Also, Irina.  Finding all the specialists Summer will need to see.  In other words, lots to do.  Still, no excuse not to focus on other aspects of life too. 

January, we don't have extracurricular things happening.  That is a great little break.  Soccer try outs are Feb. 4th.  Track for Yana will be happening soon after that too.  So, I know we will be entering spring and after school activities and things of that nature.  Anyhow, just thought I'd give a manic Monday type happening post and post about our weekend later. 

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  1. Stephanie, I'm sorry but your dogs sound like they are out of control -- what if they hurt the children seriously next time? I'm so sorry this happened to you -- what steps can you take so that they don't hurt you again or one of the kids?