Monday, January 9, 2012

Manic Monday

I am definitely ready to start a new week.  Was a crazy weekend to be sure.  Today was okay.  Wrote something earlier on my FAS group.  Thought you all might get a kick out of it to help describe only part of my day. 

A little bit ago, Nik was "fishing" in the living room. Made a fishing pole out of kinex w/ string & a metal chain as 'bait.' Told him to stop. Yeh, a world NO FASer of mine seems to understand. Went "fishing" and wrapped it around the ceiling fan. Max got it out and luckily, fan wasn't on.   Last night, my husband says "stop! Do you hear that sound?" I say "no, what is it." He said it's all the guardian angels running into each other trying to keep up w/ these kids. LOL. So true. 

Kids and I did homeschool stuff of course.   New kids are further behind than I expected.  Well, I expected Reni to be behind.  Same with Summer.  Thought Logan though would be a little further along.  However, he is not that far behind that he can't catch up so that's a good thing.  Refreshed some geography today.  Sight words and phonics for Nik and Logan.  we'll all get there.  Slowly but surely.

Logan got grounded for the first time today.  I was extremely disappointed in him.  Extremely.  I know he was one of the orphanage bullies in Bulgaria.  I know this.  I'm not naive nor stupid to think he wasn't.  He is an 11yo boy and in orphanages, you take on certain roles for survival.  In the short amount of time he's been here, we have gotten rid of a majority of bullying behaviors.  He does not do it to ANY of his sibs whatsoever.  Now, today, the kids chased after the dogs as they had escaped.  Nik tagged along, camera in hand.  He recorded the event.  On that video Nik captured, Logan was on camera caught red-handed kicking Kota!  I was appalled, disappointed and frankly wondering why the dog didn't attack him.  This is Kota after all.  Logan stood there in front of me not able to look me in the eye.  Knew he was busted, knew he was wrong.  No outside playing, no video games, nothing.  He was on the verge of tears which is great b/c that actually means he cares & has empathy.  After dealing with 2 RADishes, I think we can handle this one.  Just was so disappointed b/c I've seen such HUGE strides in this kiddo of mine but today felt like such a set back.  I know we have only been home a few weeks.  I know this is normal and it too will pass. Doesn't make it easier for sure. 

Tomorrow is a big day.  We finally get the MRI/ EEG results of Summer and Logan.  Not sure what to expect really.  Thinking that Logan may indeed have epilepsy as he's told us of seizures in Bulgaria.  Summer, at times I feel is right on target.  Other times, I do think about it quite a bit. She's always falling (lack of balance), delayed, can't figure out simple tasks at times, etc.  I think to myself, could she be missing part of her brain?  Does this explain it or am I reading too much into things.  I hope I'm reading too much into things. I do.  I see her as my baby girl who can do anything she sets her mind to.  Hard to see the other stuff sometimes.  Yes, I am well aware she is delayed to an extent.  Only thing is I am hoping they are orphanage delays.  It is what it is.  We love Summer to pieces no matter what.  However, right now we are looking at the future for some of our kids.  Some that will never leave home but desire to for independence they'll never be able to experience.  It's a harsh reality.  As our oldest is 19, it is becoming more of a reality daily.  I will write about it soon, just hard.  So many decisions to make.  Hard to know what is right, what is wrong, what they will succeed at, are you doing all you can and so many other questions.  So even though she's young, these delays are life long.  We have to plan immensely for them when they get older.  That is actually another purpose of this blog.  To help others as we are just now venturing into young adulthood with our first child with disabilities.  It is nothing like an IEP meeting.  No, for this is life decisions about their life. 

Sorry, getting sidetracked.  Tomorrow is a big day.  Answers and most likely, more questions.  Ideally, an all clear and go home is what I desire.  I know that is most likely a dream.  Hey, we dream here, we dream big.  LOL.  Warren goes to the dentist on Wednesday.  Other than that, we should not have any other appointments. However, about to make a slew of them and expect a few surgeries out of some.  Irina's nose is collapsing again.  Found out years ago it was most likely broken at the orphanage.  DOn't know if this is when she fell out of the window over there or not.  Not sure.  It causes her issues w/ breathing.  So, back to ENT to get it checked out once more.  Bojan is going to need surgery on his clubfoot.  It's bad again.  I know at least one toe will need amputating.  Other work done on it as well. Alyona was scheduled last year to have her tonsils out but we canceled it.  She is having tonsil stones again so trying to decide if we need to get it done.  That's most likely 3 surgeries right there.  Reni and Summer have HUGE tonsils but we are not doing anything unless they have issues.  Our ped is agreeing w/ that decision.  Irina also found a lump in her abdomen.  I think it is just a cyst but getting that checked out anyhow.  So, many appointments to make. 

Much is going on here.  Trying to fix up the house as much as possible so we can list it.  First, have to figure out how to float what the loss will be on this house.  Selling in this market, there will be a loss.  We know this.  Just want all our ducks in a row before proceeding.  I'm still catching up on emails to people.  I"m getting there but still way behind.  It's life. It's a moving target. 

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