Monday, January 2, 2012

Manic Monday

First Manic Monday of 2012.  Can't believe the New Year is already here.  Went by too fast yet in many ways, not fast enough. Thought I'd get back to things.

Today we have dentist appointments for 5 of the kids.  3 new ones so interesting to see how their teeth will fair.  All my Russian kids had horrible, horrible teeth when they first got home.  Brown, rotted, etc.  The Bulgarian kids seem to have healthy teeth but we'll see once we get home today.  My other 5 have had no cavities this past visit.

Medical stuff.  Well, Reni's chest  x-ray for TB came back negative as we expected it would.  Reni and Summer's blood work is all clear.  That I was not expecting to be honest.  See, Summer doesn't seem to heal well.  She still has some bug bites from this Summer.  And, when she fell here weeks ago, she still has the bruise on her back.  Takes her forever to heal.  Asked her pediatrician but she said she thinks it's from lack of nutrition and it can take months to get better.  So, waiting it out.  I will double check w/ the neuro when we go back on the 10th.  Never hurts to get another opinion.  Waiting for ortho to call back for Alyona and Bojan.  Bojan will need another surgery this year on his clubfoot.  Alyona may or may not need some on her arm.  Remember, the botched surgery job years ago?  We'll see.  She's complaining more about it.  Alex's bloodwork from endocrine came back normal.  They're sending us back to neuro.  Waiting to hear what neuro wants to do from here as endo thinks it may be some type of brain disorder.  I'm not so sure about that one.  Again, waiting to see if neuro thinks we should proceed w/ an MRI.  I think this year we will have paid for one of their machines by now.  We get Logan & Summer's MRI results on the 10th.  Looking like Logan remembers having a seizure in Bulgaria.  He told us last night about it.  Like I said, they're talking more.  If he does have epilepsy, no biggie.  The meds are working.

School.  Starting full force today.  High schoolers only go this week & 2 days next week.  Then, they're off 2 weeks.  URGHH!!!  Got to love it.  Voc. rehab is working w/ Irina.  Having an IEP meeting some time in January.  Not sure when.  Got to get an IEP meeting for Alyona.  I'm sending her to middle school next year IF she can get into the autistic class.  No, she's NOT autistic and I know that.  However, the method in there is great and so is the teacher from what I hear.  The "home base" school we are assigned to wants to put Alyona in a Life Skills class.  NO.  She is more than capable to do other things.  It will be an uphill fight this meeting as a friend of mine just went through the same fight earlier this year.  Least I know what I'm up against.  If it doesn't work out, we'll just keep her home again.   But, if we do get to move, this won't be an issue anyhow.  We'll see.

Driving.  New driving laws here now again.  Lovely.  They have to log in 60 hours and I'm not even sure how this all works yet.  Got to figure it out.  Irina wants to take the test again.  Yana is going to take driver's ed this semester.

Adoption stuff.  Got the new kids their social security #'s so we're good with that.  Need to find out when the next PPR is due.  I"ve asked so I know I'll have a response very soon.  Want to make sure I don't miss anything.  Next thing is finding an accountant.  Our taxes will be complicated this year for sure.  We've always done our own taxes even w/ adoption stuff.  However, we feel it best and safer this year to have a professional take care of it.  We get semi- audited every year by our state anyway.  They do it to all big families.  You have to prove the kids are yours.  So for us, that means adoption decrees, birth certs and the like.  Pain but we've got it down pat now.  Expecting the same for this year. 

House.  Still plan on selling.  Doing little stuff here and there to fix it up.  Can't wait.  We're ready to do this but that doesn't necessarily mean it's going to happen w/ this market.  We'll have to sell at a loss and we are well aware of that fact.  Hoping it works out  though.  Last home was purchased at a loss so why should this one be any different.  LOL. 

Okay, started this earlier.  Kids did great at the dentist.  No cavities for any of the five.  That means we've had 10 kids go to the dentist w/in the last month and not a one of them had cavities.  Wahoo!!!  Reni and Logan will go back in for sealants in April.  Reni was a little skittish but did fine.  they were well aware of her past trauma so were extra careful.  She did beautifully.  Told you they came from a great orphanage...teeth were well taken care of unlike my Russian kiddos.  Logan has a lot of staining on his but they used to give him coffee...URGHH, so that is to be expected.  They are really going to work on cleaning that up more in April she said.  He has a natural line that she said occurred when his teeth were forming at birth.  Nothing you can do about it and she said not an issue. He only has one more baby tooth to lose.  All in all, fantastic visit.  Love that they let me do 5 at a time each time.

School.  Started back today, including homeschool.  Homeschoolers start their classes at the private school on Fridays.  Can't wait.  On Wednesdays, they'll have church clubs again.  Starts again in January.  Lots of learning going on.  Going to be doing some museum field trips on the weekends and some hikes in January.  It is such mild weather that no big deal.  Want to get field trips in before we start soccer season again in the spring. 

Much more to come.  We've had a busy past week.  Calling my friend and seeing when we can go visit the farm.  She's invited us & we must find a good weekend.  We'll be going more places now that the holidays are over and the kids are well adjusted.  Lots of plans in the works.  Lots of plans.  We plan on going to the Bulgarian Reunion this summer.  We can't make the Orenburg Reunion this year though.  And, my cousin and I are host to a family reunion here.  Our summer may be filled w/ lots of travel and that is okay by us.  We want the kids all to experience some more things in life.  This is the first year we are not planning another adoption any time soon.  Frankly, we're supposed to be done adopting and like 85% positive we are finished.  However, we have both said this adamantly before over and over so I plan not to open my mouth and just leave my mind open.  LOL.  Seriously though, pretty positive we are done and going to enjoy the family we have & wait for grand kids. In a few posts I'll be sharing more about some advocating for a few special kiddos.  Can't wait.  Warren's cooking shrimp and veggies so need to help cut some up.  Happy New Year!  Hope you had a great one.

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  1. Just want to mention Celiac Disease with Summer's non healing issues. Huge indicator, even with no other symptoms. They can check with a blood sample.