Friday, January 13, 2012

Kids' names

I had a request to say how to pronounce my children's names.  Thought I'd do a post on where they came from ...the names, that is.  I know naming a foreign adopted child can be unnerving.  You don't know if you're doing the right thing by changing their birth name or not.  Remember, each & every family's choice is different. 

We try, whenever we feel possible, to keep our childrens' birth names.  Sometimes it is possible, sometimes not.  Some names just don't go over so well in the US and kids would get made fun of.  Max's was one of those names.  Get into all that in a minute.  I guess I should start w/ Max and Irina as they were our first two kids home.  I spent months saying names that I would name my first children.  Excited to try them all out in the car on my way to work.  Crazy, I know.  Things change though.  Saw Irina's picture and her name and thought it was just fine.  Kept it.  Now, we always, always give our children an American middle name if they have their foreign birth name just in case in a few years they'd like to change it.  High school comes to mind.  With Max, his birth name was Murat.  Pronounced Moo Rat.  Yeh, that wouldn't fly in high school.  Now that Max is 16yo, he's thanking us for that name change.  LOL. 

Next two were Yana and Alex.  Yana we kept and gave her a new American middle name.  She now uses that in high school.  I still refuse to call her Nicole as do her old friends and everyone else that's known her for years.  Like I tell other new parents, they want to fit in as much as possible.  Name is one of those things that is used for fitting in.  They don't stand out as much w/ an American name.  Alex was Alexander in Russia.  Yet, they called him Sasha.  We kept him Alexander and just call him Alex.

Next was Bojan.  His birth name is Bojan.  However, it was pronounced 'Boy Yana.'  That would not fly in this country as sounds more feminine.  So, just changed the pronunciation to something more phonetic.  Now, it's 'Bo Jon' as far as pronunciation goes. 

Moving right along, we have Alyona and Nik.  Nik is pronounced Nick.  Kept his birth name spelling which the Russians said was rare.  Usually it is Nicholas or Nikolai.  Nope, his was just Nik so kept it.  Alyona was Alyona & kept hers.  Pronounced 'Ally o-na.' 

Finally, we have the last 3.  Borislav became Logan.  Radislava became Summer.  They called her Radi for short.  Just didn't think it would fly in the schools here.  She is one of the few where we put first and middle as American names.  Reni's name stayed the same.  I guess the best way to say it is 'Ren ee.' 

And for now, that's it.  Pretty sure we're done but we've been "done" before.  LOL.  (Warren I'm sure is falling over in his chair laughing right now)  I do know, we will take some time to settle into a family of 12 and enjoy a few things first.  No intentions currently to adopt again in case you all are wondering.  However, I leave my mind open b/c after Irina and Max (our 1st two), I swore up and down I'd never ever in my life do this again....ever.  Just goes to show you, never say never.  It may backfire...big time!  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  Catching up on some emails.  Kids and I just finished an apple pie I made earlier.  No big plans for this weekend.  Next weekend is the time we're doing a bunch of fun things.  This weekend, work on the house...boring stuff.  More posts to come as I'm hoping to catch up on some stuff. 

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