Sunday, January 15, 2012

I thought I'd never

I thought I'd never be that mom.  Nope, I had other plans.  What do I mean?  When you get older and start preparing to have a family, you tend to look at the world around you and how you envision your family and what you would be like raising that family.  There were many things I used to say. Some, have come back to bite me in the backside if you know what I mean.  LOL.  A few examples:

I never would be the mom who screamed out the front door for her kids to come in after they'd been playing all afternoon.  No, I would be more refined than that.

I never would have a big family.  No, that's too much work.

I never would have a messy house.  It's just too easy to pick stuff up.

I never would have a trashy looking yard w/ bicycles spread all over the place.  I would always tend to my house and it would be the show home of the neighborhood.

I never would be the mom who fed her kids donuts or cake (or both!) for breakfast ever.  I would always provide nutrition all the time.

I never would be the mom who let herself go to take care of her kids instead.  How can anyone do that?

I never would be the mom to step in her boys' room all over their clothes in order to wake them up.  No, my boys would always pick up their stuff b/c I would have authority.

I never would send my kids to school with unmatched clothes.  Nope, not me.  I would for sure send my kids to school well dressed b/c it reflected who I was.

I never would be the mom to tell off a school official on behalf of her kids b/c that would be just beastly.

I never would have children w/ disabilities as that would be all consuming.

I never would be the mom that cut coupons.  I would have plenty of money.

I never would be the mom that makes her own stuff such as chocolate syrup, pancakes, dog treats, window cleaner, etc. as it is just easy to buy it off the shelf.

I never would be the mom that watches her kids like a hawk when they are on the computer. I would be able to trust them w/out worry.

I never would be the mom that let their kids run outside in just a diaper in the summer.  Geez, what rednecks.  No way would I ever do such a thing.

I never would be the mom that had one of those vans.  Nope.  I'd have a cool car.

I never would have juice stains in my car.  My car would be immaculate.

I never would be the mom that had to punish her kids ever as mine would be so well-behaved and obey.  (yeh, I'm laughing at this one too.)

I never would call my husband to pick something up for dinner on the way home as I was too tired to cook.  I would have dinner prepared every evening.

I never would allow my kids to hug & kiss me in public.  No, that is for home.

I never would be the mom to get excited & proud over every kid's accomplishments.  For there would be plenty in life, why get excited over every one?

I never would be the mom that would dream of having her grand kids come to visit her in the future.  No, I would be traveling instead or living my life.  ( and I know grand kids are a L-O-N-G time away in this home!)

I never would be the mom that would have their kid crawl into bed w/ them every single weekend just to cuddle.  I would be able to sleep in.

I never would be the mom to hang up pictures on the fridge as that is just stupid.

Nope, I'd never do any of these things when I became a mom.  As you may have guessed by now, that did NOT happen.  I never became that mom.  I instead am who I am.  I love it when Nik crawls in bed on the weekends w/ us every Saturday morning. I love it that there are stains in the van.  Means we care about the adventure more than the material thing such as a car.  Love it when Summer kisses me all the time.  Even love it when I have to scream at the kids when they've been playing all day long outside.  Love it that I can dream of grand kids coming to visit us.  Love it when my kids run outside in their diaper in the middle of summer.  Remember, it is 100 & humid out here in the summer time.  I love the little things.  I love that I became a mom who could care less what brand of clothing her kid has or what her house looks like. I love it when we bask in the joy of their accomplishments.  I love it when we get to go places with everyone together.  Love being able to travel w/ all of them.  In our not so clean van.  Well, clean  but not immaculate by any means.  I love it that we have chosen to put our kids' needs first above needs of the house or cars. So many things I thought I'd care about, I just don't any more.  You learn what is important in life when you become a mom.  No real point to this post.  Just wanted to say it.  Anything that you all thought before you became a mom.  Don't be afraid.  I said some dumb things before this.

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