Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The house

It is no secret we've been contemplating moving on and off for quite some time.  Well, it has come with great revelation that we must move.  There is no maybe any more.  We must.  Multiple, multiple reasons. IF moving, we want to do this one time and build a home that we will live the rest of our lives in.  One that will help us with some children that may never leave home yet want that independence.  A home with land that we can do a bit more vegetable gardening and such.  A place where the kids can run wild so to speak.  Currently, we only have an acre.  Clearly, not enough land.  Enough for many folks but we really do need more land.  We also have issues with living arrangements right now.  Don't get me wrong , there is plenty space for everyone.  However, all five boys are in one room is a recipe for disaster.  Mind you, it's a bonus room so space is fine.  But, it has reached critical mass w/ the 5 that are in there now.  Max and Bojan are older and need their own space.  Clearly evident the last few weeks. And, those were originally hte intentions...put Max and Bojan in the garage. Convert it first but in the garage area.  But, we have decided to officially move.  This decision does NOT come lightly for we LOVE our neighborhood and neighbors.  LOVE the convenience of everything. Great church community as well.  LOVE the house.  This is something though that we must do.  This will NOT be an easy task.  Not only is it extremely hard to sell in this market, we must take a loss in order to sell.  But more than that, this will be beyond difficult on the majority of our children that have issues w/ change.  Last move we made, one child did not adjust to this home for over six months.  I know what will happen.  I do and we're prepared for the fall out of the move with our kids who need help w/ transitions.  This is a case though where the end justifies the means. 

Meantime, we are trying to forge forward by fixing up the house.  Most are cosmetic issues.  12 people, 3 dogs, lots of dirt, a few dozen fish, guinea pig(as of today...DO NOT ASK....URGHHH!), & just wear and tear make for a little fixin' up to take place.  We have started a punch list this past weekend.

Us, we really could careless what our mailbox looks like.  But, out with the dented one the kids have hit w/ bikes and such and on w/ a new one.  Warren and Max are leveling up the post while they're at it & putting new pavers down since old wood ones rotted.  It's the little things you don't pay attention to when you have kids.  

Okay, so embarrassed really at the size dust bunny we found behind the fridge.  Just one of those things you don't think to vacuum behind.  Bojan did a great job.  

Summer wanted to help put the bikes away.  I told her to put her bike away.  This is what she grabbed.  We also filled in all the holes the dogs made w/ dirt.  Puppies can reek havoc on a yard.  

Even putting some "brightening" touches around the house.  Life.  I told Bojan I need so have some life in every room.  And try not to kill either the plants or the fish boys.  Bojan's response "but it's SO fun to kill things."  Nice one kid.  URGHH!!!  And this would be why I shutter at the thought of selling this house.  My boys can reek havoc on a situation with in minutes.  No, seconds.  Seriously.  A hole in the wall fixed today will be there tomorrow.  Geez.  

Trying to brighten things up around the house, make it super clean, change out towels that look like the dogs shredded them, get a few new items that make it look a bit more "staged."  And so on.  Takes time to do it here in this house.  But, it is getting done is the thing.  We are fixing things up.  Best news I heard is we may receive help on fixing up the house from possibly two local churches.  See, if we can't sell for whatever reason, we MUST convert the garage to Max and Bojan's bedroom.  Otherwise, afraid they may use those chains for their younger brothers.  LOL.  Lots and lots of work going on here at Chaos Manor.  It is bittersweet.  We love our house.  Max is helping to design the new house.  We have a general idea.  We have a general idea of land and where we want it.  We must stay w/in an hour's commuting distance of Warren's work.  Not too hard to do.  Closer you are here to the capital, more expensive it is to live.  That's a no brainer.  It's that way in every state.  Okay, more to come later.  Stupid dogs have discovered the guinea pig.  Got to go!

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