Friday, January 6, 2012

Flabulous to fabulous

Well, it's been awhile since one of these posts. One word for the delays...holidays!  Yes, I too indulged in way too many Christmas cookies.  But, back on track and loving it.  I wrote about this in another post but will write again briefly.  Okay, Alex and I have decided to do a 5K this spring.  I can't remember if it is in April or March.  Believe April.  Gives us time.  Someone sent to this blog a link for novices for running all kinds of races.  Trust me, Alex & I are not running to compete.  LOL.  I'm doing just to see if I indeed can do it.  Alex's nick name is Dash(from the Incredibles) btw.  He is fast. 

Now, this is our first week for training.  You are supposed to do a 1.5 miles.  Running it every other day and taking off on Fridays.  Well, I told Alex mom must walk this first week.  1) I have a bad knee and want to get it used to it again & 2) I may die.  LOL.  Alex said okay.  We have been walking around 4:30/ 5pm every evening.  I measured w/ the car to make sure we do the right amount.  It's truly not bad at all.  Yes, I know I'm only walking it right now but hey, it's more than I was doing before.  I took yesterday off versus today b/c it was Warren & Bojan's birthdays and Warren and I went out to dinner.  So, in a bit, Alex and I will hit the pavement again.  I actually am proud that we are sticking to it and not making excuses.

In addition, I've been sticking to doing very light weightlifting and stretching every single day.  I wanted to add yoga in this week but that just didn't happen as I had planned it.  So, that is my goal for next add in evening yoga before bed.  I am liking getting back into things again.  I feel if I add one little thing each week, it's not so overwhelming.  And, I'll stick to it.  Having Alex walk w/ me also serves as a motivator.  For now, not changing the diet quite yet. I want to get my routine of exercising in.  Plus, once I add the running in while changing the calories at the same time, the weight should come right off.  Geez, why didn't I do what I went to college for??  LOL.  For those new, my degree is Health and Fitness Specialist w/ concentration in Cardiopulmonary Rehab.  So yeh, no excuses that I don't know what to do.  Just need to do it. 

I'm actually really excited that I've tackled this & do not think this will be another attempt & failure.  The motivation is there, the determination, the strength to keep going, etc.  I feel I'm very ready to do this and to lose weight in the process.  So, that is my first week in the New Year.  Starting walking 1.5 miles everyday but 1 (rest day).  Continued light weight lifting and stretching daily.  Next week, will start to run.  Please beta blockers kick in!  LOL.  Don't worry, cardiologist cleared me for exercise long ago.  Also, don't have to go back for another 2 years.  I want him to see a new person when I go back.  I will update every Friday.  Like I said, next week, want to add some evening Yoga in a few times a week and I must start running part of the 1.5 miles.  If you see me around the neighborhood and I look like I might pass out, yell at me and tell me to keep going.  I know I can do this.  In a few months, you will see me run that 5K.  I know to many of you 5K is nothing.  But when you start w/ doing nothing, it becomes everything. 

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