Sunday, January 8, 2012

A fishy gift

Ahh, after such a downer it seems of a post, it's time for something a bit different.  We have been so grateful for the various gifts we've received over the past few weeks.  From clothing to food to babysitting.  Everything is very much appreciated.  Well, this past week was no different. 

Our neighbors gave us 3 fish!  Beautiful fish.  We have an aquarium but it was empty.  They were getting rid of their fish.  Some beautiful goldfish & coi.  Came from a pond.   I know the tank looks empty.  Haven't put plants in it yet. 

Aren't they just beautiful fish?!  We have 2 good size aquariums in this house and then 2 small aquariums.  Love fish.  Have always, always dreamed of a saltwater tank.  Need a room for it though.  New house for sure there will be a huge saltwater tank.  Well, it's a wish list item.  LOL.  Was just sweet of the neighbors to give us some fish.  Was perfect b/c we had an empty aquarium. 

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