Saturday, January 14, 2012

Digby update

This will be quick.  We did not end up taking Digby to the emergency clinic.  We spoke w/ our vet.  She was actually able to hear him over the phone.  Yes, he was that loud.  Yesterday was just awful.  Our vet is awesome though.  We LOVE Dr. Marty.  There is actually a doggie flu going around.  Does he have it?  We don't know.  At first, we were worried about something being stuck in his throat.  Well, he can swallow just fine.  He is eating just fine too and not throwing up and more today.  Still coughing and hacking but nothing is coming up and no sign of blood.  He's not shaking, and his breathing is not labored at all.  Today, his coughing episodes have lessened a lot. Our only concern now is not drinking enough water.  We gave him some chilli pops to help w/ that and he ate those right up.  Of course, w/ all that coughing, I'm sure it's hard for him to swallow.  The pups have shown their concern and at first Kota didn't know what to think.  He started coughing and Kota stuck his tail between his legs scared.  They're okay now.  Kids are treating Digby w/ lots of respect.  That's good.  Empathy.  Only kid I'm really MAD at right now is Nik and his reaction of laughing at Digby.  Really ticked off at him. He knows better, was taught better.  And boy, did the other kids jump on his case for laughing at Digby.  I'm pretty sure Nik got that message loud and clear.  Sign or no sign.  Message was crystal clear. 

All in all, hoping digby is turning a corner.  Was scary.  Dogs really do become part of the family.  Thanks for all the advice and concern for our Digby.  Though we have no idea how many years we have with him, we want him here as long as possible.  Digby came to us as a rescue and no idea how old he is.  Just know we love him and when he's sick, we're all just a bit concerned for him.  Love our Digby.

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  1. this past spring our doggie died the day she turned 14. for her breed of dog (Rottweiler, which i hesitate to write because of the perception about them, but you'd think she was a poodle - someone vandalized our yard without her even barking!) that is ancient. vet said the oldest she'd seen. anyway, we knew the end was coming... the night she died i was at my Grandma's house because my uncle committed suicide a couple weeks before. my stepdad was at home & said he thought it was nearing the end, so i prayed that God would take her that night because the following day we'd have to decide to put her down and i'd been BEGGING God to NOT let us have to make that choice. we would have, but i still didn't want to, you know? how would i physically not throw myself over her to stop the vet? yet, how could i not be there as faithful as she was to me/us? anyway, God answered my prayer. and especially this past week, for some reason, it's hit me that she isn't existing somewhere that she's going to come back. thankfully my Mom sees her as family the way us "kids" do, and had no problem paying for private cremation so we could get her ashes back. and it also helps that we KNOW no expense was spared... ultimately all we ended up doing was medication for easing her breathing & pain, but i don't have to wonder if we'd had more money or been more willing, would we have been able to save her.

    sorry i rambled, i never really talk about it to anyone but our family and i'm so proud of our girl once i start it's hard to stop. ;-) i am SO GLAD your doggie is getting better & i'll be praying that continues.