Monday, January 30, 2012

Day off-- museum trip (part 2)

Well, I left off w/ us getting ready to go to the classroom to learn something. 

 They got to learn about turtles, snakes, and lizards.  It really was neat.  And, Max was able to identify a few of the snakes.  Like the Diamond Back.

 This guy was so lively and so fun for the kids of all ages to watch.  Kept the class alive  and knows his stuff for sure.

While waiting to go into the butterfly room, they stopped off to visit the tarantulas of course.   No kids, not a pet.  

Not sure about Summer's look here.  

Nik and Alyona on the escalator.  Hey, they did better than their 11yo brothers.  URGHH!!!  Alex and Logan went around the corner and got reprimanded by the museum staff.  I was livid w /the boys.  Livid.  Grounded.  You could see the museum staff a bit relieved that I actually punished them.  I guess some kids just run wild.  Alex and Logan were then to be "handcuffed" to me or someone else the rest of the trip.  They lost freedom.  That was the only incident we had but I have to say, I really was disappointed in them.  They both know better.   Playing on the escalators.  Geez. 

My son wanted me to take a picture of him kneeling to Genghis Khan.  NO IDEA why in the world but I obliged.  He was trying to be funny.  I asked if he knew all of what this man did.  He said yes mom, I know.   I'm not doing it b/c I like what he did.   Surprisingly, Bojan has a thirst for history and is very intrigued by it.

I just liked these.  I want them in my new house.  Maybe in the bathroom somewhere.  Just thought they were beautiful.  I guess b/c they're kid proof behind that glass, huh?

 Summer, enjoying the fish.  Goofy smile caught again.

Alex, admiring the size of that whale skeleton.  Really does put it in perspective.

Kids goofing around in the bat tree.  You look up and see the bats.  Of course Yana and Bojan were goofing off.

Ahh, the rare picture that includes a teen or two.  Like I said, for most the trip the teens went separate ways.  We did have required meeting times.  Guess it would have helped if they wore a watch.  

Nice Reni.  I think she's taking after some of her sibs, don't you?  

We decided to buy tickets to the 3-D show.  Though only $3, definitely NOT worth the money.  We were all disappointed in it.  Not much 3-D for sure.  It was tornado alley and supposed to be about tornadoes and things.  It was but I got more information out of the movie Twister than this one.  

After the museum, we had a bag of chips, apples and water for the ride home.  Came home and just hung out the rest of the day.  It was a nice way to spend a Tuesday.  Field trip for the homeschoolers, day off for the others.  

Well, now Reni is sick this evening.  Hoping it passes quickly.   Thankfully, she is on the bottom bunk.  I don't do vomit well.  Yes, I'm one of those people.  I'll clean up all kinds of messes but I still have trouble w/ it.  Not sure what to do about tomorrow morning.  Do hope she's well.  Bojan, Yana and Nik have an eye exam in the morning.  It's early enough & close enough that worse case scenario, they go w/ Warren and come home.  Still, I'd prefer everyone go and everyone be healthy.  Time will tell.  More going on.  Getting Chaos Manor ready for a sale bit by bit.  Pressure washer comes on Wednesday morning.  Can't wait to have a clean looking house.  We have vinyl and it gets that green mold on it easily.  Comes off instantly almost though w/ a great pressure wash.  Irina's appointment is Wednesday. Got to go.  Boys have found their second wind for the day.  Why are kids not tired at bed time?


  1. I wonder if Reni has ever had someone to take care of her when she was sick? A perfect bonding time! Put a bucket/pail with her so she has something to grab quickly should she need it. Wash her face with a cool rag. Give her my love! ~ Jo

  2. I just had to come back and comment on the photo of Summer! I am pretty sure she was asking Yana, "Should we put one of those turtles down the back of Mama's shirt?!!" : )

  3. I thought of you when I saw this article. I remember you mentioning about having a house/apartment for children when the become adults.