Monday, January 30, 2012

Day off-- museum trip (part 1)

Last week, the older kids had the day off so why not take a field trip w/ a friend to a museum?  The museums in downtown Raleigh are great and free.  Though, suggested you give a donation to help keep them running.  We decided to go and even catch a show while there. 

This is part of the museum we went to.  You can barely make out the dinosaur inside from out here.  

 Nik, checking out the snakes. 

 Since Alyona wasn't all that enthusiastic about the snakes, she checked out the various bird eggs and nests. 

 I told them to line up for a shot.  The smart alecs lined up alright.  As in a police line up.  Nice, huh?

The kids that went w/ us.  I had 11 w/ me and my friend Rebecca brought 4.  

 No, the teens did not stick w/ us for the whole time.  We let them go explore on their own.  

For some reason, it looks like more than ten to me.  And, it usually feels less than ten.  Not all the time, but most of the time.

Well doesn't Alyona just look pleasant.  LOL.  

Logan looking at the size of the dinosaur prints.  This is a great museum to learn from that's for sure.

Alex taking a break against the brontosaurus.  After this, we headed to the classroom for some lessons.  That is coming up next.  For now, some kids not wanting to go to bed.  URGHH!!! 

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