Monday, January 9, 2012

Daddy's girl

who would have thought a few short weeks ago, that Summer would ever be to this point?  I mean really, we couldn't be in the same room w/ her let alone touch her.  The turn around to me is inexplicitable.  It truly is.  It's like a light switch went off inside her once we got home. 

Summer, listening to daddy read a book.  Alyona wanted no part of reading so Warren asked Summer.  So, Alyona was mad even though she didn't want dad to read a book to her.  I say jealousy will get you nowhere. She didn't like my answer, hence her pouting here.  One day, you will actually be able to see my coffee table or kitchen counters.  pet peeve of mine...clutter.  I hate it w/ a passion but this house, it seems to find me.  

Summer, holding onto Daddy.

I think she is very comfortable with where she is here.  

Yep, Summer has Daddy wrapped around her little finger for sure.  He won't admit that you know.  She comes running to the door when he gets home from work... "daddy, daddy!"  Too cute.  She really is just a joy to have around.   You can't help but to smile when she walks in the room. 

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