Monday, January 16, 2012

Crocheting and chains

As some of you may remember, my homeschoolers are taking classes on Fridays at a local homeschool academy.  It's awesome!  Anyhow, Alyona is taking crocheting.  However, Nik has been observing her intently.  Then, he decided to teach himself!

 Look at Nik just concentrating on that. 

 He was very proud to show me what he'd been working on. 

Such focus on the task at hand.  Crocheting is repetitive so wonderful for kids w/ things like ADHD or FAS or both.  Nik told me I need to get more yarn.  

He truly has been crocheting away and just enjoying himself.  He wants to take the class now but he's in bugs and loves bugs.  I told him next time.  I asked who taught him and he told me in sign he used his brain to think.

Why?  Not sure.  Bojan said he wanted to be like Jacob Marley on A Christmas Carol.  I think he played the part just fine.

Why on earth he'd chain himself up, no idea.  They were to clean up the garage area outside.  This is what they did.

Monkey see, monkey do.  I keep reminding them the new kids are watching and learning by their examples.  This is not helping my case any.  LOL.  

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