Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Apparently, Warren reads this blog too.  LOL.  He told me the #'s I gave for Nik were wrong.  Those are his corrected vision.  Yikes!   He's like Alyona in that respect.  Not sure of what the uncorrected #'s are but can only imagine.  So, glasses it is.  Time for me to get going and do something productive.  Irina just spilled in industrial sized bag of grits all over the dining room floor.  For some reason, everyone wanted to clean it up...and broke the dust pan.  It's just been one of those days I feel.  Next post must be a picture post.  Some of those make me smile.  Need a smile about now.  Have yet to tell Warren we must go to Wally World this evening.  Otherwise, it might be ketchup and pickles for breakfast b/c that's about what's left around here.  I may venture out w/ the kids tomorrow but would prefer not to.  Somehow when I do, I always end up w/ way more than what I started with. 

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