Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas at Nana & Papa's

Time to finish up Christmas posts.  Wednesday after Christmas we went to Warren's parents house to celebrate with them.  Kids were ready to go.

Just finished yelling at the 3 girls here, can you tell?  They were hitting each other, screaming, etc.  I threatened no presents.  They were rethinking their actions and Alyona even hid under her jacket.  

Made it in one piece!  Reni, Summer, Nik and Alex ready to open presents.  

 Logan and Yana waiting on lunch to be served. 

 Alex, on the verge of meltdown mode.  He held it together until the very end when we were leaving.  He broke down in tears poor kid.  It was just WAY too much stimulation accumulated over the last few days and he just couldn't handle any more.  

Summer, wiping off dessert of some sorts.

Irina getting ready to open her birthday bag.

Alyona, enjoying the bow that Irina let her have.  Irina has quite a pile to enjoy.  She received some great bath items for her birthday and a storage box.  A really nice one to put all kinds of items in.

Some of the kids waiting to open their gifts.  They have to wait till everyone gets their gifts.  

Summer is so excited and it shows.  They're getting closer to opening them.

Bojan is not the happiest camper in this shot but Logan sure was.  Look at that smile.  He is ready to see what's inside.

The girls are so ready to show off their new outfits.  Fleece. My girls loft really soft things. 

Can you spot the sensory overloaded one?  Or, the one where noise is starting to get to him?  I give them credit though, they held it together the whole time.  We can go places with our kids but we always make sure we don't stay too long. 

Everyone checking out their new clothes.  Boys got fleece pullovers which have come in very handy in this area.  Older girls got nice sweaters.  Reni and Alyona got an outfit and Summer received a fleece jacket that is definitely her style. 

Everyone trying things one.  Kids couldn't wait to change. 

I think Max had a bit too much to eat.  He's about to pass out.  LOL.  Nik is showing off his jacket.  While twirling his hair.  A new habit he picked up for whatever reason. 

Reni, very pleased with her new clothes that are just hers.  When orphanage kids first get home, they long for items that are "just theirs." 

Here's my cutie patootie.  Summer riding a toy. 

 Max, tossing the football around w/ his brothers.  We take some outdoor toys w/ us as my kids need lots of activities and are kids that spend a great deal of time outdoors.  Keeping them in for a given length of time is asking for trouble. 

 Reni, sporting her new outfit while riding the scooter.

Yana vegging out while Logan sweeps.  Not sure why he grabbed the broom and started sweeping.  

The visit was very pleasant and low key which was great.  Kids had plenty of food and goodies to munch on.  They love her homemade vegetable soup.  She gave us some to take home.  Only lasted a day.  Told you they love it.  New kids were funny as they're trying to decide the relationships of who's who.  Kids loved visiting Nana's art studio and as always, are impressed.  They know their mom is artistically impaired.  Shoot, I can't even manage scrapbooking.  LOL.  They do know their daddy inherited some of their mom's talent.  Warren is quiet about it but is also a very good artist.  Just wanted to share our Christmas visit.  We came home and tried to return everyone back to normal before school started.  But, with New Years Eve, everyone became a little more off kilter.  We're finally starting to get back on track.  See, with my FASers, it usually takes about two weeks for them to get back to "normal" once normal activities are thrown out of whack.  This happens w/ long breaks such as Christmas, Easter and Summer vacation.  You just go with the flow though.  

More to come.  It's cold outside today.  And, Alex and I are starting our training today.  Yes, we've decided to run a 5K.  No one get excited yet.  We started w/ walking today.  Someone sent me a link to a great site on how to train for novices.  So, we're walking it.  Plan on running part of it next week.  My beta blockers better go into over drive.  LOL.  I ran about a 1/10th of a mile today.  Yeh, I know, a joke.  Just wanted to see how it felt.  If it felt like it used to or if I thought I would die.  Nope, didn't die as you can see.  And, felt good.  I have a bum knee and supposed to go in for steroid shots about every six months.  I don't.  I want to try to do this without the shots.  If I can, I will.  If I can't, back to sports med for the shots, no biggie.  With my history and knowledge though, I'm more than capable to wrap the knee when I start to run.  Time will tell. And, it's cold enough out that Alex is okay and won't pass out.  Hey, between the two of us we may need a medic to run this 5K.  Just kidding.  I know when I do this, it will be a huge turning point for me.  I'm already excited about it.  And, it's only day two.  I've been doing light weightlifting morning & night.  And stretching.  And, drinking water.  Okay, so yesterday I had chocolate milk.  Can't go cold turkey.  More to come on all this on Friday.  Just had to share b/c I'm excited. I know it won't mean much to many but means something to me.  Plus, since Alex is one of my only athletes in the bunch, I think it will be great to train with him.  BTW, his nickname is Dash (from the Incredibles) you know. 


  1. GOOD JOB and GOOD LUCK with your 5K!!! Awesome!

  2. No worries! you've got it!! I may have already given you this training website but just in case. Go get em! www.halhigdon.com Michele/GA