Thursday, January 26, 2012

Changing look of blog

No, this is not staying but I only have small increments of time to work on it during the day.  So, hope to change the look this evening some time.  Just thought it was high time we lose the fall leaves.  Can't really do winter theme since we're all in shorts.  New something fresh so working on it.  Want to do a new blog but the time is limited so until that is done, we'll do this one for a few more weeks.  Sorry for the painful colors that will come till I get it done.  LOL.  Have more pictures to post as well.  Like I said yesterday though, been a busy week here.  I even canceled Reni's appointment today and rescheduled for next week.  Irina takes priority right now and sorting out her scheduled mess.  Got to get lunch done. 

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