Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Can we see???

Well, Yana, bojan and Nik had eye exams today.  Yes, Nik was finally able to move to going to a regular optometrist versus a specialist.  Hey, it's the little things that are exciting around here.  To go from a kid that was thought to be going blind to a regular eye doc, well, feels pretty great to us.  Anyhow, Yana and Bojan were fine as usual.  They don't have bad eyes and don't need glasses.  Never have.  Lucky ducks.  But, we go every year just for regular exams for them.

This year, Nik was able to go to our Dr. E too.  He lives right in our neighborhood which is nice too.  We've gone to him for years.  Warren took the kids this morning.  Originally, I was going to go.  However, Reni woke up still feeling crampy in her stomach, tired and didn't want to get out of bed.  Still had about 5 comforters on her at the time.  Yeh, she wasn't go out to a store.  So, Warren offered to take a half day and take them for their exams.  My homeschoolers were bummed b/c they thought they were going to get out of work today.  No such luck kids.  Though, they are liking a new science unit about winter.  So am I.  Simple and that's what my kids need.  Alex even told Warren all about the penguins he read about.  We did a craft w/ penguins so he remembers better.  All my kids are very visual learners.

Anyhow, back to Nik.  His eyes are still bad but not horrifyingly bad like when he first got home.  Doc even seems to think that this time, Nik will keep his glasses on b/c he'll know the difference!  Very excited about that thought.  He's 20/200 or so in one eye and 20/40 or so in the good eye.  And, he can be corrected for most of it.  We'll be ordering his glasses some time this week...hopefully.  right now, trouble w/ insurance.  See, they still owe us for over $400 worth of eye exams from December.  Now today, $237.  Trouble is, when we submit, they kick it out.  Why?  B/c only 9 people per family are allowed in the system at any one given time.  Nice.  So, we have to play the revolving insurance game from now on.  If others have done this and have a solution (insurance people do not for this one), please let me know.  We are now going to attempt to resubmit December's claims this evening in hopes that they are still in the system as we told them to leave them in.  Once we get those back, switch over to the new ones that went today.  Hello, wouldn't this cut down on costs if you just were able to put more people in the system?  Think of all the money it costs to send me those rejected claim letters a few times.  Plus postage.  Plus time to process them...more than once.  I know there are many other large families out there that must have this issue as well.  So, we may have to wait on glasses as those we have to pay out of pocket as well.  I'm telling you, we'd make a great Mastercard commercial.  LOL. 

I'm not in that much of a rush for Nik.  He hasn't worn his glasses all year no matter what we tried.  Yet, his eyes improved.  Go figure.  We intend to have him wear these but there's no guarantee.  He wears his implants religiously.  Always has.  Yet, HATED the hearing aids w/ a passion.  Now we know why...he's an AN kid.  It only turned up the static for him.  We are hoping these new glasses he'll want to wear.  He was terribly excited Warren said when he could see today.  Noticed the difference and that's where there doc said the difference will be.  He can now tell this time.  More aware.  Can't wait.  However, picking out glasses w/ Nik stinks.  He is very, very picky.  Very. 

Other kids are feeling better which is great.  Back to normal.  They have all found a new love for the old beat up skateboards we have.  Maybe in  a few months Easter Bunny could bring some along w/ that candy.  Or, when yard sales start back up here I may catch a few.  We'll see.  They are still patiently/impatiently waiting for Warren to fix all the broken bikes.  Just not enough time it seems.  Homeschoolers and I may do inventory tomorrow on them and see what each bike needs. 

Alyona and Reni have been at each other's throats today.  Guess it's b/c they were being so sweet and caring for each other last night, that today they had to make up for it.  Did it while the speech therapist was here too...over a tape measurer.  Yana is being picked up all week from Driver's Ed.  BTW, in the state of NC, you now have to pay $70 for that "free" class.  This is new.  We didn't have to pay last semester for Irina and Max.  Guess I should have shoved Yana into that class.  Oh well.  Next driver after this is a few years out...Bojan.  Alyona will never be able to drive.  Her eyes.  None of my kids have a license yet.  Nor permit for that matter.  Irina is going to attempt again.  Time will tell.  I hate, absolutely hate, the new driving rules.  We have to keep a log book. Yeh, like there's nothing better to do around here.  They have to log 60 hours of drive time a year.  Umm, I don't drive that much during the week as try to save on gas.  We do multiple trips at once.  You have to log the hours in the car you'll take the test in.  Umm, not my van.  Too big to learn on.  That leaves Warren's car.  Well, he's at work, gets home around 7 or 8.  Too late to go driving.  Weekends, we'll have soccer, she'll have meets for track.  We could have her drive us to church but wait, that's in our van, won't count. URGHH!!!  What happens if they log hours and some parent sells their car?  Stupid.  I can't drive at night.  Severe night blindness.  Leaves me out.  Trying to come up w/ a solution.  We're not just driving around for a couple hours every weekend to waste gas.  That's just stupid.  Van's a gas guzzler.  Can't afford to do that.  So, trying to come up w/ a solution...for 3 of them.  Same rules apply to all now.  I was younger, a 16yo drove the bus to school.  NO accidents.  NO cell phones back then either.  Maybe it's just a coincidence. 

Boy, I must be in a venting mood.  Didn't realize it.  Sorry.  Sometimes, you just need to vent.  More to come.  Need to get ready for tomorrow.  Have to double the history lesson.  Why?  Let's see.  Kids decided they didn't want to do history today.  So, hid the book.  At first, I thought I was losing my mind.  Till one of the teens told on them.   Tomorrow, may make them write a report just for spite.  LOL.  Oh, also talked w/ Irina's future employer place in regards to the school.  So far, not impressed.  We go for a walk through next week and hoping my mind will be swayed.  We have big plans for kids like ours that become adults.  Mission 2012 is the first step though before we'd even be able to attempt what we want to do in the future.  But today, just reinforces the great need for it.  More on that in a separate post b/c it does deserve one of its own.  I do NOT want one more person to tell me my child is "entitled" to such and such.  I want them to tell me they can reach their fullest potential.  They ARE capable.  Bottom line.  I will accept no less.  Society has a place for these kids.  Never ever should they feel they are "entitled" just b/c of who they are.  NO.  That's the way I feel.  Again, for another post. Just a lot stirring inside me right now as we are entering the young adulthood part here.  I know people who read this have kids that have yet to reach this phase of their lives.  Research NOW.  Learn NOW all you can.  I regret not doing this ten years ago.  Had we known now, what we would have then, we would have moved a long time ago.  I'm telling future parents of kids w/ developmental disabilities, it totally changes once school is over or nearing an end.  There will not be a lot out there for them.  Some places are fortunate & have more than others.  My eyes are starting to see.  IEP's will not prepare you for this, that's for sure.  Whole new world.  Not sure I want to explore it yet.

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