Sunday, January 29, 2012

Budding artists

While at Michael's the other day, Warren picked up some craft items for the homeschoolers.  I had asked him to get something else but he saw these on sale.  Regular $4.99 but on sale for .99.  Yes, he's also a bargain hunter.  We have to be.  Anyhow, one is  a barn w/ a stuffed pig and the other a fort w/ a frog.  We got forts for the boys and barns for the girls.  Big kids had Monday off but I still wanted the homeschoolers to do a few things.  So, why not some art time.

 Summer and Nik getting excited about the thought of painting.

 Nik is very meticulous as you can imagine.  Look at that concentration.

Summer, working hard.  And no, she didn't paint the green part.  We were showing her how.  

 Just look at Summer go.

 My proud artist.  He wanted each part a different color.

Alyona wanted to stay true to the barn concept.  She painted all of hers red.

 Reni, working really hard on her barn.  Trying to decide on what colors she likes.  She kept changing them. 

 Alex and Logan sticking w/ some primary colors. 

And...there's that camera hog again.  

 These had spaces where the kids could write their names on them as well.  Really cute for .99.  And, they all had an awesome time painting. 

Alex's finished fort.  All navy blue which matches their room upstairs.

Summer, very proud of her barn.  Finally complete w/ the pig inside.  Too cute, huh?  The kids loved this little art craft for sure.  Kept them busy while older kids were out of school.  Hope we can catch some more deals like this.  Would love to do one of the paint your own plate or ceramics classes here but it's just too expensive.  We may try it on our own.  May.  And, that is what they did on their school day off. 


  1. Beautiful work. Where did you get the paint trays?
    I love them!!

  2. I saw those at the store! They are birdhouses. If you spray them with a sealant, they could hang outside. Very cute!