Friday, January 6, 2012

Bread, brains and broken

Well, been a long day and so much has been happening.  I have a ton of posts to catch up on and will this weekend...I hope.  You know, it's life.  Thought I'd share a few bits & pieces via pictures and play catch up on our day at the end.  So, here goes nothing.

Last night, a friend stopped by w/ a great gift...bread!  Lots and lots of it.  

This is not just any bread.  Nope. It's all kinds of Panera Bread.  Loaves, bread bowls, bagels, danishes, etc.  We froze a bunch of it.  She brought it over in garbage bags full.  We had bagels for breakfast...yum.  Having french toast tomorrow for breakfast.  Kids made sandwiches for school on it.  Just really, really tasty.  Thanks so much!  

Reni, working on some math homeschool stuff.  Not going to move the box of bread either.  

The other day, Yana plugged in her tablet to charge it over night.  It melted.

Literally melted.  House could have caught fire!  Geez.  I wrote the place I bought it from yesterday.  Waiting to hear back.  It has a year warranty.  It should not have melted, that's for sure.  

Today was the first day of the kids' homeschool academy classes.  They LOVED it!  Alex was shocked to see 3 of his classmates from his school.  I was not as shocked.  Alyona has been crocheting since she came home!  Nik LOVED the bug class.  Logan and Alex were really enjoying stop-motion film making.  They take that and Gizmos and Gadgets where they'll build stuff.  Nik and Reni are taking Munchie Math.  Reni is taking a dance class and Nik the bug class.  Alyona is taking Green Thumb class and crocheting.  Summer is in discovery kids and I'll be helping out in there as well.  Kids really had a great time today.  Gives us a great supplement and a good break from some routine here. They can barely wait to go back next week.  They'll also be taking classes on Wednesday nights at our church once they start back up again.  Soccer doesn't start till first week of March.  So, not too many sports right now, we'll be going places on the weekends along /w fixing up the house.  

Much more happening here at Chaos Manor and trying to sort through it all.  I have MANY emails to return & I'm sorting through them now.  We're done w/ school for the day so kids are watching a movie right now, while some are playing house.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  I'll probably have a bunch of posts trying to catch up.  This is my get organized weekend.  we hope. 

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  1. Hi Stephanie,
    If Alyona really loves the crocheting and wants to try knitting let me know. We might be able to try a couple of mini lessons at the reunion this summer.