Friday, January 6, 2012

Blast from the past!

Hey, 4th post for the day.  I'm on a roll!  Or kids are out of my way.  One of the two.  It's now January.  A new year.  Thought I'd bring back the monthly blast from the past so you can see how much they've grown.  Unfortunately, I don't have much from January from years past.  Not sure why.  So, I'll share what I have though. 

 OMG, don't you just want to eat Alex up?!  He's too cute!  This was January of 2006.  Before our kitchen remodel as you can tell. 

Bojan and Max.  See, just burns me up when they blame the new kids for messes on the floor.  This was BEFORE Alyona and Nik and before Logan, Summer and Reni.  Yeh, not happy then either w/ their room keeping skills.  This too was Jan. 2006.  

January of 2009.  Alyona, Bojan and Nik at their grandparents' house.  Alyona is always a girlie girl in dresses.  Boys, well they can care less what they wear.

January of 2009.  Nik.  He went and picked all the daffodils in our yard for me.  He was so proud.  I couldn't yell at him.  Wasn't that sweet?

The teens.  Wow, have they grown since 2010!  Max, Yana and Irina.

Only in NC in January could you have someone in a hammock w/ bare feet.  Yana, listening to some tunes.  I believe this was January of 2009.  Or maybe 2010.  

 Our big snow of January of 2010.  We were all SO excited.  As you know, it doesn't snow much in NC & when it even snows an inch, the entire city shuts down.  I kid you not.  People wipe out shelves in the grocery store.  It really is funny.  Anyhow, we love it b/c we play all day long soaking up every single snowflake.  Here's the bunch in 2010.  Doesn't look complete, does it?

Alyona, my little snow angel.  She was born and lived her first 7 years above the Arctic Circle in Murmansk, Russia.  At first, I forgot why she hated the snow.  Her birth mother froze to death in the snow.  Now though, this snow angel can once again frolic in the snow to her heart's content.  

Well, that was my January blast from the past.  Sorry, I didn't do December.  Since this is the 4th post, not sure how many more I'll do this evening.  Need to answer emails first and then we have that thing called dinner.  Right now, kids have friends over so their just playing or hanging out.  Summer is in her cowboy boots w/ a dress on.  Hope everyone is going to have a relaxing weekend.  We are prepping the house to sell it.  So, lots of cleaning and fixing.  May throw in either a hike or a trip to museums.  We'll see. 

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