Monday, January 9, 2012

Birthday boys

The other day, January 5th, was Warren and Bojan's birthdays.  Yes, they celebrate on the same day.  We have 5 birthdays crammed into a month ...Summer, Irina, Warren, Bojan and mine.  Feels like it never ends.  And, throw in Christmas and New Year's to that mix.  Busy.  So, the other night we made the boys a cake.  Thought I'd share a few pictures from that evening.

 Everyone getting ready for cake. Notice Reni and Nik off to the side w/ their cameras in hand.

Bojan, daring Max to pick him up.

 Call the fire department!  LOL.  Warren turned the big 50 and Bojan turned 13. Both huge milestones for each happening to occur on the same day. 

 Warren and Bojan getting ready to blow out the fire. 

 They both blew out the candles so not sure why I only caught Warren this go around.  I think he had to go back a second time. 

The melted mess afterwards.  Only found one lighter so by the time we were finished, those first few candles were mush.  

Three kiddos waiting for the cake.

I do promise all my kids on pajama shirts.  This time, it's Logan without a shirt.  

 One of the birthday boys enjoying a second helping of cake.

The other birthday boy w/ his oldest daughter.  Who'd have ever thought he'd be the father of 10?  

Bojan still has to decide what he wants to do for his birthday.  He's still not sure.  Since we have no birthdays in February, I told him to take his time.  Do something fun that he wants to do.  More posts to come but I have a social studies/ geography lesson we need to get cracking on.  More later. 

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