Monday, January 23, 2012

Addressing a comment

Someone recently posted about the dogs possibly being out of control.  This was from them running into me.  They weren't out of control.  They were just playing.  They turn around to chase each other and ran right into me.  The same thing happened last year outside w/ my neighbor's dog.  She was innocently running around the yard and took me out too.  Same knee.  Trouble is, this knee is a "bad" knee w/ issues.  I do not go for the steroid shots like I should.  They'll tend to be less effective the more you use them from what I hear. So, trying to spread it out.  Anyhow, the dogs really were just playing around.

Now, when the kids were keeping them off me, it is because of the sounds I was making.  Screaming in pain isn't normal around here.  LOL.  But, they would have thought I was playing b/c the boys lay on the floor and cover themselves w/ blankets and have the dogs find them.  They're laughing the whole time, drives the dogs bonkers and then they all run around the house.  With me on the floor, they would have thought I was playing like the boys.

 This is what the kids usually do w/ the dogs.   Starting to play tug of war.  With my blanket no less.  The dog has tug of war toys I remind them. 

As you can see, no one else is moving.  Just Alex and Logan are playing w/ Kota this time.  It's just playing around.  Hence, no one moving.

 This is what it ends up with...Alex, Logan and Nik on a pile on the couch laughing themselves to death.  After this, Kota & Alaska jump up and lick them like crazy.  They just all play around is all.  The dogs and the kids.  

Today, they were just going to think I was playing.  Kids kept the dogs off me b/c they knew I was hurt, they saw me fall.  Dogs just thought I was playing like the kids were.  Nothing mean, no biting, none of that stuff.  But, they saw me curled up on the floor like the boys do when they're playing w/ them and well, they think I want to play.  Just thought I'd address the comment in case anyone else was wondering or thought they were being mean.  They were definitely not.  They were just playing.  Same as the neighbor's dog next door last year.  Plowed right into my same knee too.  Total accident w/ her last year and w/ our dogs this year.  BTW, when I was laying on the couch w/ leg propped up, Kota came over and kept licking my leg.  He knew I was hurt and trying to make it better.  Alaska, still wanted to play.  Still has the puppy in her.  Hope that answered things a little better.  We would never keep a dog here that was unsafe.  There are too many kids here and other people.  The pictures taken above were from this past Friday when we had guests over. 

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  1. Sorry -- I didn't realize you have a bad knee or that the dogs were playing with you.

    Your first few sentences in the post scared me because I have known two children who were attacked suddenly by family dogs in the same way -- standing there and then suddenly jumped on by dogs and bitten when they struggled and cried out. One was in the kitchen near the dog's food bowls and the other was in the living room and the dog was startled when it walked in the room. Hence my reaction of concern.