Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 5-- exploring the city (part II)

Well, exploring didn't go as planned.  LOL.  Kids really weren't up to walking around.  So, ended up getting pizza for lunch and going to a little convenience store for supplies.  Great news is at lunch his tooth looked more like a new tooth coming in rather than an abcess.  Asked him if it hurt & he said no.  Now, just hanging out at the apartment.  Going to try to find some places to go tomorrow.  Dying to get out and explore.  Or, at least find some type of city park for them to play at.  Anyone out there know of some please let us know.  Want to go & play w/ the kids.  Not much else going on at the moment.  Still getting to know each other.  Have learned that Logan is way too into his hair.  LOL.  More than the girls at home are!  Seeing bits & pieces of Summer's personality coming out and it is so cute. 

Wished we'd have packed for more days.  We were trying to save space.  Now, have to wash clothes but the washing machine is so tiny it is taking awhile.  That, and no dryer.  Hoping some of the clothes dry tomorrow.  Going to eat dinner here this evening.  Maybe play Uno w/ the kids.  Low key stuff for now.  Weather isn't bad at all and no snow in sight.  Should be meeting up w/ other families tomorrow some time.  Can't wait.  I'm ready for Monday to come b/c even though we don't go home, it IS the week we go home.  Like I said, like the country and people a lot but there is no place like home no matter where you go in the world.  More to come.  Wish I could post the pics but Warren forgot the thing that plugs in to upload pics w/.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  Great apartment, great kids, nice weather, fantastic sitter at home.  I have no way to complain about anything.  Praying it continues to be smooth.  Monday is the big test b/c that's when all the real paperwork starts w/medical exams, passports and such.  This coming week we'll also have to get them visas to enter the country with.  All one step closer to being home and being a family.

Day 5-- Going exploring in the city

I know I owe you all a ton of posts but have to start & stop w/ 3 new kids.  Kids take priority, blog does not.  LOL.  I'm sure you understand.  Many things happening here.  It is our temporary "chaos manor."  For those new, that is the nickname of our house at home in America.  Last night, all went to bed.  Well, Summer w/ resistance but that is to be expected.  It is a lot of change for a new little girl to take in. Fortunately, she already  has one wonderful big sister that tries to comfort her.  We all do.  The great thing is that the older kids do understand. 

Today, Warren made us all eggs and toast for breakfast.  Surprisingly, Little Bit ate more than the rest of them!  Logan informed us he does not like eggs.  Then, proceeded to coat the toast w/ pepper.  Yuck.  Hey, I don't care what they do to  it as long as they eat it.  Interesting to watch their eating habits and just habits in general.  I do believe Logan knows every single song on the radio and tv.  Not kidding.  It is also clear that no matter what age they are adopted, children long to be children and long to be loved.  It's simple things.  Last night, I thought Reni was going to get a shower in the bathroom.  She was.  However, she wanted me to wash her hair.  It dawned on me that even though she's perfectly capable, she hasn't had a mother to wash her hair all these years.  BTW, she has gorgeous thick hair.  Her sisters at home are going to love doing her hair.  And Logan wanted something just as simple.  He wanted me to cut his nails on his hands.  Again, something he can easily do himself.  I did and teased him  that we could paint them like a girl instead.  He loves to joke around too so we both just laughed.  This kid is a combination of personalities.  He really is going to fit right in at home once language is acquired.  I can see all the boys telling jokes and everything else.  I can see Alex and him playing soccer.  Reni and Alyona will be best buds in no time flat.  Amazing how all the kids we adopt seem to be meant for this family. 

Right now, we've been cleaning up the apartment a bit and just relaxing.  Heading out into the city in a bit to explore.  Would love to find a park.  Tried to look them up on line but only came up w/ a few that we'd have to take a taxi to.  Not sure we want to do that.  We'll see.  Going to find a Bulgarian English dictionary for sure.  Though Logan does know quite a bit. 

We are getting to know each other as a family.  This process starts all over again when we get home and have to all mesh again.  But for now, enjoying getting to know each other for sure.  Praying everyone stays healthy.  Looks like Logan may have an abcessed tooth.  We'll take care of it once home.  Yana's mouth was the same way & we have a wonderful team of dentists that know how to handle the kids.  All health issues are to be addressed the first week home.  Fortunately, the places these children came from took great care of them and they were well fed.  I don't expect a lot of  surprise issues like we've had w/ our past children.  Still, they already have appointments made for the first three days home to get a clear bill of health & make sure shots are up to date.  Great news is it looks like we have received very thorough medical records which will help.  We also were given plenty of Logan's medication so very thankful to the doctors here for doing that.  Praying we have no issues in customs since there is no script with it.  If anyone has any knowledge on the rules for this, let us know.  We do have his medical records and I assume that would be enough.  However, I know port of entry laws can be tough.  Knowledge, pass it on please. 

I will try to catch up on the last few posts.  And of  course tell you how they're all doing.  It is day 5.  This is the point I think that you are excited to be here yet starting to really, really miss home.  I miss my dogs jumping up on us in the morning despite saying I hate it at home.  I miss Nik coming in the bed every morning and giving me a hug & a kiss and wanting to snuggle up.  I can't say I miss the teens trying to sneak around some rules.  LOL.  Miss Max leaving his sketches all over the house.  It's the little things you miss.  It really is.  I know come Monday, we will be itching to go home.  We don't leave till Friday.  It seems so far.  this is when you do wish time would fly.  Though I really do enjoy this city, I love home as well.  We have found the people to be very friendly in Bulgaria and willing to help. 

I will let you know how our adventure in the city goes.  We are going to find a supermarket.  There is one really close but it is small and limited in supplies.  All things considered, we're doing well.  Everyone is learning.  More to come from the city. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

We are here!!!-- Day 1 & 2 (I think)

After a very, very long time of traveling, we're here.  If there are tons of mistakes, it'.s b/c I haven't slept for 2 days.  Want to get on this time schedule.  We left our house at some point yesterday...I think.  A great guy from our church named Donnie gave us a ride to the airport.  Huge blessing!  He prayed for us before we left the car.  Even gave us something "extra" for our trip which has really come in handy.  Really, does anyone else think $9 for a bagel sandwich at the airport is too much?  Anyhow, we got there and the guy at ticket counter said "mam, it says you are not allowed to travel on this passport."  My eyes must have been as big as beach balls.  Then he said "just kidding."  I wanted to try that joke out on you.  NIce one buddy.  Not good to do to a person prone to nervousness.  Went through security pretty easily.  RDU to Dulles to Frankfurt to Sofia.  The DC to Frankfurt flight actually caught a great tailwind and we made it in 7.5 hours.  First lady on that flight was talking Warren's ear off.  She lived in Portland and found out her husband was gay.  So that ended the marriage.  Then, her son married someone who cleaned him dry.  Then he got into doing bad things.  I mean she kept going on and on & I swear it could have been a soap opera.  After that, a guy from India sat next to Warren.  They were both in the same field of work so literally talked for hours about geek stuff.  Yeh, I'm not up on the lingo so don't ask me what they were talking about. 

Weather was terribly foggy when we left Germany.  So, flight delayed.  Still, our driver was there waiting.  Got in the car & he said we should go the grocery store right away as there will be no other time to shop.  Seriously?  I know I must smell & gosh, all I wanted to do was brush my teeth.  LOL.  Luckily, dropped off stuff at the apartment.  More on that later.  Headed back to convert money & shop.  Umm, do you really think it is smart to send two people into the store to shop who are exhausted & can't read the food labels?  But, Warren and I did it.  Got spaghetti, no idea what is in the jar of sauce.  Got rice, potatoes, chicken breasts, eggs, apples, bananas, grapes, soda, water, apple juice, etc.  Hurried back upstairs.  See, reason we had to hurry is b/c the driver was due to the airport to pick up another couple. 

We've been at our apartment ever since.  Bagging up gifts, moving the donations around, etc.  Getting organized.  Warren made us chicken & rice for dinner.  Tomorrow, it's bread & bananas for breakfast.  Great apartment except for the roaches we saw in the kitchen...yuck.  NOt a fan of roaches.  Just know we re-washed those dishes before we ate off of them.  Oh, and we found leftover pizza in the microwave from the former people.  Nice one.  Other than that though, the apartment is fantastic!  It really is.  Huge.  Kids will have a lot to do here.  Not loading pics up for probably another 2 days.  Just beat right now. 

Plan is to go get Summer Grace tomorrow.  They are worried about her traveling to Shumen the very next day as well.  So, tentative plans are one of us stays behind w/ Summer while the other heads out to get the sibs. On Friday.  I would rather we all go.  Many reasons for that.  However, playing it all by ear right now.  We have to see how she reacts tomorrow & what would be in her best interest.  No idea what happens after that.  Just wanted to write a quick note saying we go ther & tomorrow we go get our Summer!  Can't wait to see her again.  More to come so stay tuned.  Right now, got to call another family & wash some dishes.  Enjoy your week.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Go back to the Oct. 18th posts.....

You will see pictures!

And....we're off!!!

It's all come down to this day.  We fly out in just a few hours.  Raleigh to D.C. to Frankfurt to Sofia. Long day to say the least.  Too nervous to sleep.  We'll zonk I'm sure once we get there.  For now, just making sure we didn't forget anything.  That the kids at home are all set up. Thanks for all of it.  I can't talk long, we're leaving!  Have a wonderful week.  Been an interesting journey, that's for sure.  It's just surreal that we are finally getting to complete our family.  12 years of family in the making.  Can't wait to share w/ you this journey.  Pictures to come!

Monday, November 7, 2011

How do you pack (pics)

Alright, the packing has begun!

Ground zero for packing.  Though we have suitcases & piles throughout the house.  Nik is looking at a birthday gift for one of the "littles."  Yep, I remembered something.  I know you're shocked.  Laundry basket is filled w/ donations versus clothes. 

Told you the piles are everywhere.  Even in the living room.  Alyona is helping to sort her sister's clothes.  Also, the Christmas picture clothes we have to have before we come back.  

 Suitcase.  Packing, part one.  It will be changed and added to at least ten times.

 Some of us would rather watch.  URGHH!!! 

 Adding more to the packing process.  This is the two girls' clothes.  Been so long, I forgot how to buy pull-ups.  LOL. 

My kids, being creative.  Got to love the Halloween boxes next to the ginerbread house.  More donations of gliders laying on the counter there too.  not to mention October's calender.  Yes, we're behind.  

Glimpse of our packing.  Would love to write more but seriously leaving the house & doing errands.  Long day.  That extra hour did not help us at all.  Can you believe we're leaving tomorrow?

It's the final countdown!!!

Yes, it has begun.  That final countdown till departure.  It's hard.  Not going to lie.  Exciting, but hard.  Hard to make sure everything is ready.  Not just for us, or the new kids but the kids at home as well.  Trying to remember all the appointments for when we arrive home & make arrangements for when we get home.  Knowing full well the exhaustion is going to hit us full force after coming home.  yet, that is when we'll need to be stronger than ever.  We'll have 10 kids counting on us then.  Ten.  Some of the medical appointments will of course take presedence over others.  I've made all the important arrangements, managed to squeeze them into the first 3 days of the week.  Wednesday is packed FULL.  You know, the day before Thanksgiving.  Have I even bought a turkey?  No.  Will we have time to get one when we get home?  Probably not.  LOL.  That's not important right now.  The important thing is getting there & getting home safe & sound.  We are almost packed.  I say almost lightly.  We'll be packing up until we leave tomorrow.  Did I get everything done?  Nope.  We're trying.  I hate leaving the house looking like a nuclear disaster but we may have no choice come tomorrow.  We all super cleaned this past weekend.  Does not look like it.  Swept, moppped, dusted, the whole nine yards.  Tried to make sure the kids won't run out of meds while we're gone.  Lots of little details you really don't think about unless you're not going to be here. 

Slowly but surely, we're getting there.  It is so much different this go around.  So many new things.  We're adopting three at once.  We're adopting siblings.  We're adopting from Bulgaria.  We're adopting the oldest children we've ever adopted before.  We're dealing with new medical issues.  So, all these things are new territory for us but we are anxious to start exploring and learn all things new to us.  Our first set of adoptions was 12 years ago.  I can tell you for sure, the nervousness I feel is identical to our first two kids coming home.  Same thing.  My mind is moving a mile a minute. 

Well, I need to stop chatting & get stuff done.  Just needed a quick break.  May have more to come later.  Depends on the time here.