Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thankful for bread

We had a friend last weekend that called us and asked us if we wanted some bread.  We said sure.  What we didn't know is she had a friend that worked at Panera.  Apparently, they get rid of all their bread at certain times. You all know how restaurant health codes are.  Well, I do anyhow.  I worked & managed a pizza restaurant for a long time and some times would cringe at what we had to throw away.  Perfectly good food.  Hate it.  But, have to follow the rules so we did.  One time our cooler went out for just a few hours and had to throw cases and cases of meat away.  My fridge goes out, I tell the kids to shut the door & not open it until power comes back on.  LOL.  I'm sure you all do the same.  Restaurants have very, very stringent rules.  As do the grocery store deli's.(worked those too). 

Anyhow, the restaurant was getting rid of all the bread.   My friend froze a bunch and we were asked if we wanted some as well.  I just did not know it would be about 2 garbage bag size full of bread!  And wow, awesome bread at that.  We decided to eat some & freeze some. 

We decided to make bread bowls out of the round loaves we received.  Made chili & filled up the bread bowls.  You'd thought I'd given the kids cake.  We were so thankful for all the bread we were given.  Just was something different and we've thoroughly enjoyed all the varieties.  Chili in bread bowls, homemade chicken noodle in bread bowls, etc.  It's awesome.  Kids are begging for more bread bowls.  Yes, they liked them that much.  Now, I must learn how to make these bread bowls.  I'm serious about learning to make bread bowls.  Anyone knows, let me know.  Thanks.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Nik's drawings

Time for another installment of Nik's drawings.  I have two to share this time.

This summer, Irina and Nik spent a few days at my in-laws house.  (Warren's parents).  He made this card for us and mailed it to us.  Very sweet.  See, there is indeed a soft side to this little guy.  

Of course, how could I do an installment of drawings w/out Nik's "normal" drawings.  There is a giant spider coming down from the web.  On the right is the rock wall.  On top are 3 pumpkins one on top of the other.  They have a rope to the people at the bottom there.  The spider is about to eat those people & kill them Nik said.  BTW, this was for speech therapy.  He was supposed to draw the word 'help.'  Yeh, those people need help.  LOL.  

Okay, 8 posts in one night is enough.  Much more to come but need a break for sure.  Going to yard sales in the morning w/ the three girls.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  I know we should have a pretty good one. 

What's wrong w/ this picture?

Geez, blog post #7 for the night.  I must have some unearthed energy this evening.  Every once in awhile, I do this. Show some picture I think is odd.  Here's one:

What's wrong with this picture?  It just goes to show you boys should not put on makeup.  LOL.  Okay, let me explain.  Max decided to make Bojan look like the Joker on Batman.  A few posts earlier you can see a drawing he made.  Bojan was a good sport and now wants to be the Joker for Halloween.  Umm, you may need some other make up kiddo.  And don't let your brother put it on.

Still waiting to hear

Still waiting to hear the results of court and now told that I probably won't hear anything till next week.  URGHH!!!!  The wait is agonizing enough.  It is what it is and I can't change that.  However, it does put us in a pickle to say the least.  I will explain more of this in another post.  It's fundraising related.  For now though, just wanted to say we are still waiting anxiously to hear about how court went today.  Am I officially the mother of ten or not.  I'm going on the premise that no news is good news.  If it were something where they needed more paperwork, I'm assuming that would be asked for immediately.  So, still hoping and praying court went well today and the three kids are ours.  In our minds and hearts, they have been for quite some time already.  Just need the official word so I can share just how wonderful they really are. 

So, we keep busy this weekend trying not to think about what is in the forefront of our every thought. "How did it go?"  My kids have asked me at least fifty times today if I found out anything yet.  They are just as excited as we are.  Yeh, I know that will wear off w/ the first sibling squabble.  It always does.  Trust me, I'll be shouting from the rooftops as soon as I know myself. 

Come dunk my boys!!!!

You read that right.  If you are local, please come on by.  See, our church is putting on a fall festival tomorrow.  Supposed to be gorgeous weather.  In addition, great alternative for those who can't quite afford the fair.  So much to do, so much to eat & so much fun to be had by all.  There will also be beautiful mums to purchase:

One of the beautiful mums I bought from the church.  They have such a variety of, yellow, white, purple, orange, etc.  Check them out for sure.  In addition, a whole field FULL of pumpkins!  All shapes and sizes.  

The best part is the activities.  One is the dunking booth.  Max & Bojan have volunteered to be the "dunkees."  Love it!  I can not wait to pelt a ball at that target.  Come take your shot.  Trust me, I'll be getting even for that t-shirt (read a few posts back!).  Plus, I'm sure the jokesters that Bojan & Max are will be saying all kinds of things to help you want to dunk them.  Going to be so much fun for all.  Bounce houses too and too many activities for me to name.  Tickets are inexpensive and lots to do for sure.  Plenty of parking for all.  Ebenezer is located on Rock Quarry Rd.  The festival is from 10 to 6.  See you there I hope.

Wow, 5 posts in the past hour.  I'm on a roll. 

Last of the birthday money

Thank goodness. Anyone else ever feel that way when your kid gets birthday money?  Well, finally got the chance for Nik to go shopping w/ his birthday money.

Nik looked all over.  He decided on this remote controlled truck.  He LOVES it!  Really does.  My boys all love it frankly.  My parents have gotten them remote controlled vehicles in the past and they all run them down till they can't use them any more.  They use them every chance they get.  Nik is this way with his gift.  Hates when it loses the charge.  He and the "little" played w/ it a lot this afternoon.  Must admit, it is really cool and goes all over the yard.  This is pretty much the last of Nik's birthday gifts.  He goes out for ice cream tomorrow with a neighbor.  I will finish Yana's b-day post as well.  Got to go.  Going to yard sales in the morning with the girls.  Then, off to drop the kids off at the fall festival they're working.  Next, go to Nik & Alyona's soccer game.  Come home, grab lunch & let dogs out.  After that, back to pick kids up.  Come home, haul off trash.  Then, no idea what we're doing for supper.  Hope the dinner fairy comes.  LOL.  Busy day tomorrow but supposed to be gorgeous weather.  Can't wait. 

Oh no he didn't...

No, no way my son wore a shirt like that to church.  Not on your life would I allow him to do that.  Unfortunately, Chaos Manor is hopping when it is church time on Sunday morning.  Shoot, I'm happy if they are dressed and not whining.  The other day AFTER church, I finally noticed Max's shirt at lunch.  I wanted to crawl under  a rock.  Why do you ask?  Here's what he had on:

Can you believe it?!  I was mortified!  If you can't read it, it is a monkey, farting.  It says "I'm bringing stinky back."  Lovely, huh?  His unmatched brother is standing next to him making faces.  I guess the people at church were being nice not to say anything.  I'm sure the thoughts were there though.  Angry at my teenage son who dog gone well knows better than that.  URGHH!!!  I'm trying to decide if I should make him wear a suit this weekend just for the fun of it.  We'll see.

Seizure dog site

I have a friend who has a child with severe epilepsy.  They have seizure dogs and just got a new seizure puppy.  This website will chronicle life with a seizure dog.  This is a wonderful resource for folks considering seizure dogs and wanting to know a little bit of what they do.  Check it out:

Since we are embarking soon on a child with epilepsy, we find interest in this. Though, we would not need a dog, I do know many families that do.  These animals can do amazing things in helping children with epilepsy.  Take a look and see what it is about.  When I come across something that can be helpful, I like to share. 

Max's drawings

Been a long time since I've done one of these posts and Max is still indeed drawing.  So, I want to show things he draws.  Recently found out today that he sold one of his drawings to a classmate.  Yeh, we've talked about that.  URGHH!!  They are making requests for Max to draw things for them.  Part of me says okay you can charge people & part of me says that is rude.  Not sure how I feel about it.  He sold it for $5 but then took $2.  LOL. I didn't even see the one he drew. 

this is the Joker off of Batman.  I didn't think it was too bad of a likeness to the character.  Max just draws things on the cuff.  Talent.  Definitely does not take after his mom here.  Most I can do is a stick figure.  Just wanted to share a drawing.  I have so many, many more posts and much more to say.  Been an incredible busy day so taking it one thing at a time.  And right now, the kids are yelling at each other for stupid stuff.  Why?  Not sure.  They are actually arguing whether something is hot pink or fuchsia .  They got along great earlier now it's like a switch went off & they all want to argue w/ each other.  Don't get it.  Getting sidetracked.  Much, much more to come. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A girlie girl waiting in the wings

For those with older kids (teenage girls), you know the likelihood of getting them into a dress is rare.  Shoot, the only one of my girls that seemed to love dresses was Alyona.  Well, we will soon add two more girls to our mix.  And guess what?  They both seem like "girlie girls" when we met them.  So, Alyona and I went out to a store the other day to pick up a few things for "little bit."  To tell you I was like  kid in a candy store would be an understatement.  I just love shopping for little girls.  Especially, since all of mine now want to wear holes in their pants or cut ragged edges into shorts.  I get the "girlie girl" least until she'll decide to imitate her sisters.  That's what happened to Alyona.  Though, Alyona will still wear dresses on occasion. 

Alyona had no trouble helping me pick things out for her new sisters.  This is a little sweater jacket.  Has a cute little furry hood w/ it.  

Yeh, this dress will be big but I couldn't resist.  In addition, I know exactly how fast the kids tend to grow once home.  So, a bigger size is better most the time.

This one was a favorite of us all.  A cool ice cream cone on a sweater.  Just screams little girl, doesn't it??

We'll ignore the fact that Bojan is digging in the apple box.  The one that I had said..don't touch, I'm throwing those out.  LOL.  Not sure where Nik's smile went to on this.  He's modeling a new pair of pants.  He calls "little bit" his baby b/c she's younger than he is.  I thought it was so cute.  He's seen pictures of her and such from our trip & knows she is most definitely not a baby, but he keeps telling me he's older, and she's little.  He held these 3T's up trying to prove a point.  

The girls and I have had fun at yard sales as well picking a few things up here and there.  I always wait till much later in the process before I start picking out clothing.  And we had to do it this time as we didn't think we were bringing more children home after Alyona and Nik.  So, I had gotten rid of all their hand me downs.  That's okay though as we have some great little shops in the area.  Little Joey's is my favorite and I always find such cute things in their.  Lots of ages too.  I know I need to find out shoe sizes too.  Have an idea.  In addition to some great shops locally, we also have a huge outlet mall.  Though, I don't go when it's "toron"(tourist morons) season.  They have everything from Carter's to OshKosh to Old Navy to Adidas to everything.  You name it, they most likely have it.  And, some have awesome, awesome prices.  Just had to share that we are really enjoying shopping for a girlie girl again.  It has even sparked an interest back in Alyona to want to wear dresses a bit more.  Hey, I'll take all the little girl that's left in them before they hit the teenage skinny jean, holes in the pants, etc. stage.  Now boys, boys seem to just attract dirt.  I can put on brand spanking new clothes on them in the morning and by afternoon, they'll have holes and dirt from head to toe.  Boys...dirt magnets.  And, since my kids are outdoor kids, they all look like that.  And, that's okay.  Means they're enjoying life.  And that is all a parent could ask for.  Though it is nice to see your kids in a clean, beautiful dress every now and again.

T minus 2 days!

For those who don't know, we have court in EE on Friday, October 14th.  We are praying everything goes well.  No new documents needed.   In this country, you are assigned a judge and you give POA to your agency's representatives in that country.  This will be our first time ever of not having to appear before the judge.  It is quite different than Russia.  Russia, with Irina & Max, our first court was during a major heatwave.  Everyone was too hot so we were approved in 15 minutes.  That was after being asked what a 'half' bath is.  They had no idea of that concept.  Max was stuck w/ the driver in the car.  Poor driver.  Max was like a wild monkey in the car.

Next set of adoptions we had to go to two court proceedings.  Totaled 5 hours.  It was brutal to say the least.  I was reprimanded the first day in court by the judge for showing too much emotion.  I was reprimanded in court the second day for not showing enough emotion.  It was just hard all the way around.  They couldn't understand why we'd ever want so many kids.(I'm told in Russia, they believe anything more then two is a lot of children)  This was with Yana & Alex...#'s 3 & 4.  Next adoption was Bojan where you don't have court.  We did appear before the ministry in Serbia though and it was rather pleasant.  More a casual feel and they really wanted to know who we were.  Shared pictures of our life and things.  Next set of adoptions was from Russia.  Court was one day and the judge was FANTASTIC!  They loved to joke around.  They said, your table seats 12 and this will only make 9.  So, when are you coming back here?  The court room all laughed.  Was an upbeat proceeding and they got to know who we were.  Was not a terribly long session either.  Maybe an hour.  Not sure.  We all were having too much of a good time to realize how much time had passed.  Now, the next three are from a different country.  We are not present for court.  I'm nervous as it is hard not being there showing them just how much we love the children.

So, we wait.  Trying to remain calm.  Trying not to stress out.  Trying to wait till we can announce the kids' names to the world and show just how beautiful they are.  The wait is always hard no matter where you are in the process.  Our church is trying to cover us in prayer during court time.  VERY thankful for that.  We can use all the prayers for sure.

Meantime, trying to prepare b/c after court, the children will hopefully be coming home a few weeks later!  That is the most exciting part.  And to have them home for the holidays is just a dream come true.  Can you imagine the look on their faces?!  Right now, I think the entire family is going through that "nesting" process.  LOL.  Last night, Alyona didn't want to go to bed.  I said if you don't go to bed, then you're cleaning.  Sure enough, she took a bowl w/ soap & water and a rag. She hand washed all the rails up the stairs.  I was dusting the walls and wiping down chair rail.  This past weekend, Yana dusted off all the ceiling fans.  We clean every weekend but this is the "spring cleaning" type stuff they're doing.  One even made the comment "we have to have it clean in here.  They are really used to clean in the orphanage."  My kids all remember their orphanage and chores there.  They know what they're talking about.  Thought it was sweet they want their sibs to feel at home.  Hey, I'm also not knocking the cleaning help I'm getting around here. 

Just had to share how excited we are about finally become a forever family.  Pray for a smooth process on Friday and that nothing else will be required of us.  I know all our stuff is up to date which I'm sure helps.  I'm sure like everyone else I"ll be waiting by the phone Friday or checking emails every two seconds till I get word that all is fine and the children are officially ours.  In our hearts and minds, they've been ours from the beginning.  Then when we visited them in June, much confirmation that these were definitely OUR kids and will fit in perfectly with this family.  No matter how many times you adopt folks, this part is always nerve wrecking.  In addition, the excitement is just as intense now with our last three as it was with our first two children.  Simply amazing.  I will let you all know Friday what the outcome is.  Oh, and once court is over, I hear that we will typically know within about a week what our travel dates to be are.  Got to go.  Kids have science and cooking clubs tonight.  You know what, I can totally see the new three participating right alongside our kids here.  So excited.  I even get to start signing all my kids up for things in January.  What a joy.  Can't wait for you all to meet these three precious kids that have just wowed us with their personalities.  Keep you all posted.

Christmas Wish Lists

Every year about this time I ask the kids what they want for Christmas.  Obviously, with 10 kids, budgets are going to be rather tight.  Even more so this year given the 3 adoptions.   Fortunately, I have kids that are not hugely materialistic and I admire that in them.  To hear what some of their classmates of years past have on their Christmas lists just blows me away.  I'm serious when I say some of them have lists in the thousands of dollars.  The bigger shocker...they get it.  I've explained to my kids wants and needs.  I know kids will be kids though and they want stuff just as much as I do at times.  I mean really, I want a pair of sneakers.  Alaska ate the two pair I had.  So if you're wondering why I'm wearing the hiking shoes all the time now, there's your answer.  Anyhow, I know my kids are no different and they have dreams and Christmas wishes just as any other kid does.  So, here are what my kids have said thus far.

Irina-- All I want for Christmas is for my brother and sisters to be home.

Max-- A drafting table. 

Yana-- A stop watch to time herself for running.  And money. 

Bojan-- I want a dummy.  Yes, you read that right.  He wants to be a ventriloquist and has asked for a dummy.

Alyona-- I want a blanket heater b/c I'm always cold.  She is always cold.  I also want my sisters home.

Alex-- I want $15.  Why?  So I can save for college.  Trust me, I asked like 4 times b/c this really is uncharacteristic of Alex talking about the future.  Nice change though for sure!

Nik-- He wants a jack in the box so he can be scared.  Yes, that's what he said.  He also said he wants binoculars to look at the moon.  We have telescopes.

Just thought it was an interesting list.  Surprised to hear some of the Christmas wish list requests.  Not sure yet how we are handling Christmas this year just because of coming off the three big adoptions.  In addition, with three new members who are not used to this holiday celebrated this way, you have to factor many things in.  You can not over stimulate them when first home.  So, trying to find that balance.  Would love to do a trip like we did a few years ago but at this time, that's just not possible financially.  Though we all know Christmas is not about the gifts for sure.  Doesn't mean you don't want to see the look of amazement & joy on your kids' faces when they open up something they weren't expecting.  A few years ago we gave them a trip to Myrtle Beach.  We had a BLAST!  Went & found a hotel for $39 a night on the beach.  Got two rooms, booked for 2 days.  Got tickets to Medieval Castle for dinner.  That was by far the best time we had while there.  Also toured Ripley's and things of that nature.  Kids STILL talk about that Christmas gift.  Still.  They received no gifts that year from Santa.  Just a stocking of basics and a trip to last a life time.  They still talk about it and ask if we'll ever do another trip.  Trouble now is cost of everything in America has just sky rocketed.  Think Great Wolf Lodge.  I called and for us to go for ONE night, it was over $1200.  Not happening. LOL.  I'm trying to scope out deals now for travel as maybe it is an option this go around.  Don't know.  Really don't.  Concentrating on getting kids home first and then we'll have to figure out Christmas.  For now though, like hearing what they want for Christmas.  What is on your child's list?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Pumpkin Patch field trip (part II)

There was so much to do at the farm that we have many pictures.  We spent a couple of sun filled hours there walking around.

Nik, getting ready to jump off the hay bale.  This building was huge.  Great place for kids to romp around all they want.  Jump and not get hurt.  Good stuff.

 Alyona, also getting ready to jump off the bales. 

No, there is nothing shy about Nik.  You can see the 3yo "little" in the background.  Umm, yes, there was no lack of energy this day.  

Alyona is trying to smile here...I think.  LOL.  She wore her pumpkin sequin shirt just for this occasion.  So did about 50 other little girls there.  

This was Warren and Alex checking out the tipi.  I thought Warren was joking when he said just get the tipi's at  There is seriously a little tag inside the tipi.  Haven't checked out the site yet but I'm curious for sure. 

 this was a little hay maze for them to figure out.  Alex wanted to race through it.  All wanted to cheat by climbing on top of the bales.  But, they made it.

Usually I don't post pics w/ Warren & I in it as it's all about the kids.  No, they're not all ours.  There is one you won't really recognize & he's the "little" that was extra that day.  He wanted in the picture too...what kid doesn't want a picture taken, so I said everyone.  Just didn't want you thinking we picked up an extra kid at the pumpkin patch.  LOL.  This was before the hayride was about to start.  We were the only ones in the place.  Within five minutes, hay bales were full of people.  Lady at the corn pit almost didn't let Alex go in as he had that NC State t-shirt on.  Umm, lots of college ball rivalries in this part of the state.  You have NC State, Wake Forest, UNC, Duke, etc. and all not too far from each other.  All in good fun though.
Nik & the "little" waiting w/ great anticipation.  Look at all those pumpkins to pick from!  Not sure who the kid on the right is.  Remember, that trailer was wall to wall people by the time we left for the patch.  Just thought this was cute of them oohing and ahh,ing w/ all those pumpkins in the background.

Alex picked a really nice pumpkin.  We're leaving them on the porch & will carve them out next week.  

Alyona playing with hay and Nik very proud of his pumpkin.  He & the "little" took forever picking out just the right one.  They did a fine job.  

This was not as easy as it looked.  Alex & Nik carrying the pumpkins back to the van.  Felt like you were carrying a huge bag of potatoes on your head.  

Alyona carrying her pumpkin.  I carried one and Warren carried two.  No wonder we saw strollers full of pumpkins when we got there.  

I will spare you the photos of Warren and I on the giant slide.  It was such a beautiful day that day.  Perfect day for it.  Kids were really well behaved.  No whining, no fighting, nothing.  Just a pleasant trip all around.  Hoping all field trips go this well.  We learned a little as well.  This is one of the much nicer pumpkin patches around.  That's why we went.  The staff was wonderful with the kids as well.  Oh, forgot one of the stops.

The corn pit.  Big box of corn.  They all loved this thing.  Don't they just look like they're having a blast?  They buried themselves in it, played in it, etc.  And, proud to say mine (including the extra) were just about the only ones NOT throwing it at people or in the air.  Was proud about that.  And proud that I didn't have to drag my kids out.  I truly am shocked sometimes at what behavior I see with kids out in public.  Even more surprised when the parents don't do anything about it.  

Kids are already asking where we're going next.  Thinking about the state educational forest.  It is very close by and free at that.  We'll see.  Was awesome that Warren got to go with us.  We talked about the seasons and all about fall and the earth rotating on its axis.  Today is a rainy day.  Kids have read this morning and Alex is still reading.  Worked on sight words with Nik and phonics.  All are getting ready to do math and have a snack.  All the kids colored masks this morning.  Was cute.  Had their own little parade of their own doing.  covering explorers this afternoon.  Other than that, vegging out I think.  Alex has a soccer game tonight.  Thanks for letting me share about our little field trip.  Can't wait to share more adventures this coming year.  Have a great week.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Pumpkin Patch field trip

The other day,Warren took the day off and we took the kids to the pumpkin patch for a field trip.  We had one extra "little" with us that day.  They were all about to jump out of their skin to go & were rather disappointed when all 4 figured out we had errands to run first.  We went to the chiropractor, bank, and a consignment store for clothes for "little bit."  Home to let the dogs out, grab lunch for the car & go.  

 I know you can't see it that well but way in the back Alex has the biggest smile ever.  Why?  Because he has the entire back seat to himself.   A rarity.  Lunch was in the car.  PBJ, pretzels, fruit snacks and a drink.  Oh, we stopped by Wendy's for some small fries for a snack for everyone.  They loved that surprise.

We pass through some small towns to get to the pumpkin patch that we decided to go to.  I took a picture of this building b/c I thought it was cute.  Look at the name of it.  Below it...a hair styling salon.  I thought it was quite clever.

Ahh, those stupid marketing fools!  LOL.  You can't purchase your tickets at the gate.  Oh, no.  You must go to the old country store filled with candy and toys galore.  The five of us four of them were practically drooling over the fudge case.  We purchased nothing except the tickets.  And no fits whatsoever.  All the kids were fantastic.  

 What would a field trip be w/out a stupid picture.  They amused me.  Then after this, they went to see the animals.  I was disappointed though as we're used to touching the animals and holding them.  This was just looking at them.  My kids go to my friend's farm and actually hold the chickens, rabbits, pet the goats, emus, peacocks & too many others to name.  Guess it's just what we're used to. 

 This was by far their favorite thing to do.  Over and over and over again.  I went down...once.  It is a very, very bumpy slide.  Not a bad ride just really bumpy. 

Nik on his way down.  And this one he could wear his implants static.  

 Took this shot to show you Alyona.  She is vertical!  Look at how high she goes.

Some of the kids pumping water.  They really enjoyed this one.  I can guarantee you these kids would do awesome on a farm.  

Just look at Alex go!  You can see Warren studying some things in the background.  Had a lot of little teaching moments for the kids.  Used to be different at this farm years ago.  They still have some of the displays though from the "olden" days as my kids like to call them.  You won't believe some of the questions my kids asked me.  Yes, close to that ice age question I was asked a few weeks ago.  "mom, did you get to see the mammoths when you were young?"

Much to do tonight.  I'll write part II later.  Just thought you'd enjoy a glimpse of what we did on that sunny Friday. 

Manic Monday

Well, it's Monday.  None of the "littles" are here today so a little quiet.  After our field trip, I can stand a little quiet.  We are staying put today and getting things done.  Homeschool is a bit more organized this week and we may actually have a second field trip coming up this Friday as well.  It would only be a quick one to a local educational forest but hey, two field trips in one month is not too bad.  It's free to go so that is also a plus.  I want to take them to the planetarium but it is rather costly.  We'll see.

Today, the kids may be helping to unload pumpkins at church but not sure yet.  He said to call as they may be done by the time the kids can help.  Tuesday, Alex has a soccer game.  Wednesday, we have science & cooking clubs.  Thursday, more soccer practices.  Cross country is all week this week.  Speech therapy is 3X this week.  Alyona & Yana go to the dentist Friday.  Yes, this time I have it right!  Oh, and a little big deal called court is happening Friday as well!  I also have a meeting w/ Bojan's team on Wednesday.  No, not signing a thing.  He's doing excellent w/ A's & B's.  They are being ridiculous and worried about a score on a test that he hasn't even taken yet!  EOG's.  I've already told them if the teachers are doing their jobs, and kids are doing well in class & have no mental health issues, the test will be fine.  They didn't like that answer as it holds them accountable.  BTW, they're thinking of changing this whole EOG thing anyhow.  Hoping for a non-turbulent meeting.  Keep in mind, Bojan does NOT have an IEP any more.  He is the only one.  He is in all regular classes, on target w/ his peers.  This is an unnecessary step to be sure.  But, I'll be open minded.  But I will NOT have him doing extra work or tutoring or anything of that nature as he does not need it.  If my kids need it, that's one thing.  If they don't, let's be reasonable then.  Again, have to wait for the meeting.  They came up w/ a new term now so it's not called an IEP.  LOL.  It's not a 504 plan either for those who are thinking that.  Got to love it.

Still awaiting contracting bids.  Waiting to see if it's even a possibility at this point. Other than all that going on, should be a peaceful week I hope.  Don't want any surprises at this point.  Oh, we are on a search.  We are realizing we are short a dresser for the girls.  Umm, or maybe they have too many clothes?  Probably the latter one but we'll get a dresser for them.  I'll have to take some pics of the room.  Well, actually, I have pictures from April.  Give you an idea.  URGHH!!  These did not load in the order I wanted to show you.  Okay, from the bottom of this set up. 

Picture of where Alyona sleeps currently.  When the new girls arrive, we'll have the youngest on this bottom bunk.  Alyona will move to the top.  

Just shows you a closer look at the cupcake hooks.  And, all that pink paint we used.

Keep in mind, this was while we were still working on the room.  But, you walk in w/the bunks being straight ahead on the right.  There is an area to the right after all that paint which has a desk & dresser in it. 

This is the area that you couldn't see in the picture above.  It was the one I was talking about right past the paint buckets.  Those two dressers are what she stores clothes in.  There is also a small dresser near the bunk beds.  This area has the desk attached to the wall.  You can see a closet in the picture as well which will house dresses for the 3 girls and shoes.

View from the bunk bed area looking back.  Toys are on the left side.  There is also a cabinet behind the closet that you can't really see.  It is filled w/ toys as well.  

Close up of 'R's' bed.  The kids love that little shopping cart.  And yes, the painter's tape is still up there today.  Picture was taken in April. 

So, hunting for another dresser.  Plenty out there for sure.  Yard sales are happening and you have Craigslist and whatnot.  As you can see, it is a girlie room.  My new girls and just as "girlie" as Alyona so I'm sure we'll have no issues here with the room.  LOL.  Not much else happening...thank goodness.  Next post should be Yana's sweet sixteen.  Had started it before her birthday.  And now, it's October.  Yes, I'm slow on some things.  It is now T minus 4 days.  I'm still in shock and SO excited.  Ready for court to happen.  Ready to get the word that the kids are officially mine.  Though, they've been mine from the get go.  Love these three new ones.  Funny, as the time in EE it had felt like they'd always been ours.  Once court is over, you will then receive a travel date for a few weeks after that.  Keeping fingers crossed here as remember, our kids are from two different regions and there are three of them.  Not sure if that is all factored into the length before travel but guessing it is.  More docs to gather.  Time will tell.  Praying it's soon though.  Need to get going.  Need to pick up Yana.  Hope everyone enjoys their week and has a productive one! 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

New season, new blog look

Okay, bear with me the next few days as I play around with the blog and colors and such.  I'm in a fall mood and LOVE the weather.  Want the blog to reflect that.  So, it may come & go w/ different colors.  I don't mind input.  Last time I attempted to change it over the summer, I got yelled at as no one could read it.  LOL.  I told you all I'm not all that technically high tech here.  Just needed a few changes.  Getting restless.  Could be something to do with the seasons changing or the fact that I'm turning 40 in a few short months or the fact that court is in 5 days!  Or just no reason at all and to say I just want to change the colors.  Whatever comes to mind, that's what it is.

Today is Sunday.  We just got back from church.  Nice service.  Now, Warren is cooking brats on the grill.  Yum.  We will then attempt to decorate for Halloween a bit.  Older kids have youth group this evening.  Trying to get a few things done today for sure.  More blog posts coming.  Not sure I like the colors yet of this so bear with me.  So much happening at Chaos Manor.  Some I can sure right now and some I can't.  Very excited though for sure.  But most of all, excited about court being Friday.  Much more to come.  For now, got to get ready for a late lunch we're having here on such a sunny, pleasant day.