Thursday, August 4, 2011

Blast from the past!

Well, we've started a new month and it's time for another blast from the past segment.  Still amazes me each month how much my kids have changed & grown.  You'll see some of these from 2005 and go wow!  Little kids. 

 They look so little to me now.  This was the fab 5 back in August of 2005.  Getting ready for the first day of school.  My how they've grown.  Now you seen why we used to call Alex cotton top. 

This carpet used to be all over my house.  Remember how I at first was worried about bringing Bojan home while Alex was still healing?  Well, I think it worked out great.  These two became inseperable.  They loved wrestling and sliding all the way down the stairs.  This was in 2005.

 Alyona enjoying her first summer in America.  This was actually taken the day before her big radial articulation surgery.  You remember, the one that went horribly wrong.  2007

 For the longest time,I'd tell Nik to smile and this is what I'd get.  This was his first summer in America as well.  Think they adapted quickly to the water.  LOL.  

This one is also from summer of 2007.  this is all of them.  No more life jackets in this house, that's for sure. 

Oh how we miss our beloved Bear.  He was such a great dog.  He will always be treasured and never forgotten.  This was in 2008.

Also taken in 2008.  Alyona and Irina.  Sisterly that moment in time.

The whole bunch at a local museum we went to.  this was taken in 2008.  

One thing is for sure, my kids have grown.  thanks for letting me share a blast from the past.  We are sure to have many more memories to come. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2011



I recently became aware of a family that is in desperate need of help.  They have applied for emergency assistance.  We are trying to raise funds to help any way we can.  Trust me, any little bit will help.  This is not for an adoption.  This is a serious situation and we need to be able to keep the power turned on for this family that has several medical needs in it.  You can read more on the link below.  The family is doing everything they can.    Please pass the link around.  Even $5 will help immensely at this point.  Thank you so much! 

Helping hands

Yes, it's a 100 out again

The triple degree temps are truly not getting to bother us any more.  Used to say stay in and watch movies but we really hate being couped up.  So, yesterday we decided it was high time the van got washed 100 degrees or not.

We went outside and I filled two buckets with water.  It's so hot we have to have people washing both sides at once as it dries so, so quickly.  Notice all the dirt?  Haven't had much rain.  Grass seems to be disappearing quickly around here.  Crazy.  Lack of rain and kids playing w/ outside toys tearing up the yard don't help much either. 

Of course you have to get the kids wet.  Makes for better workers.  LOL.  Actually, Nik asked to be sprayed.  Hey, it's over a hundred out. 

 Alyona didn't want to change. So, skirt it was.  Hey, it was too hot to really care about any of that stuff anyhow.

Nik, getting to be such a big boy.  He takes the implants off for activities like this so they don't get wet. 

 Nik and Alyona checking out what happens to the water after it runs off the car.  Most everyone is barefoot.  Again, it is a hundred out.  It was only after this that I realized Nik was dipping the sponge in the mud and then washing the van.  Yes, a bit counter productive for the rest of us actually washing the van.

 Max was the photographer.  He loves cars as we all know & takes pictures of various things so he can draw them later.  That is why I have a picture of the grill of my van.  LOL.

He also insisted I post this picture. No, he doesn't read the blog but he sees me picking out picture and made me promise him I'd post this one.  As he put it "mom, that's a cool action shot!  Look at the water."  So please, look at the water, not me throwing it.  

We actually had a decent time washing the van and they did a great job.  Today, we're going to wash the dogs.  Other than that, we really are just vegging out today.  Getting stuff done but we're not pushing it today.  Tomorrow, well, we're going to get down and dirty and get to work getting things done.  Today is one of those days when frankly, we're all just being lazy.  And everyone deserves a lazy summer day once in awhile.  Enjoy your day everyone.  Blast from the past post soon.  And, a few more updates soon.  I am just trying to get a few things done first.  Blog is definitely not the top of my to do list. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Alyona's 12th Birthday

I know I did a post on Alyona and Alex's party a little ways back. However, I forgot to do the one where it was just Alyona.  See, on their actual birthday, we have a little celebration right after dinner.  They get to pick the cake they want me to make.  They also have the decision to either open their presents from us that day or wait till their actual party day.  Here's some pics from that day.

 Alyona, watching in amazement as the candles are lit. 

Do you think she's happy with her choice of chocolate on chocolate cake?  I make their cakes.  Box cake, homemade icing.  Used to work for a bakery.  When the kids were younger I would put designs on them.  Older, easier as they want it plain.  Hey, makes my job easier.  One year one of them requested an Oreo Cake.  

 Alyona was really excited about the size of her gifts this year.  Two big boxes.  Above she's getting ready to open her card.  We try to pick simple cards out that she can read. 

Very focused on trying to read her card.  Very proud of her for wanting to read.  

 Do you think she's happy with her baby dolls??  I must say, she really wasn't expecting them. 

 When she found out she was getting not one,but two baby dolls to love, she was in heaven.  She plays with her baby dolls everyday. 

Such a caring little doll herself!  We always do just a little family celebration the day of their birthday.  Just us.  Celebrating them.  I know many will say why get your 12 yo daughter baby dolls.  Because that is what she loves the most.  We know she is 12yo.  We also know, she is mentally more of a 4yo.  We are very happy with where she is.  She belongs right where she is and is doing great right where she is. And you know what?  Next year for her 13th birthday, if she still wants baby dolls, that may be just what she gets.  I for one am thrilled that she loves imaginative play.  It's not us holding her back from growing up.  It is us allowing her to grow up at her own pace and we feel that is important.  

So, that was our little family celebration for her.  Can't believe she'll be a teenager next year. Yikes!  Well, need to get another pile of things done today.  Ready to tackle the day.  Sinus pain or not.  Going to be about 100 again today.  Think kids and I will stay put and work on some baking around the house.  That and cleaning.  My kids are watching Dr. Who downstairs right now.  Still have no idea why they like that old show.  They watched that after Bob the Builder.  Enjoy your week everyone.  Max is out helping with Missions Week this week too as they're doing landscaping and such.  Mower man will be at it again.  See, Max isn't one much for crowds.  The people at the church know this and know Max is kind of in his own world and likes to be an introvert.  This allows him to be in his own world still yet participate w/ a group.  I love how our church is accomodating of our kids' needs.  Irina is still at Missions Week.  They called to tell me she worked so hard yesterday.  So proud of her.  Yana really is loving cross country.  Excited and can't wait to go to the first meet.  Teens seem to be doing okay and getting involved in things lately.  Like it.  See, with them all having FAS, we can not let them get too involved in too many things or it will fall apart.  This (what they're doing) is really great for them.   They can not have packed schedules or it won't work.  Too much stimulation for FAS kids never ends well.  I love that they've found their niche and we're all going with it.   Boy, did this post get sidetracked.  I'm horrible for that.  Sorry.  I'll have to one day do an FAS post for sure.  Just needed a picture post today.  There's been too  much of me talking lately and I'm sure you're bored with that.  More to come.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Anyone for court this fall???

Just got word that we are going to have court in about a month and a half.  no exact date yet.  After court, we travel anywhere from 2 weeks to a month after to pick them up.  Travel will be in beginning of October it seems.  That is SO wonderful.  This was the best Monday news.  I'm floating.  In another month and a half, I will become a mother again.  Gee, that never gets old of hearing that.  I know it is #'s 8, 9 & 10 but it all feels so new again.  Since I've never given birth before I don't know how to compare it.  For those bio moms, was the 4th birth just as thrilling as the 1st?  I'm just feeling super excited.  I just had to share the news.  I can not wait for the day to tell you & introduce you to the trio.  You will see then why we worked so hard to bring them home.  That they are worth every single worry, every single tear shed, every single heart break, every single thing that has happened over the last year and a half on this journey.  Till then, know we are still madly in love w/ our trio over in EE and can not wait to bring them home.  This is one step much, much closer in the process.  You never think the day will come and then wham!  You get exciting news that it's your turn soon.  So much to do so more later.  Just wanted to share.

Manic Monday

My, what a weekend.  Thanks for all the sweet thoughts on my previous post about sacrificing.  I'm okay.  I am.  I think it just hit me that day I wrote that post.  Yet, so many wrote saying they have similar things to deal with as well.  Good post for all I believe as there have been times in our lives where we've all had to sacrifice something.  Onto other things. 

Sunday.  Went to church and then dropped Irina off afterwards for her Missions Week.  They are staying at the church this year and serving the local communities.  I think it is wonderful.  Can't wait to hear how her week goes.  After church,we went to Sam's for our monthly grocery trip.  Amazing that you can offer a kid a piece of bread dipped in spaghetti sauce & they think it is good as gold & you offer them the same at home & I'm sure they would have thought I was nuts.  I hate those sample stands.  They just eat up time.  Went home and ate lunch.  Late lunch.  Warren took Kyle to a bank to make a deposit and I took Yana and Bojan to the doctors.  See, Warren and I take turns taking the kids to the doc.  Asked Warren if this counted as two visits for me.  He laughed.  Umm, no dear.  Bummer.  Yana got her physical for cross country.  Healthy as anything.  Knew that.  Bojan.  Bojan has a fungal infection on his stump that will take weeks to get better.  Lovely.  Doc reiterated to him the importance of good hygiene.  He has cream to put on it 3 times a day and other protocol to follow.  Anyone know if you can bleach a liner?  We're calling today to find out.  We've cleaned it, lysoled it, etc. but not sure if bleach will break it down or not.  Other than that, kids are doing fine.  I was sick last evening.  Well, all night actually.  Miracle I can even think straight today.  Seems like it was 24 hour bug which is great.  Better today, just super tired. 

Yana started cross country today and LOVES it!  Really happy for her and proud that she is going to see it through.  Working on getting Bojan his trumpet for school.  Getting it off ebay.  We've looked all over locally for a used one but not happening.  Yana, Bojan and Irina will also be doing youth group at church every week.  Alex, Nik and Alyona will most likely participate in Upwards Soccer this fall, starts in September.  See, last year, my kids to a much needed break from activities.  This year, we're ready to all get back in the swing of things for sure. 

I'm still getting all kinds of homeschool stuff together for the 3 youngest.  In addition, trying to get someone to set up IEP's.  This will get interesting to say the least.  Called the school, wrote the school, now wrote the head of the EC department for the county today.  I will not, will not, let the three teens fall through the cracks & this county will listen or I will bring in the OCR.  I am done playing games.  Enough about that.  For those new here, we've been in a constant battle w/ IEP's for our kids for over 12 years.  It's never easy.  Not even one easy year out of those 12.  Praying this will be the "easy" year and everyone will play nice and cooperate.  Time will tell. 

So much else happening here.  Let's see...oh yeh, got a court date today!  We have court in about a month and a half.  Don't have exact date yet.  I"m thrilled.  After court, we travel anywhere from 2 weeks to a month later to pick them up.  Looks like we'll be traveling in October.  So much to do, so little time. Isn't that always the case.  Much more to come.  And no, I haven't forgotten about that RAD post.  I honest to goodness am just trying to keep my head above water right now and figure out a solution to the fees due issue.  I have so many to write back and promise I will.  Roasted chicken in the over w/ stuffing. Yum.  More to come so stay tuned.