Saturday, May 21, 2011

Flowers in bloom

It's that time of year to enjoy some color in our yard.  Thought I'd share a few pictures of a little color that has started here.  Hope you enjoy.

 I love fuschia hanging baskets.  They are not done justice in this photo. 

 We have two window boxes on the front porch.  For now, they have impatients in them.  They get much bigger than this and look gorgeous once they fill out. 

We have a planter by our sidewalk.  So, we filled it w/ a few petunias since it gets full sun.  BTW, that's a bug catcher thing on the left side.  I'm sure it has a dead frog in it.  

 One of our hostas.  They get about 3 to 4 feet across.  Have a feeling the bug catchers were at it again w/ that rock laying there.  Okay, I messed up the picture below so couldn't write under it, so writing above it.  hanging baskets have a splash of yellow.  The shrub on the bottom right is another hydrangea bush.  It gets bright pink flowers and should be the size of the others in another year.  They get big fast if you let them grow and really water them...a lot.  The green things that look like weeds growing along the house are actually impatients.  It looks fantastic when they are in bloom and tall.  This whole area fills w/ white and pink and purple flowers.  At no cost!

The first two of these are the mop-laced variety type of hydrangeas.  I do believe they cost me $2 a piece about 2 years ago when they looked like they were dying.  These are just beautiful when they get the purple flowers on them. 

 One of our hydrangea bushes.  I cut part of this each year & transplant some of it in other parts of the yard.  they all have survived.  They do well.

 This shrub has purple flowers on it. 

It also has blue flowers on it.  

We constantly have fresh cut flowers in this years which I love.  Now, we are mixing Iris' and hydrangeas for fresh cut arrangements all over the house.  Love the colors.  These are a glimpse of some of our flowers.  I love flowers around a house and in a yard.   I experiment some days w/ flowers.  Some go well and some we toss.  Love this time of year and hope my kids keep my flowers alive while we're in Bulgaria.  Enjoy your weekend everyone.  

We worked on the yard today and girls and I went to yardsales.  We did great.  Got some free bike helmets for the kids, 2 new bicycles for the girls, an end table for $5 to replace the old free one we had.  Even found Max a drawing table for $4.  I'll have to share some pictures later.  Warren is surprising the kids w/ an ice cream cake.  He's been at work all day & it's 7:30 now.  We had a gift cert for $10 so it won't cost much & will be a great treat for all the hard work everyone did today in & out of the house.  Tomorrow is church, shots for Bojan, shopping, & parties to attend for Nik, Alyona & Alex.  Should be a fun day.  More to come.  Right now though, trying to get that list done. 

Friday, May 20, 2011

Camp Cheerio (the conclusion)

Sunday was the last day at Camp Cheerio.  So, we left the cabin for our usual view. 

You can click on it to make it bigger.  Isn't it amazing?  Clouds covering the mountains.  Beautiful.  Looks like cotton all over.  Taking in the view before breakfast and before the clouds break.

Watching Nik playing baseball.  Can't beat the view in many ways.  Just think, he would most likely not be alive today had he stayed.  He was being transferred to a mental institution b/c he was deaf.  Look at him now!

 A final picture before we depart.  Just so relaxing.  A place to dream.

Every year they have a book fair so that the money can go towards next year's camp.  Though I'd love to get a book for each, just couldn't this year.  So, got them the Special Edition Ripley's Believe it or Not book.  Very entertaining for a ride home.  Max and Bojan really enjoyed it.  We're all still reading it.  More fun than anything.  

We pass a Christmas Tree farm on the why out.  Mountains of NC are just gorgeous.  We love coming here every year.  Our kids love coming to Camp Cheerio.  The people and commradery are fantastic.  You come out of this weekend with a renewed sense of well-being.  You feel like you can do more.  You are clearly refreshed, relaxed, and revived.  You take away more knowledge every year.  More friends.  More understanding of your child.  You take away so many precious gifts that you seriously can not imagine missing a single year ever.  Next year, all 12 of us will be going.  Yikes!  We again will start counting down the days.  Shoot, I've already had Alex ask me when do we go again.  We've only been home 6 days.  We all love it that much.  You feel welcomed there.  No one judges you for your communication choice for your child.  people get excited when you share the small details of your child's progress.  I can not really fully explain the experience of a weekend at Camp Cheerio.  All I can say is anyone is invited to come and learn.  It will change you and your child's life.  Please consider coming next year.  We had a wonderful time at Camp Cheerio in Roaring Gap, NC.  We ate lunch that last day, said our goodbyes and were on our way home.  Home seemed a world away.  Though I must admit we all missed our puppies something fierce.  And clearly, they missed us.  Thanks for letting me share about Camp Cheerio. 

I'm leaving on a jet plane...

don't know when I'll be back again.  Love that song.  We are leaving on a jet plane but fortunately, we do know when we'll be back.  We fly out of RDU at 1:26pm on Saturday, June 11th.  Flights are  RDU to Philly to Frankfurt to Sofia.  We then depart Sofia on  June 20th, Monday.  SOF to Frankfurt to Chicago to RDU.  Arriving home at...drumroll please....12:45 am.  Yep, middle of the night.  Not loving that part.  Be home the 21st of June.  Shoot me now.  LOL. 

For those in the adoption world, these were done through Golden Rule Travel... the BEST travel agency ever!  They get missionary fares and have great rates.  Even that being said though, we still had a ticket price of $3031 for two tickets!  That hurt.  NOT in the budget at all.  Had we flown in April, this would not have been an issue.  Lots less as far as price goes.  However, our kids are worth it. No matter what the ransom.  I will have a separate post regarding adoption costs. 

Things should start falling into place as far as getting stuff done goes.  I have made a list.  checked it ten times and added more.  Currently, there are 55 items on my list.  Umm, I leave in 22 days!  You do the math!  Crap.  I forgot to add packing to the list though that is an obvious one.  Oh well.  My next main task is finding drivers to and from the airport.  So, if anyone locally may be able to help out w/ that, please let me know.  Saturday, June 11th at 1:26pm is when we depart.  Need a driver for then.  Also need a driver for our return... June 21st at 12:45am.  Yes, I'm well aware it's the middle of the night but at least there's no traffic.  Okay, looking for a bright side on the arrival time.  Much more to come.  Last Camp Cheerio pics for sure.  We are staying put this weekend as Warren has to work tomorrow on campus and well, frankly I have enough paperwork for 20 people.  In addition to a major adoption trip to plan, we also must make arrangements for a reunion out of state when we come home, 2 birthday parties (Alex & Alyona) and 4th of July.  Yes, all those are on that stupid list.  I'm going to start to delegate that list like I used to do in management.  LOL   Have a wonderful weekend.  Off to work for me.  After a nice ham dinner and a walk afterwards, I'm sitting down and filling out papers.  Friday night, here I come. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Quick adoption update

In light of recent information, both Warren and I will be flying to Bulgaria on this first trip.  We at first were just going to have me go with a friend and him stay here.  That would save us the dramatic cost of a sitter.  At this point in time with new info we have, we feel it imperative we both go and meet all the children together.  I can not share more than that at this time.  It was a hard decision for sure.   And, if you are wondering, since finding out we were unsubstantiated, our children are back to normal.  I myself am shocked b/c the main reason we really wanted one of us here was we were worried about Alex and us being gone.  Not worried one single bit now.  He's fine, they're all okay and we've discussed things with them.  Only one worried is our 18yo.  Go figure.  She doesn't like us flying as she has this fear of us dying on an airplane.  She needs us to be gone to help conquer this fear.  Trust me on that.  IRina will be fine too.  Kids will have just gotten out of school.  Now time to find a sitter for our kids. 

We have travel papers to fill out, the I-800 form (turned in immediately upon return), I-864W, grant apps, POA's, redo medicals, etc.  LOTS to do and very little time.  Got to love it.  We have so, so much going on right now & some I will have to discuss later as it does involve the adoption.  Again, you do the step by step thing and it will eventually all fall into place.  Still haven't decided on that reunion yet.  So, more to come just thought I'd touch base since I've been so busy lately.  Have 2 "littles" tomorrow so maybe I can get a little done.  Not much but a little.  I promise to do some catch up things for sure. ADoption paperwork though has become priority.  More on that in the future.  Never dull here, that's for sure.  Enjoy your week.  I'll have final Camp Cheerio pictures and thoughts tomorrow at some point.  Maybe a little more on the adoption front.  Just crazy.  Only a few weeks to go and we are SO FAR BEHIND.  Time to get stuff done & off this computer. 

Camp Cheerio (Saturday)

After breakfast on Saturday, it was time for classes.  I obviously don't have pictures of the kids during their activities as we are in workshops at the time.  The teens that afternoon took a 3 to 4 mile canoe down a river.  they had an awesome time!  They also did rock climbing, archery, and a variety of other activities that weekend.  I really wish the adults could do some of this stuff versus the learning workshops.  LOL.  We did learn a ton there though.  The DPI(department of public instruction) is even going to help us access Nik's learning and what he needs from the school.  That is fantastic.  Found out the reading program they want to use w/ Nik is ancient.  There are much better ones out there.  We'll find him one.  Also, found out what we knew all along.  Vocab is priority versus pushing him grade through grade.  Language is key for learning for sure.  We kind of knew this as all of ours are second language speakers.  Made sense but these teachers really put things in perspective.  Wow, do they ever know their stuff and teach it well.  Very grateful.  There was a pyschologist there but it was a bit hard to sit through.  She was good, it wasn't that but we are "atypical."  The whole sibling rules don't really apply to our kids.  We have that birth order thing skewed, some virtual twins, etc.  We also do things differently at our home due to FAS.  You can NOT let them "work it out themselves" at our home.  LOL.  Can you imagine?!  FASers seem to have no "off" switch.  They do not know when to stop.  So for us, we just listened to the psychologist knowing that it is different at our home.  You just don't really realize how different it is at our home until you're in a room full of people listening to an expert speak of how things "should work."  It's alright.  Just was interesting knowing we must parent that much differently than the rest of the world due to the amount of FAS in our home.  Still informative though for sure.

 Bojan, just relaxing before the next activity takes place. 

Alyona trying to make silly faces at the camera.  I think she was successful.

 Nik playing around w/ his toy someone got him.  Very sweet of them for sure.  It lights up btw.  I was able to get some shirts or sweatshirts for the kids from last year's stock.  Shirts were $5 and sweatshirts were $10.  I know they'll wear them.  I have mine from a few years ago.  It's great!  Next year I'll definitely need to budget for these extras.  Love the look of wonder of something so simple.  May Nik never lose that. 

It rained.  A lot.  Beautiful clouds and such would roll in.  At one point all of us in the gym were not so sure it was the safest place to be during a storm.  I mean really... a giant tin building on the top of a hill.  We survived, no worse for wear.  This Saturday evening there was a magic show that all ages enjoyed.  After that we were able to enjoy a nice ice cream social.  It was a chance to chat with others.  Such great people to meet.  Love hearing their stories.  

Unfortunately, our evening did not end as planned.  I will not write on here what exactly transpired in order to protect those involved.  Just know I was beyond disappointed in my daughter.  I truly was.  I know my kids have tons of barriers to overcome but I refuse to let that justify any wrong doings that take place.  No excuse.  Yana is being punished.  She is working on apologizing.  It will take forever for me to trust again.  Just thought I'd share as we have trials just as anyone else with teens do.  We are not exempt.  Problem we have even more than the typical teen stuff is ours have frontal lobe brain damage from FAS.  No cause and effect thinking, no impulse control, poor judgment and the list goes on.  As parents of older teens w/ FAS, we are learning to address these things as they come along.  Taking any advice we can for others who've been there.  Finding out what works and what doesn't here & sometimes by trial and error. 

Enough of that.  We came back to the cabin to retire for our last evening at Camp Cheerio.  Next morning we woke up to a new day.  Went for breakfast and then off to classes.  Again, learned so, so much more.  Loved it.  Got to run.  So much paperwork to fill out before our trip. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Camp Cheerio (waterslide & dance)

Friday afternoon at Camp Cheerio, they had a giant waterslide.  It's always freezing, hence why you hardly ever see an adult go down that thing.  LOL.  I told the kids next year I would.  Yeh, I'm doubting it too but it looks like so much fun I might have to give it a try one year.  And why not when I turn 40, right?  We'll see.  I know the kids would laugh their butts off. 

 Nik coming down the slide at full speed.  Nothing slowing him down!

 Does Alex look like he's having fun or what?

Bojan enjoying his turn.  Why he kept the hat on, I'll never know.  

 Yana and Alyona.  Alyona was ready for the spooky dance.  All ages had such a great time with this one.  Loved some of the costumes too.  Unique! 

Really wished I'd known where some of these people got their costumes or masks from.  Amazing costumes.  There was a giant skeleton head that was so cool. Just didn't get a photo of him.  

After the spooky dance, we retired to our cabins for a good night's sleep.  I didn't sleep but most of the rest of them did.  Once the laughter was turned off of course.  We woke up the next day to go to breakfast at 8am.  

 Max & Yana waiting for some of the other kids to go to breakfast.  Just look at that sunshine and bright green grass.  Gorgeous.  Wonderful temps too.

Alex & Alyona are practicing the moonwalk.  They were doing it at the spooky dance so these two were trying to see if they could do it.  Too funny.

Nice view in the morning before breakfast, isn't it?  It was rather cloudy most of the weekend and stormy here and there. Nonetheless, it was awesome to see the mountains, horses, clouds and breathe in the fresh mountain air.  Just relaxing and after these last few months with the investigation happening & 3 simultaneous international adoptions, I needed a relaxing feel.  More pictures to come from Camp Cheerio in Roaring Gap, NC. 

Camp Cheerio (hanging around)

We arrived and got settled into our cabin.  It was a little time before lunch so we just decided to hang around the cabin & such & take in the view.

The kids when we first arrived.  All smiles and ready to go get started.   The amount of enthusiasm was contagious.  Wonderful feeling.  Even Trip seemed happy.  As happy as a gnome can get anyway.  

Of course my kids have to do the goofy faces pictures. 

Hanging outside of our cabin before lunch.  The cabin on the right is ours.  The one on the left is the one we shared w/ the Russian family.  they have 5 kids.  So, we are all used to noise.  

Alyona just chilling out on the rocking chair.  Taking in the view of the mountains.  This is the porch of the dining hall.  Love it!

 Max just veggie out on the front porch.  We were killing time.  Isn't the grass just a beautiful green?  The front porch is so ideal here.  Can seat many people at once and views all around.  The building behind him is another lodge that has many individual rooms. 

This is a hint of what was to come.  That white strip in the background is the waterslide tarp going all the way down the hill!  Non-stop.  Wait till you see those pics in my next post.  The first day you arrive, register, have lunch & then go to activities.  Adults go to workshops and the kids go to arts & crafts.  We then meet the kids & the waterslide was at 5pm.  Dinner was at 6pm.  Then, a spooky dance at 7pm.  More to come.  Waterslide & spooky dance pictures are next.  Love sharing camp with you all. 

Adoption update

Since it is T- minus less than a month days (I'm not keeping track b/c I'm too scared), I figured it was time for a bit of an adoption update.  I know some newbies to adoption follow & thought you might want to know what happens as far as fees go.  Today, I got a cashier's check for $6743 to send off to my agency.  Part of that is the 3rd installment of a program fee.  Part is an international fee and part is the post placement fee.  Now, some agencies do a post placement fee and some don't.  What it is is to assure that people do their post placement reports.  The money is refunded for every report you hand in.  It actually was kind of nice this way w/ Alyona and Nik b/c we got money back which paid for the post placement reports from the social worker.

During this time of the adoption process, before trip I, you must also purchase the airline tickets.  Mine are currently on hold till I confirm my travel buddy.  Mine are going to cost me $3000.  OUCH!  is an understatement.  This adoption has already cost more due to the whole investigation delay.  Think I can recoup that from the state?  NOT.  Anyhow, it is what it is.  We then have to come up w/ lodging costs and meal costs.  And in country travel costs.  Remember, we must go to two separate regions.  They are of course not anywhere near each other.  No, that would be too easy for us.  We've never done two regions before at once so new territory for us.  From my understanding, first region will be where the sibs are, same orphanage.  'R' is 9yo and Logan is 10yo.  I know that's not enough info to go on but hey, this is adoption and secrecy is priority.  Hate that part of it but we all don't want to get in trouble w/ any foreign entities happening to find out we disclosed info that wasn't supposed to be.  Hence, everyone tends to give vague info in order to protect what info they do have.  Hope that made sense to the newbies out there. 

During this time we also have to make sure everything on the home front is ready for us to depart.  Though Warren is staying home, there is still a ton to make sure is done. I gave the list a few posts back.  I usually don't stress that much as it tends to fall into place eventually.  Just we have a reunion, Alex's birthday, Alyona's birthday and the 4th of July all after we get home.  Yikes!  So, not only planning for when I'm gone but for a month after I return as well b/c we will be going and going and going.  We are slowly getting there.  Slowly getting stuff done.  that's a relief.  Still, so much to do still you feel as though you'll never get it all done.  Time.  It takes time.  My main issue is I still have not received the letter from CPS explaining the unsubstantiated case.  I need that hard copy.  They gave me the verbal word but I absolutely must have the hard copy.  This makes me nervous as the state tends to be slow on things.  Just look at all the state tax returns for that fact.  Out of everything, relying on the state makes me very nervous for that letter to be in my hands.  I'm giving it till tomorrow. 

Now, when you fly on that first plane to get to Bulgaria, that's when it really becomes real.  No turning back then.  You are on your way.  I'm less than a month away from that point and still don't believe it.  It's already the 17th.  I'm not ready yet.  So much to do.  But, my kids are waiting for me.  They've been waiting for so long.  No need to keep them waiting any longer.  It's their time to shine.  I can not wait to get that chance to see them shine.  I could careless what all I have to do beforehand to meet them.  It's all worth it.  It has been every single time thus far.  Well, got to go.  the "littles" are here.  Have a great day.  More to come.  Pictures from Camp Cheerio in the next post.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Camp Cheerio (on the road)

Did we make it by 7:30 am?  Of course not.  This is us you're talking about.  We have never been on time anywhere.  I truly believe that is a fairly true statement.  It's ridiculous. It's not for lack of trying I can assure you.  I honestly thought we'd be out by 8am.  Nope.  9am.  Hey, at least traffic was gone by that time. 

This is Trip the Traveler.  yes, he is a gnome.  Everyone tried to think of a name for him.  Trip was the best that they came up with.  Think Travelocity will give us a discount if we book a trip through them?  LOL.  

Nik and Bojan just hanging out.  Later, they'll be fighting but I didn't get a shot of that one.  I was too busy breaking it up.  The fight was over Nik putting his leg too close to Bojan.  The easy solution would be to just scoot over in the spare seat.  Did they?  Of course not.  That would make too much sense.  URGHH!!!


 This is something you just don't see everyday going down the highway.

Closer view of the helicopter going down the highway.  It was something for the Veterans.  It was on the front but going 70mph, you kind of miss some of the writing.  And, it was onto Camp Cheerio.

 When we got there, we got a pleasant surprise.  They had completely renovated all the cabins!  New air conditioners, lighting, bathrooms, cubbies, etc.  It was awesome. 

 Everyone checking out the new sleeping arrangements.  Check out that space!  This is truly one of the best places I've been for being a cabin.

Seriously, 3 sinks!  How lucky are we?  Look at the new tile. It was so new, it still smelled like paneling stain and paint.  LOL.  

 This was part of the shower stall.  The cabins had two toilets w/ doors and then 2 separate shower stalls.  A place to shower and then to get dressed. 

This was the name of our cabin this year as our usual cabin, the Navajo, was in process of being renovated.  It was just another perfect layer to put on the weekend for sure.  More pictures around the camp and a little more about what we do there.  Well, besides make some really wonderful friends and get to hear some great stories.  Love hearing what others do.  One lady even backpacked across Europe!  Just fascinating people for sure.   More to come on Camp Cheerio.  For now, I do have work to do around the house. 

manic Monday

Oh my oh my.  What a weekend and week to come.  I'll try to be brief and then get back to Cheerio pics.  This week we have minimal appointments.  Bojan is still leaking hydraulic fluid in his knee.  Hate that knee, I really do.  Nothing but trouble.  He goes back to prosthetics tomorrow to see what we all can do about it.  Nik's implants are still intermittently working.  Have to fit him in some time but not an emergency so most likely next week.  Getting Bojan & Nik a shot this week.  Warren has to do something w/ his mouth but we have no idea what.  Calling the dental school tomorrow for sure.  I called insurance today about Nik's speech therapy.  Fixed now, we think.  Warren broke a 4th tooth at camp this past weekend.  More to come on all the financial stuff in another post.  Trust me, it's not pretty. 

Going to get the pool fixed this week too.  Not fixed, but ready for summer I should say. Cleaning it and all.  Max is going to be working on our yard this week as am I w/ some weed pulling and planting.  Warren is going to fix my fountain and hang up some of the window boxes we have from last year.  Need some patches here and there. 

We are staying home this coming weekend as we were in the mountains all this past weekend.  The weekend afterwards is Memorial Day Weekend.  Having my in-laws come for a cookout one day and then we'll go the zoo on Monday.  Keeping it all simple for a reason.  Got to get the kids working on all the cards for while I'm gone.  B-days and such. 

Alyona failed her EOG's.  We knew she would.  It's a fact.  Giving a child who can't read a 4th grade level test is just STUPID you state people!  I will not say more on that subject.  They know how I feel about the tests.  She's in special ed for a reason. 

As if we didn't have enough going on.  Stepped outside in the garage and the our sub-zero freezer is not working.  Everything a loss I believe.  ALL our meat and I mean ALL our meat.  2 months worth.  Hundreds and hundreds of dollars worth.  NOT exaggerating a bit.  All thawed.  Not sure right now if it can be salvaged or if it's even safe to.  URGHH!!!  We can not replace it.  So, if my kids tell you they are eating tons of spaghetti & PBJ, you'll know why.  and I am not kidding.  I can not afford to replace all that right now.  Praying we can at least salvage some.  We'll see. 

Puppies chewed all window sills while gone.  And the couch.  Again, can't replace right now so just have to laugh about it.  NOT!  Told the kids anything that is broken is not being replaced any time soon w/ an adoption happening.  3 adoptions happening.  Which reminds me.  Paid $6743 today in fees.  Ouch!   Next is airline tickets.  After that, my tax money is G-O-N-E.  I must raise funds before we leave on the first trip.  MOre on that in another post.  It is serious now and I'll explain all this in detail.  Right now, need to get some exercise in as dinner tonight is not the healthiest.  Hot dogs on grill, fresh corn on the cob, homemade potato wedges.  Fruit for dessert.  Okay, so that's healthy.  But that's about it. 

Much, much more happening and much more to come.  A little more about the adoption stuff soon.  I'm so ready to see my kids.  So very ready.  It's been a long time coming but they say good things come to those who wait.  This is going to be great if that's motto's true.  Stay tuned for more cheerio pics later this evening.  Right now, gardening time, dinner time & homework time. 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cheerio, here we go...

Okay, for those who tried to comment or write me or what have you, blogger was down. There was another post I had written before I left.  It's gone too.  Hey, it happens.  Now, all seems back to normal so going to write a little about what happens before we take a little trip in our house.  Here goes.

Some of us actually do some work.  Max is vacuuming out the van for us.  Don't you just love that fence decor.  Slip & slide drying out.  

Some of us chose to goof around rather than help...URGHH!!!  She did wash the van so I shouldn't say much.  We had 7 other kids there that day helping us out for the trip.  

More goofing off.  An "extra, a "little," Bojan & Alyona.  Why they were messing w/ the little tricycle, I'm not quite sure.

Nik keeping one of the "littles" entertained.  Umm, you think the yard will get yard of the month?  LOL.  Looks horrible!  The honeysuckles along that fence smell wonderful though.  

Some more "helping" for the trip as you can see.  

They were trying on costumes for the Spooky Dance.  Yeh, nice packing kids.

 Irina trying to help out a bit & straighten things out.  Love how my kids just dump the sleeping bags & backpacks in the middle of the floor?  See, even though my kids appear old enough to pack, with FAS, you must, must check behind them.  Trust me, I learned that the hard way years ago. 

I know it's hard to tell what's going on here & just what the puppies are attacking.  They are attacking Irina wearing a gorilla mask.  See, the puppies absolutely can not stand anyone in a mask, hood or hat.  They go ballistic.  The kids know this & purposefully taunt the dogs.  Don't worry.  No kids or puppies were harmed in this event.  Yep, trip taking 101 you do not want to take from our family.  Not the way to get the packing done.

Yana, trying on her costume for the dance at camp.  In the end though, she didn't end up wearing it.  

We managed to pack, finally.  It was chaotic but hey, it isn't called Chaos Manor for a reason.  But, at least it is somewhat organized chaos.  We were ready to go that evening even though late.  Off to bed & then it was time to rise & shine early that morning.  Our goal was to leave by 7:30.  Umm, did we make it?  Stayed tuned & find out.  I'll have the rest of Cheerio in a bit.  Right now, so, so much to do.  Really, really do.  Warren took off tomorrow & good thing he did.  Poor guy broke yet another tooth at camp. That makes four.  Situation serious.  Have to figure out what to do tomorrow.  it's nuts!  Crazy as the 5 of the kids just went to the dentist w/ no issues.  Thank goodness.  No cavities either.  More to come tomorrow for sure.  Camp Cheerio was energetic, enlightening, & refreshing for sure.  Can't wait to share all about Cue Camp at Camp Cheerio!  More to come.