Saturday, February 12, 2011

Puppy pics & an update

Thought it was time for some cuteness on this blog.  What better way then to show some puppy pictures.  So, here goes.

Having toddlers and puppies in the same house is sometimes just not a good idea.  I had no idea Alaska had eaten glitter.  Let's just say very sparkling poo.  

this entertained the pups for a good thirty minutes.  they are chasing a stink bug.  Not sure why the can of baked beans is on the floor but oh well.  The kids had a great time watching the pups go crazy over the bug.  

Don't we have the cutest puppies?  They are in their natural habitat...the kitchen.  Those dogs so much as hear a wrapper or can opening, they run at warp speed.  Alaska has learned to open the doors.  Hoping she doesn't learn how to open the fridge next.  LOL.

Alaska actually fell asleep this way.  I don't see how this can be comfortable.  She loves the papasan chair.  Trouble is, all the kids love this chair as well.  It's almost a race to see who gets there first.  Best $2 I ever spent at a yardsale.  

I know this shot shows how dirty the floor is but honestly, he was just so innocent sleeping there that I couldn't resist a picture.  

Yes, my pups think they are human.  Though Alaska prefers the papasan chair, she'll take the kids' recliner as a back up.  She also loves to sleep on the bed if we let her.  

Puppies are much better this week after surgery.  I will have a post.  I started a post on what happened at the vet.   Not good.  Thankfully, they are much better now and have returned to normal.  Kota actually shook hands when I asked him to today.  Alaska still hasn't done that trick on her own yet.  Once their legs have healed, I'll teach them to stand up and dance/beg.  I know Alaska will be able to do it.  The dog is part human, I swear.  She has also learned how to open doorknobs somewhat.  that one should get interesting for sure.  The other day she wanted out & brought me the leash.  Both dogs are getting much, much more protective of the house.  We love, love love the puppies.  Still miss our Teddy Bear but do love the new pups for sure.  Can't wait to experience more new tricks with the puppies.  Kota and Alaska definitely enjoy playing with the kids and vice versa.  Have a great weekend.

What a week!

It's Friday.  Thank goodness.  I honestly don't think I could have taken another day of this week.  It has not been the best week at Chaos Manor.  Mostly, the teens.  Okay, today I have the 4 "littles" coming over and trying to get 4 elementary kids ready for school.  Nik's implant's not working.  No one can find socks, etc.  All this going on & phone call from the school.  Max.  In trouble w/ the teacher.  URGHH!!!  I know it happens but really, he knows better.  Max gets asked everyday at home do you have homework or any projects.  This semester, everyday his answer has been no.  I've told him everyday I find that hard to believe.  He said he did the projects in school.  True....sort of.  He is also supposed to be doing them at home.  Nice kid.  In addition, he's been being a bit defiant w/the teacher in the morning.  Max is now grounded.  He's pretty much our servant.  I told the teacher do whatever consequences are necessary.  I could careless about his IEP.  If he deserves to fail, fail him.  This may sound harsh to some.  Yes, Max has ADHD and FAS.  I don't care.  Why?  Because although he can do no math whatsoever, he CAN indeed do every other subject just fine and does it well.  His intelligence is normal.  FAS kids have various IQ's and function differently.  Max is a bright kid.  He CAN do the work.  Period.  NO excuses.  I won't except less from him.  This is just pure laziness.  He did this last semester and really changed things around at the end.  Now, seems to be starting off badly.  URGHH!!!  Drives me nuts.  I guess it pains me so, so much b/c Irina and Alyona cognitively are unable to do the work yet they try and try so dog gone hard.  Max can do the work but chooses not to.  Unacceptable as Irina and Alyona would do anything to be able to do the work that Max could.  Just burns me up.  I'm being honest here.  Shoot, Alyona wants to read so badly, she carries books around her as if it will come via osmosis.  It won't.  She will most likely never be able to read more than a few simple, very simple, sentences.  Then I have Max who is artistically inclined, can remember fairly well his history, yet chooses to be lazy.  Just don't get it sometimes.

For those new here, all our kids have disabilities and most have FAS.  We have chosen to parent our FAS kids as you would most normal kids.  We don't give them special routines, diets, therapies or the like.  I know it is a bit more unconventional but we knew a long time ago that when they get older, society is not going to give them any special accommodations.  We shouldn't either.  Hence, Max is grounded. 

Same day, a few minutes after Max's call, in the midst of getting everyone out the door, Yana's school calls.  I wanted to scream so Warren took that call.  Just couldn't do one bad news call after another.  Warren took the call and Yana was in trouble for bringing an ipod to school.  Umm, she doesn't have an ipod. Only child in this house w/ an ipod is Irina.  Meaning, Yana stole it from Irina's room.  Takes it to school only to get it confiscated.  She did it out of revenge.  Yes, she even told us that!  Warren went to pick up the ipod on his way to work.  Yana is now grounded...again.  She was grounded two weeks ago for a RAD rage.  She hadn't raged in so long that it took us a back.  Oh well.  Anyhow, she was supposed to be ungrounded Friday.  Gets in trouble...Friday.  URGHH!!!  She too is more of a servant the next few weeks.  Right now, Max is hauling off the trash w/ Warren and Yana is raking the yard.  Hey, the yard may get prepped for spring a bit earlier this year.

So, not a banner week for the boyd bunch.  It happens.  Irina's been a nightmare and really wants to be homeschooled.  Working on it.  Irina also had her ENT appointment that didn't go over so well.  Trying to get her on track.  She also has realized this week she is severely delayed compared to her peers.  At that point, they just want comfort.  They don't want to hear the bologna line of "you're special just the way you are."  They hate that.  Trust me, you learn over the years.  So our focus really has been on Irina this past week.  She's feeling much better this weekend and I think we're finding balance.  She was terrified of never having a boyfriend or having a family.  She asked me "are stupid people able to have children?  Do you think I can care for a child?"  I told her she's not stupid.  I said trust me , I've met some stupid people over the years (just go to college & you'll see some LOL) and you are not one of them my dear.  Told her that you can easily raise a child and that we'd be here to help her out if she needed.  We also told her she's only 18yo.  I didn't get married till my mid-twenties.  No kids till 27yo.  I said you have plenty of time and really, just spend some time enjoying friends right now and a job.  Today was different.  She invited someone w/ her to help out at the concession stand at church.  Is much more relaxed too. 

It was so crazy w/ the teens this week that I didn't even help or do any of the homework for the younger ones. I just couldn't.  It was an emotionally taxing week.  Really was.  You know, the kind that suck the energy out of you?  But, managed to have all the kids finish their Valentines' Day stuff.  We had tons of stuff going on.  Out of the house and in the house.  On top of that, we got our much needed I-800A approval.  It is already in Bulgaria though we're sending the apostilled copy this coming week.  Agency said we should receive a travel date S-O-O-N. Like in possibly this coming week or so.  that would be wonderful.  Really wonderful.  I hope we have enough notice to go & I hear w/ Bulgaria you do.  Russia, one time we had 3 days notice.  Yep.  Bulgaria gives you more time which really helps us to get organized.  The wait all this time kind of throws you off.  Now, we know this is all happening.  I think the emotional part of that hit this week along w/ all the teen drama in the house.  I feel more at ease today.  We gave testimony at Upwards half time and really puts things in perspective as to why we are going through this all again.  I think today was a turning point for many of us in the house.  Lot less drama.  A lot less.  I think we are back on the upswing which is wonderful.  Everyone is healthy too.  Hope it stays that way. 

I know posts have been a few less lately but family comes first to take care of.  Some of the things we experience as a family are normal things, some adoption related and some FAS related.  As parents, we have to figure out what is what and deal with it.  At times, that is a challenge.  This past week has been one of those challenging weeks.  It is now Saturday and things finally feel back to normal.  Well, as normal as Chaos Manor gets around here.  We went to Upwards to watch some games today & give testimony on adoption.  Came home and Warren took the trash off w/ Max w/ some talking to to go with it.  We then went to pick up Alyona's glasses.  She is thrilled with them.  She can SEE!!!  She is so excited.  It is much, much clearer for her and hoping maybe we can get rid of the large print she is using.  We'll soon see.  No pun intended.  Kids had some of their friends over hanging out and playing.  Warren is cooking some pork chops on the grill and I've got potatoes boiling to make some mashed potatoes.  And green beans.  Yum.  We're all going to chill out on the couch and pick a movie.  Not sure what yet.  We have the Bourne Supremacy we want to see but not sure the younger ones can watch it.  Have to check.  I think we're ready to relax.  Made some chocolate chip cookies for dessert but they didn't last till dessert.  Tomorrow, it's church.  Then, time to clean up this house and van and dogs.  Valentine's Day is Monday.  Obviously, with a pending adoption, Warren and I aren't doing anything.  And, that's okay.  Plus, it's a school night anyhow.  Irina is going to attempt to get her driver's permit.  This will be her third time and I really do hope she passes.  She really is trying so hard.  She missed it by one the first time and not sure how she did the second time as Warren took her. 

More to come.  Just thought I should share a little of the downs around here.  We have ups & downs like every other family in America.  It happens.   And, with FAS kids, you really have to handle the downs with care.  I hope we did just that.  Enjoy the weekend.  I know we are.  It is supposed to be gorgeous next weekend and hoping we can get to the zoo.  All depends upon Warren's work schedule as it's an outage weekend.  I also need to start pricing flights.  Just ball park figures for right now as we don't have a date.  I know I'll be in sticker shock.  I have to get a handle on how much we have left to pay as far as fees go.  I know we are way short but need to figure out how short and get going on some more fundraising and such.  Have faith it will all work out in the end.  I'll give a run down on fees in one post as I know future adoptive families are always curious.  Got to go.  Potatoes are boiling.  More to come and pictures to come at some point.  Sorry this got long.  Just thought I should share that we too have issues and we too handle it while being cautiously optimistic. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

At home entertainment

Sometimes, our kids entertain themselves at home, entertain each other or entertain us.  So, thought I'd share a few pictures of what forms of entertainment have been going on around here.

Nik is listening to Warren read a story to him.  Nik loves to listen to books most of the time.  He wants to read so badly.  He keeps trying to sneak big books to school.  Including the Bible.  LOL.  

Max entertaining four of the "littles."  They absolutely love Max when he comes home from school.  He's great for giving me a much needed five minute break while he lets them chase him around the house & play w/ him.  Max will no doubt make a great father one day.  (if he can get his grades in order but that post is forthcoming).  

What can be more entertaining than raiding the fridge??  Alex attempting to sneak a snack right after a bath.  Some of my boys would be better served via a trough I swear.  We have 2 fridges in our kitchen & still never enough.  The only reason they don't raid the freezer in the garage is laziness, I'm sure.  

Now, keep in mind we have a giant table in the dining room.  Apparently, a recliner is more entertaining to draw on.  And, I can't figure out if this was Nik or one of the "littles."  Nice tear to match the artwork on there, huh?  

Another form of entertainment for Max is re-engineering toys.  Here, he's taking transformers and modifying them into new ones.  Interesting work for sure.  Hey, it keeps him entertained.  There were plastic pieces all over the rug afterwards.

This is Nik entertaining himself w/ I don't know what.  LOL.  He's got some tunnels & what looks like water on them.  Glue stick equals entertainment for kids.  Imagination.... I let them have at it.  BTW, we bought that Russian Lilo & Stitch DVD in Stavropol. It's dubbed over in English.  Hilarious to listen to.  I think we keep it more for laughter now.

Nik trying on a new backpack Warren had brought home from work.  Someone left in the break room w/ a note if someone wanted it, to take it.  Well, we go through many, many bookbags here & can always use one.  Nik got this one & loves it.  I think he's going to be  a heart breaker later, what do you think?  Has that look about him.  Got to love the clutter in the background,huh?  Hey, we live here, it's not a museum.  Couldn't be w/ these kids.  

Hope the weekend is going well for everyone.  Another post to come but need to get baths ready & think of something for testimony tomorrow.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone.  Finally gorgeous weather here.  For all you people snowed in, Monday is supposed to be 69 here I think & next Thursday or Friday, 75.  Umm, we'll take that over snow any day! 

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thoughtful Thursday

I'm actually not going to do a post on the kids this week.  I thought it was time to think of Warren for a change.  He does so many little thoughtful things and I know I don't thank him enough for it.  Stuff that brightens my day or week.  Like, simply letting me get a long shower in the morning while he watches the kids.  Trust me, it's nice not to be interrupted by kids or puppies.  Or every once in awhile brings me a sweet treat.  Yes, it may be just a candy bar to some people but to me, it means he's been thinking about me.  Though he doesn't do it much any more as  I told him not to.  Won't help me loose weight.  LOL.  Warren does a lot of little things that are so very sweet or thoughtful. 

With an adoption you sacrifice things so you can bring your kids home.  The little "extras" you used to do every once in awhile are no more as you try to save every penny to get the kids home.  We've done this with every single adoption.  Warren used to go to the coffee shop every Sunday morning & take one of the kids w/ him each time.  Some one on one time.  That got put on the back burner due to the adoption & due to closing of the coffee shop.  Anyhow, wanted to tell you the other week we had to go grocery shopping.  Warren said pick out some flowers.  They were 3 bundles for $10.  He used to buy flowers here & there for me.  Again, the adoption hits & you kind of stop the "extras."  It's alright as we know it's better in the long run.  So, he helped me pick out flowers to take home.  Very thoughtful.

This is what it turned out to be.  Beautiful, isn't it?  

Nothing brightens a day to me like a colorful yellow daisy.  Nice green center so you know it will last long.  Just says spring to me and friendship.  

Look at those red astromyrial lillies!  Just love really.  Warren actually suggested the red ones.  Great choice.  And Warren will tell you, after working years in a florist shop & doing Valentine's Day & Mother's Day for several years, I could care less if I ever saw another rose.  I like arrangements that have variety.

Look at that mum!  Peaceful.  I had a bouquet w/ a combination of peace, friendship and love.  Who could ask for more?  So, had to do a post on my thoughtful husband.  Yesterday he was not feeling so well but today seems back to normal.  

I do indeed have a very thoughtful husband who cares not only about me, our kids but also others.  Anyone needs a helping hand,he's always there.  Always.  I think that says a lot about him.  I know this Valentine's Day, our hearts are thinking more about our Bulgarian adoptions.  I know we've had great years together & have many more to come.  Just nice to know you have a husband that does little things to say he cares.  That's why he is my thoughtful Thursday post.  Though I must say the kids had some great moments this week as well. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

So, what have you been up to??

We've gotten that question a bit these last few days.  So, answering in pictures just because it's faster. 

Trying to get some of the "sickies" better.  Bojan & Alyona had the flu.  Then Alyona had strep.  Nik did not test positive for strep but they were treating it as such.  It really was in his lungs.  We've been giving him some of his neb treatments.  Nik has asthma and when he gets sick the lungs seem to react a bit more than usual.  He's back at school now but still sounds rough.  On antibiotics for ten days.  

We've also been fixing things around here.  Like body parts.  Warren fixing Bojan's brand new leg.  We're lucky he is handy.  He is always having to fix something of the kids w/ not so great tools. I hope one day I can get him some good tools.  Ones that Max hasn't destroyed.  LOL. Nik also dropped his implant tonight.  Broke it.  So, I need to call tomorrow and get it sent back.  It's just so time consuming at times.  Reason I'm not so happy about it is b/c Nik was just plain goofing off and that's why it happened.  Kids.

I've been getting the kids to do stuff early as I had this feeling I'd be busy next week.  Don't know why, but I just did.  Sure enough, I will be w/ adoption stuff.  Anyhow, had all my elementary kids do their Valentine's Day cards.  They're excited b/c this year they get to give trinket gifts to w/ it.  I caught a 90% off sale w/ a party store so stocked up.  They did them all & took them to school already.  Even had Alyona take her party juice boxes in.  Earlier this week, Nik had a 100 day school project to do.  He did it and the puppies tore it all up.  Had to start over.  URGHH!!!  Again, odd stuff like that has been happening here so the blog has definitely not been top priority.  Life happens.  This is Alyona doing her Valentine's Day cards.

Another thing we've been up to is cleaning.  Or, not so much.  Went to look for a lighter for the grill on top of the fridge and found a Christmas container.  Something shook in it.  No, it can't be anything edible.  has to be pencils or something we forgot about.  Umm, we forgot alright.  These are Christmas cookies!  Or should I say bricks.  And yes, some of my kids even wanted to eat them.  No, I didn't let them.  Guess cleaning on top of the fridge was not our priority these past few months.

We've also been up to getting some of our kids eye exams and new glasses.  This is Nik sporting his new glasses.  A much better prescription for him.  Now, maybe he'll wear them for a change.  Don't know what is w/ that half effort of a smile.  

Also, been up to getting the kids some desperately needed haircuts.  Great Clips opened a store here & had $4.99 hair cuts.  Not bad at all.  This is Yana modeling her new "do."  

Those are just a few little things we've been up to.  Lots going on here at Chaos Manor for sure.  Some good, some not so good.  But, all manageable.  More pictures tomorrow.  But, school is delayed 2 hours so that I'm sure will throw us all off. 

Irina's ENT check up

Took Irina to the ENT today.  She has a hole in her nose.  Doc is going to leave it be.  I agree after all the explanations.  She has more serious, serious issues going on instead.  Irina has severe, severe acid reflux & GERD.  Her arytenoids are 3X the normal size.  they are around the vocal chords apparently.  He is doing a videoscope on the first of March to see her progress.  Irina will be going on Prevacid and Zantac and ointment , and a few other instructions.  Her diet is to completely change.  Though, most of the diet regimen we follow anyhow.  Remember, Irina has gained over 40 lbs since starting school due to stress at school. She does not do well in that environment.  She will definitely be homeschooled now.  I know we've gone back and forth but her health is at stake at this point and frankly, I can't take any more "inclusion" garbage at that high school which has turned inclusion into seclusion.  Ridiculous but that's for another post in & of itself.  Inclusion here is not done the way it was intended.  Irina has to be in an controlled environment and school is not it.  Not here anyhow.

I have developed a health plan of sorts for her.  Exercise plan as well.  We'll get there.  For some reason though, doc is very worried about the vocal chords.  Find out more March 1 and there is nothing we can do until then.  

I wrote this yesterday.  I have been extremely busy lately.  I will play catch up on here at some point but for now, just the stuff that needs to be said.  Mainly, concerned w/ Irina.  Making sure she is healthy and gets what she needs.  Our other issue w/ Irina is driving.  Having FAS and some of the other disabilities she does, the driving test is very hard for her.  She was crying at the DMV.  It was her second time taking it.  First time, she missed it by one question.  This is the test for her to get her permit.  It's hard seeing her try so hard and fail.  But, I also know it's part of life and we must teach her to learn from it.  Still, no easy task.  Warren is talking to her right now.  Hoping she passes it next time.  She doesn't want to take it again if she fails this next time.  Hard. 

More to come.  Just need to get stuff done.  Two hour delay tomorrow for school.  We have more snow in our freezer right now than we do outside.  It's nuts.  Oh well.  We go with the flow here.  Got to do a picture post b/c words are just getting too much on here.  But, wanted to let you know we really are trying to comfort our daughter.  Remember, though she's 18, she is mentally more like 12.  She is in between worlds right now.  She realizes she is different and has realized recently she is more slow than most of her peers.  This is a lot for a young lady to deal with.  We are helping her with this.  Just takes time and encouragement.  So, if anyone locally sees her or notices her, just say a kind word or say hello.  It would mean the world to her.  We love Irina and just want to help her through this.  More explanations in a bit. 


OMG!  We actually got it.  After 5 L-O-N-G months, we finally have I-800A approval.  Wrote immigration today w/ an immediate response that approval had been done February 4th & went out via USPS.  So, we should have it today or tomorrow.  Off for apostilling and then, and goes to Bulgaria.  That's right folks, travel is imminent!  I can hardly contain myself.  I know we are a ways a way still but this means things are really beginning to move & will undoubtedly move at lightening speed.  Happens w/ every adoption we've done thus far.  You get used to the wait & then wham!  You leave.   After this is received in Bulgaria, a date will be forthcoming.  Agency said expect a date anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks after they receive the approval form in country.  Umm, yikes! 

We have to get super busy now.  Need more funds.  Need to find a sitter once dates are in.  Need to arrange Bojan's surgery for a time that we'll actually be home.  LOL.  Puppy appointments, etc.  Obviously, nothing can be done until we get a date.  Just knowing it's getting close though, gives me a little more to work with. 

Can you tell I'm smiling through this email??  I have SO, SO much more to say.  SO much has happened these last few days around Chaos Manor.   I know at this point, it is even impossible to catch up w/ all of it.  I'll give it a shot.  But hey, I have some bigger fish to fry.  LOL.  Did I mention I have testimony to give at church this weekend and I have done not a thing to prepare.  Fortunately, it's on adoption and I know a little something about that.  I may just be too excited to speak.  Just think, we will be traveling most likely in a few weeks from now.  Okay, now I just terrified myself.  It's all happening. It's really, really happening.  I can't believe it though I know I need to.  You get used to the wait in adoption.  You think of other stuff as best you can.  But, it is always in the back of your mind:  "when's my turn?  When do I get to meet my kids?  Haven't I waited long enough?"  It all becomes a jumbled mess.  Then, one day, it all hits you.  It makes sense.  You're going. It's your turn soon.  It's all worth the wait and the heartache.  It truly is when you see your kids for the first time.  My teens,knowing what this means, were doing cheers today.  Yana was cheering " h-u-s-t-l-e. hustle, hustle."  It was an Upwards cheer.  Still, cute.  Why the heck am I on this computer?  Got to go.  Early release school day today.   have to take Irina to get her permit, Nik to get his glasses, 5 kids for a haircut, 1 open house, a chiropractor appointment, dinner, many phone calls to some specialists, etc. Lots to do.  I will have many more posts and pictures too.  Just had to share the approval.  Those in the adoption world know just how huge that is.  That was our LAST piece of paper!  Enjoy your day.  Mine is the best!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Last chance! Last chance!!!

Please, please hurry & spread the word.  We need all the help we can get right now.  In an office, tell them at lunch.  At a mom's meeting?  Let them know about a great gift idea.  What am I talking about?  Why the towel fundraiser of course.  We are very short our goal.  We do need to give it an all out last minute come back push.  Can you imagine?  We can do it, I know we can.  We sold two more last night.  And possibly two more today.  So, I know there must be others anxious to get a head start on Easter shopping or some birthdays out there.  These are just such personalized awesome gifts that BOTH parents and kids will go gaga over.  Do check it out:  towel fundraiser

I can not tell you how cool these towels are.  They really, really are.  Best part is, the kids will know they are theirs.  Helps with the "he left his in the bathroom" issue.  With 7 kids here, I can tell you these will make a huge difference in your home.  Each child will know which towel is theirs.  And, they are so dog gone cute, they'll want to dry off instead of just laying it in a blob on the floor.  LOL.  Not that mine ever do that...nope, never.  LOL.  Take a look and place an order.  I'll be here all day.  The above link tells you how to do everything.  Not hard and fun to boot.  Easter gifts, Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, kindergarten graduation gifts, grandkid gifts, etc.  The list is endless.  So are the possibilities w/ these towels.  Thanks to those who have helped spread the word.  We only have today left.  Help us reach our goal and enjoy a fantastic product in the process.  Thanks again.

Manic Monday

This week has to be better than last one.  Cant' take much more.  Fundraiser is ending today so you still have time to get a great towel!  but ONLY today is left.  After that, gone for good.  So, please go check it out & place your order.

Today we take the puppies back to the vet.  Not quite sure what I feel like saying to them.  I'll think of something, I'm sure.  This is to just check the incisions & how they're healing.  Trouble is, our poor pups get car sick.  Yep, each & every time they travel in the car.  Never happened to us before w/ any of our other dogs so if anyone has suggestions, do tell.

It will be a craft day for the littles today.  Lots of V-day stuff to do.  Fun stuff I hope.  That, and I bought some preschool workbooks.  Keeping them occupied for sure.  Working on shoe tying too.

Let's see about this week.  Pups go to the vet.  Warren and I have chiro appts.  Irina goes to ENT on Tuesday to see if we'll need to do surgery or not.   Irina has an open house on Wednesday starting at 4pm.  Yeh, what idiot scheduled that stuff?!  Duh, other kids are in school still (county knows this of course) & parents are still at work.  AGain, county knows this.  I may just drag the 11 down there to open house anyhow.  Would love to ask some "common sense" questions.  We'll just say education is lacking in this county of the state and leave it at that.  Unfortunately, this state makes the news all too often in regards to education.  Speech therapist comes twice next week as usual.  Both cars need to go in for check ups and inspections.  Dreading that one as van does need new tires.  Getting prepped for Valentine's Day for the kids.  Trying to think of something for Warren.  Hard to do as we really can't go anywhere right now.  Nor afford anything. 

Anyhow, trying to get stuff done.  We did a lot of cleaning and cleaning out this past weekend.  It was great.  Nik is home sick today.  Only have 2 "littles" today & they are tired from their weekend at home.  So, 3 mellow kids here.  Looks like crafts and story time for sure.  I got all the kids' v-day stuff finished & sent off to school.  I was determined to get them done& did. 

Warren & I have been talking lately of what of focus is after this adoption.  I mean,  this is our final set of adoptions.  We need to move onto a different focus.  We would love to travel & teach our kids.  Not saying quit a job & travel just saying traveling more.  Letting them learn from the world around them.  We have tons of history in this state, lots of free stuff and just some great weekend trips that would be low cost for us to take.  Our dream is to do a cross country trip in summer of 2012.  To do that, takes a lot of planning.  Right now, might not even be feasible given the cost of this adoption.  We are way short right now & trying to figure it all out.  The incident at the vets did not help.  I'll share that post later.  It was crazy to say the least.  We want to focus on something other than the adoption.  If you focus on the adoption too much, it can consume you & that is no good for anyone.  Beside travel  wishful thinking, our focus is all on what to do with our transition children.  Some of our children will not be able to live independently as adults.  This is weighing heavy on our minds.  What is the best way to help them?  Where will they live?  How can we expand the house to make it work for them?  What can we produce that they can be a part of & earn a living?  So many questions and so little answers.  Working on it.  Truly a manic Monday.  Much more to come.  One major focus event at a time.  Pictures tomorrow as I finally dumped the camera.  Have a wonderful week & please help spread the word on our last day of the fundraiser. 

Sunday, February 6, 2011

A new leg to stand on

Belated post but more info.  Yes, Bojan finally, finally got his new leg.  Wish I had a picture of before & after but honestly, I don't always have the camera around. But do have a few new pictures of his leg.  Little info first.  Bojan has needed a new leg for a long time.  We actually started the process months & months ago but then quit b/c he was getting surgery on the other clubfoot & would be wheelchair bound for months.  Had to wait till after surgery & healing took place.  In the mean time, his socket was getting so small, he couldnt' even get his leg in it.  Still none of understand how he was able to walk on it.  But like Frank (his prosthetist) says... you can give that boy a stick & he'd be able to walk on it.  So true too.  Long story short, got all the casting and fittings done.  Time for his new leg. 

Wished I'd gotten him standing up.  Bojan went w/ a plain black socket this time.  I think he's finally outgrown characters and bright colors.  He now has all adult componentry on the knee.

This is Bojan's new leg.  Well, can't really see the socket but you get the idea.  Pretty fancy, huh?  It's an Otto Bock knee this time.  Has hyrdraulics and all that stuff too.  

Look at the size of that foot!  He's old shoes don't fit any more and we need to go get new ones.  Just haven't had the chance yet.  Everyone is obviously curious and checking out his new equipment.  The old socket is laying there on the left.  The new socket is twice the size.  Again, simply amazing he was walking so long on it.  He really grew while he was wheelchair bound.  Crazy, huh?  Bojan is happy w/ his new leg.  Trouble is we are trying to decide whether to return the new knee.  We have 30 days to do so.  See, for some reason, he is not bending this new leg.  Don't know what is up w/ that.  Bojan wants to keep this one but not sure.  Going this week to see.  

Bojan does absolutely fine w/ his prosthetic.  No issues whatsoever when it comes to learning how to walk.  Allows him to do anything.  Wonderful thing for sure.  Many limb different kids don't have these chances over in Eastern European orphanages.  The services are just not there.  Most will not learn how to walk or have the corrective surgeries they need.  Sad as it is such a fairly easy fix and such a life changing thing for a kid.  Anyone thinking of adopting a child missing a limb, do go for it.  VERY easy to deal w/ special need in my opinion.  

More to come in another post.  Please, please everyone, I really do need a last minute rally for these fundraiser towels.  Please help if you can.  We'd greatly appreciate it.  Have a wonderful weekend!  We're not into football here so I'm not really rooting for anyone.  I'm sure many are watching the game today.  Warren is at the doc w/ Nik who's in rough shape.  He has asthma & is having a hard time breathing.  Nebs are not working.  He needs a steroid in my opinion.  We'll see.  His lungs are rattling.  Well, as best as I could unofficaly listen.  LOL.  I don't have a stethoscope.  I'm under the weather but trying to get things done in between resting.  Everyone is super cleaning today.  Have a wonderful week & stay tune for more news from Chaos Manor.