Thursday, December 22, 2011

What do you CRAVE???

Recently, I joined something for $10 a month.  I wanted to try it.  There is no obligation to keep doing it.  So, thought I'd share what I got and how we liked it.

It came in the mail.  It's called Cravebox.  Wrapped very nice and neat.  Makes you wonder what is inside.  

Opened it up and some some things that I knew we'd use!  

Who can't use chocolate??  Hey, it's healthy  w/ almonds and dark chocolate, right?  That counts, I'm sure of it.

Two packs of Bic pens.  Love these!  Work great.  

 Now, it came w/ this lotion that retails for $54.  You know frugal me would never pay $54 for anything but great that I got to try something that expensive. 

OMG!  The girls and I are definitely, definitely buying these from now on!  Made by OPI.  Something called Nic's sticks.  Now, my package came w/ the clear one.  Girls want the colored ones.  Come in different colors.  It is SO easy and I'm all for easy.  So, I tried it.  In the car on the way to church!  Bumps and all.  Yes, that easy.  This was Sunday.  It's Thursday, still shiny and still no chips or signs of wear.  I'm loving it!!

Two more sweet treats.

Two of my girls testing out the Nic's sticks.  Even Alyona can do it w/ her radial articulation and limited use of her arms.  

So, was it worth the $10??  I sure think so.  I'm not canceling it yet, that's for sure.  You can sign up any time.  I didn't have to write about all this but when I find a deal, I like to share about it.  The box was worth well more than the $10 I paid.  Can't wait to see what comes in next month's box.  These are all full sized products.  It was a hit w/ this house.

If you want to sign up, go to their site.  Now we're waiting to see what comes in January. 

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