Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Touching Tuesday

Every once in awhile, nice to think of something sweet that has touched you.  Today, it was Alex.  Alex was at the table doing his work, while helping Logan with his.  He looked at me and said "I'm glad we got Logan."  I told him "me too b/c we're not sending him back!"  Alex just smiled.  Just was a sweet moment for him.  I know these two will be quite close the next couple of months. 

Today we went to the dentist.  Warren helped me out by taking a half day off.  Irina, Bojan and Nik went to the dentist.  No cavities or issues.  Wahoo!!!  Hope next week is the same for Max and Bojan.  We are very fortunate enough to have dental insurance.  So, our kids go every six months.  While they were there, I took 6 kids to Target.  This was indeed a test.  We did have one meltdown by Reni.  Some times when kids come home from orphanages, the newness of everything is just too much stimulation.  Oh, Reni hated America and the whole 9 yards.  Crying, etc.  Other kids were just hanging onto the cart.  The "little" and Summer both were telling Reni in English that she was a baby and to knock it off.  (yes, I guess maybe I say that too much at home, huh?)  We kept going.  Logan was silent as he knew his sister was in the wrong.  That shows quite a bit of growth.  For him and her as she then learned that he was not going to defend her if she was not behaving.  Oh well.  We were not going to cater to her a bit.  We went about our shopping.

Got a ham, some oatmeal, etc.  Nothing out of the ordinary and nothing special.  Oh, I did buy gum for us all.  They all did, for the most part, well.  Went back home and had lunch.  Play time and then workbooks.  Going to do a lesson this evening about bones as we missed it today for the dentist and things.  Nothing exciting today unless  you count the kids killing a baby snake.  Hey, at least it wasn't poisoness this time.  We have copperheads here so my kids are pretty verse in what is poisoness and what isn't. 

We are ready for Bojan's concert this Thursday.  It will be his first one. Should be fun.  Kids are going back and forth for what they want for Christmas.  All while I'm trying to figure out how to fund this Christmas.  LOL. 

Sometimes I forget I have a "2yo" around the house.  Summer got into lipgloss.  She looks like she dipped herself in vaseline.  Hair and all.  No, I haven't give her a bath again.  I will deal w/ lip gloss girl in the morning.  Washed her face & hands all off and it doesn't even looked like I washed her.  Never dull here, is it?

Got a nice surprise and will post about it next.  Just been busy here at Chaos Manor this evening.  Much more to come.

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