Thursday, December 22, 2011

This past weekend ......

was a bit crazy.  Warren and I had to do some Christmas shopping.  Okay, fact was we had to start on Christmas shopping.  Friday evening I had made a cake. No powdered sugar to make the icing with.  I don't do store bought icing.  Store bought cake mix, find but we make our own icing here.  Ever since we did, kids won't let us buy the kind in the jar.  Fine. The cake though was for a family at church.  Wanted it to be nice.  Well, that didn't work out so hot.

Next day was Saturday.  Cake had to be there by 11.  So, stopped by Food Lion and bought one at the bakery.  Hated that but had no other choice at that point.  Got the cake there.  Came back home.  Enough time to feed the kids lunch and then go take Digby to Petsmart.  We always groom Kota and Alaska ourselves but every once in awhile, take Digby in.  He has a lot of hair & this time it was matted.  URGHH!!!  The words "I'll brush him mom" are ringing in my head right now.  Anyhow, he needed a professional this go around.  Usually I can print off coupons for $10 off but it didn't happen this time for whatever reason.  Guess they figured everyone wants their dog groomed at Christmas time.  Dropped off Digby and figured we get some shopping done while in the area.  Had to come home though as we were done & can't leave the kids for long.  Trust me on that one.  Came home took care of everyone and went back to pick up Digby.  Looked fantastic!  Saw the biggest Great Danes we had ever seen in our lives.  I'm being serious.  It was the size of a horse.  The top of the dog was up to the guys armpits and the guy holding him was 6' something at least.  Unreal!  Can you imagine?!

Got home and couldn't get in the house.  No, literally couldn't get in the house.  Geez, what did they break now.  Nothing, lock was totally worn out.  HAD to buy a new one as we couldn't get into the house from the front. 

Everyone trying to figure out the problem.  Tools at the ready.  Got to love the scratched up door from the dogs.  

Summer, deciding she is going to help speed up the process.  

Camera hog, need I say more?  

Ahh, boys figuring out exactly what happened to the door lock.  If you look closely outside, you'll see the reindeer.  I asked Max to throw it away several times.  Why you ask?  Stupid thing is broken and looks like it's peeing on the bushes.  Nice redneck reindeer touch, don't you think?  Kids, if I ask you to throw something away, it's for a good reason.  Another thing I threw away this week magically ended up back in the house as well.  Got to love it.  

So, need a lock.  Off to Lowes.  Warren's blackberry was not working right.  It did not ring.  He checks it sporadically to make sure no one called.  He saw the kids called so we call them.  Apparently, a dresser had fallen on Summer and she was trapped underneath(NOT long) it till Max pulled it off of her.  We had bolted the boys' dressers but really didn't think the girls needed that.  Theirs were more stable...or so it seemed.  Who knew our daughter would climb like a monkey.  She was fine.  Bruises but nothing out of the ordinary.  We came home instead of going shopping more just to check on her.  She was running around the dining room screaming w/ delight as one of her brothers was chasing her.  Like I said, she was fine.  Forgot to mention that somewhere in between all this time frame we dropped off Bojan and Yana for a church lock-in. 

While at Lowes, we picked up a shop vac.  It was on sale for half price which was perfect.  My Aunt Elsie & Uncle Bob had just sent us some Christmas cash which was the same as the shop vac.  See, we had a shop vac.  I got it at a yard sale for $5 over 10 years ago.  It finally died.  And in this house, you need a shop vac.  Notice the two vacuum cleaners next to it.  I must throw the shark away and I LOVE my shark.  Trouble is, top got thrown out (Bojan!!!  URGHH!!!) and there is no way to get a replacement for an older model.  Reminds me of Robots movie and the out modes.  LOL.  Anyhow, we needed a new shop vac and that is what we did w/ our gift.  Max was the first to use it by volunteering to vacuum out the van.  No easy task.  In the picture above, Nik is climbing in the box.  

After all that and getting the kids to bed, we went off to Wally World to shop a little for the kids.  Long night.  Got to bed at 2 b/c kids kept getting up.  Just a tiring night and then had to go to church the next morning.  This is when I regretted not picking up donuts and bananas for breakfast.  Oh well.  Was mad at Alex that morning.  Okay, livid w/ Alex.  See, we've been receiving clothes for the boys.  I have them try stuff on, pick things out, etc.  Well, I always tell them make sure you have at least two pair of decent pants to wear to church.  Long story short, Alex got rid of ALL the nice pants and only had sweatpants and jeans w/ holes in them.  URGHH!!!  Meantime, all the girls got dressed by themselves in matching red dresses and looked beautiful.  Logan comes down in camies, Alex in sweat pants, etc.  You get the picture.  Not happy.  I always tell my boys you can look like garbage the rest of the week but please, at least let people think you have a bar of soap at home and decent clothes.  Did the best I could w/ what I had that day and off we went.  

Picked up Yana and Bojan while there and went home.  Just was a very exhausting weekend.  We had a lot to do and trying to fit it all in.  Worse thing was, Warren was in intense pain all weekend long.  But, we survived and so did the kids and that's what counts.  It's hard b/c we have to shop mostly at night.  We can not, can not leave all ten home alone for long.  I know my oldest is 18  & next two are 16.5 but they also have FASD so we know we have only so much time to leave them alone.  We have done this for about a year now.  Started out slowly leaving them alone for 20 to 30 minute increments at at time.  Did this for a few months.  Then, we did it for longer.  Always knowing we were in the area, 3 to 4 miles away.  But, it built up their confidence and allowed them to work together as well.  Before long, Warren and I could go to Raleigh and shop at Sam's alone while they were home.  Now, we do have strict rules while we're gone.  No one can come over.  No one can play outside.  With a trampoline, pool, bikes, etc., too much could happen.  Wont' kill them to stay inside for about 2 hours. We fully believe in treating them like normal kids (to an extent) and giving them responsibility w/in reason.  All our kids are older.  Now, times we've been gone & new it would be a few hours, we'd take Nik w/ us.

Today, we're going to teh SS office for SS#'s.  We're taking Nik along w/ the 3 new kids.  Simply b/c we can't rush home today.  Do stupid things happen while we're gone?  Absolutely.  Of course, that happens while we're here too.  This past weekend, we were another room wrapping presents.  But Nik and Alex were swinging the new shop vac hose around.  Nailed Logan in the forehead..hard. Nice goose egg w/ scratch marks.  Nice boys.  Pictures delayed again.  Point is, we were here for that.  Kids will try things.  They can't live in a plastic bubble even if they have various dx's, issues, etc.  Doesn't matter.  Let them be kids. And we do. 

Ours are getting older and need more responsibilities and more independence. We are doing this little by little and seeing how it goes.  When they are younger, we start off w/ something simple like keeping a plant.  A snake plant is best b/c they take forever to die.  LOL.  They we move up to beta fishes.  Yeh, boys didn't take care of theirs last year.  I discovered the poor thing while cleaning up one day.  Kid you not.  Yana took it out of the "mud" tank and brought it back to life so to speak.  She had it for a long time.  So, all my girls are able to take care of plants and fish.  And yes, even the new girls.  So, working w/ the boys.  When they are able to do the little things, we give them more freedom b/c it shows a sense of responsibility.  Girls know that I can take freedom away as easily as I can shell it out.  Just now they called and said they were going w/ a friend to watch a movie at her house.  They had just finished shopping w/ her mom.  They called, told me where they were and when they'd be home.  Boys, I have not gotten a phone call from.  The other day Max left and I had to ask where he went.  It's the little things that let me know whether or not they're ready for the bigger things.  Yana will be taking the driver's ed course in January.  We're getting there step by step.  She is trying to win back trust & freedom she had lost last year due to some poor judgement.  I must say, she's doing MUCH better this year on rules and what they mean.  They know if they are broken, takes a while to get them back.  Boys have a ways to learn. 

Got to go.  More to come.  Had a busy, busy day today.

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