Sunday, December 11, 2011


Unlike me, some of my extended family members are talented.  One of them is my cousin who lives in Boston now but is from PA.  He is an awesome trumpet player.  They did a write up briefly on him and thought I'd share for those music buffs out there.

He had recently played 2 concerts w/ Manheim Steamroller as well.   If you ever get the chance to hear Eric in concert, please do.  He definitely does not disappointment.  He is simply amazing to listen to. 

Not to be out done, his sister is also quite talented.  Jill, who lives in PA, used to have her own restaurant.  I remember going there & dreaming that I would one day be able to cook even a 10th of that good.  Trust me, my kids wish that too. LOL. Now, she works w/ the American Red Cross.  A wonderful organization that helps countless people in their time of need.  See in NC, we see disasters here and there just for the simple reason we are a coastal state and hurricanes blow through.  The Red Cross is always there.  Proud my cousin is a part of that. 

Just had to share.  More posts to come.  I'm playing catch up on emails & in between, doing blog posts.  LOL.  Boys are cleaning their room.  Sort of.  We're all going to try to clean up the downstairs today & loft area.  Church went well this morning I think.  We actually made it there for the most part on time.  It was herendous trying to get them ready.  Max & Bojan wanted to wear their new suits.  So then all the boys wanted to wear their new suits.  Well, none are pinned up yet.  Just seemed like one thing after another was going on.  Found out that Reni does not have dress shoes that fit.  None of the boys have dress shoes. URGHH!!!  We were just at the shoe store...yesterday folks.  Yesterday.  And not a single one thought to tell me we had no dress shoes left that fit.  Nice.  At that point, didn't care.  Let them all go in sneakers.  We'll get there.  Need to go intervene. 

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